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Top 10 Mobile Phone Companies in India for 2024

Are you looking for top mobile phone-selling companies in India? Find here, a list of top mobile phone brands that are selling most in India presently.

As per a study from Deloitte, smartphone sales will be more than 1 billion by the year 2026. It is predicted that India will be the second-largest smartphone manufacturer in the next five years. The growth will be more in the rural areas at an annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6 per cent. As a result, more and more smartphone manufacturing companies have entered the Indian market in the recent few years.

10 Mobile Phone Companies/ Brands in India

 1. Samsung

mobile phone companies
Samsung Electronics is a South Korea-based company founded in 1969 as a part of the Samsung Group. Apart from being one of the largest manufacturers of smartphones and tablets, the company also develops, manufactures, and sells other consumer products as well.

The Samsung Galaxy series stands as a testament to the brand’s commitment to providing a diverse range of smartphones. From the launch of the first Galaxy S in 2010 to the latest Galaxy S21 and Galaxy Note series, Samsung has continually pushed the boundaries of what smartphones can achieve. Samsung is renowned for its Super AMOLED displays, setting the bar for vibrant colours, sharp contrasts, and deep blacks. The display technology is a key selling point across its Galaxy series.

Key Samsung Mobile Phone Brands and Series in India:

  • Samsung Galaxy S Series
  • Samsung Galaxy Note Series
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Series (Fold and Flip)
  • Samsung Galaxy A Series
  • Samsung Galaxy M Series
  • Samsung Galaxy XCover Series
  • Samsung Galaxy F Series
  • Samsung W Series (W21 5G)

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2. Xiaomi Mobile

top 10 mobile phone companies - xiaomi

Xiaomi released its first smartphone in August 2011 and has rapidly gained market share in China. Becoming China’s largest smartphone company in 2014. As of 2018, Xiaomi is the world’s 5th largest smartphone company. Xiaomi has revolutionized the budget smartphone market in India as well, both with their phones and their unique marketing strategies like exclusive launches and flash sales.

Their budget offerings are loved by the Indian audience and they sell millions of devices each year in India itself. There are a lot of reasons that favour the company. Xiaomi’s irresistible offerings also include some high-end smartphones at affordable prices. Its own MIUI operating system platform is quite popular and has quite a following. The company’s aggressive approach to pricing its smartphones made it a clear winner in selling devices on e-commerce retailers and direct Internet platforms.

Key Xiaomi Mobile Phone Brands and Series in India:


  • Xiaomi Mi Series
  • Xiaomi Redmi Series
  • Xiaomi Poco Series
  • Xiaomi Black Shark Series
  • Xiaomi Mi MIX Series

3. Motorola

motorola smartphone company in India


Motorola, founded in 1928 has a storied history in the telecommunications industry. While it has seen various transformations, Motorola has maintained a strong presence in the smartphone market, known for its durable devices and innovative features.

After suffering some major losses in the late 2000s, Motorola, Inc. split into two companies. Namely, Motorola Solutions and Motorola Mobility, the latter being the company’s mobile division. Motorola Mobility was first purchased by Google. However, it turned out that the acquisition was mostly about getting access to Motorola’s many patents. Motorola started selling mobile phones in India in 1995 and was one of the first telecom companies to enter the country.

Key Motorola Mobile Phone Brands and Series in India:

  • Motorola Moto G Series
  • Motorola Moto E Series
  • Motorola Edge Series
  • Motorola Razr Series

4. Vivo

top 10 mobile companies - vivoVivo Electronics Corp. is a phone brand based in Dongguan, Guangdong, China. It was founded in 2009. The company is another Chinese smartphone maker to enter India recently. It makes low-cost Android phones and those in the mid-range segment of the market. The company joined the ranks of the top mobile phone companies in India.

Vivo unveiled the world’s first smartphone with an under-screen fingerprint scanner at CES 2018. It used the “ClearID” technology developed by Synaptics. Vivo has gained recognition for its focus on camera technology, offering devices tailored for photography enthusiasts.

Key Vivo Mobile Phone Brands and Series in India:

  • Vivo X Series
  • Vivo V Series
  • Vivo Y Series

5. Oppo

Oppo is a Chinese consumer electronics firm based in Guangdong. OPPO’s major product lines include smartphones, Blu-ray players, and other electronic devices. The brand name OPPO was registered in China in 2001 and launched in 2004.

The OPPO R5, which was launched in November 2014, was at the time the world’s thinnest smartphone.

OPPO had the biggest sell-in quarter so far in India. Vendor shipments increased by 40 per cent sequentially and 81 per cent from the same period last year. Vendor share also noticeably increased as it started participating in the eTailer’s platform to sell its devices. Oppo has positioned itself as a “selfie expert,”  as its phones often prioritize front camera capabilities.

Key Oppo Mobile Phone Brands and Series in India:

  • Oppo Find Series
  • Oppo Reno Series
  • Oppo F Series
  • Oppo A Series

6. Realme

realme phone company
Realme, a relatively young player in the smartphone industry, was founded on May 4, 2018. It emerged as an independent brand under the umbrella of Oppo, another prominent Chinese smartphone manufacturer. Realme has become one of the fastest mobile phone companies globally by providing high-quality, feature-rich smartphones at affordable prices, particularly targeting the youth demographic.

Realme has been keen on incorporating cutting-edge technologies in its smartphones. This includes advancements in camera systems, fast-charging solutions, high-refresh-rate displays, and 5G capabilities. The brand consistently updates its offerings to stay relevant in the rapidly evolving tech landscape.

Key Realme Mobile Phone Brands and Series in India:

  • Realme C Series
  • Realme 10 Series
  • Realme Narzo Series
  • Realme GT Series
  • Realme 11 Series

7. Apple

appale inc

Apple was started in a garage in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. It began as a personal computer pioneer that today makes everything from mobiles to portable media players. Since entering into Indian market, Apple’s revenues from India have doubled year over year.

Their phones are called iPhones (everyone knows this), is a line of smartphones designed and marketed by Apple Inc. They run Apple’s iOS mobile operating system. The first-generation iPhone was released on June 29, 2007, and there have been multiple new hardware iterations with new iOS releases since. Apple has released eleven generations of iPhone models. Each of these was accompanied by one of the eleven major releases of the iOS operating system.

Key Apple Mobile Phone Brands in India:

  • iPhone 13 Series
  • iPhone 14 Series
  • iPhone 15 Series
  • iPhone SE (2nd generation)
  • iPhone 15 Pro


Nokia is a Finnish multinational communications corporation that was founded back in 1865 with headquarters in Espoo. It’s one of the most recognized brands in the past decade, and at one time it was the world’s largest mobile manufacturer in the world.

After years of loss, after Android came into the market, Nokia sold its Devices and Services division to Microsoft. The Finnish company is currently operating in the mobile and tablet space under a brand licensing model.

Nokia though has had a fresh start with the Nokia 6. The phone went on sale for the first time in India in August 2017. Nokia’s aggressive feature phone business is a threat to Samsung as the comeback brand could dethrone the South Korean brand in the coming quarters.

Key Nokia Mobile Phone Brands and Series in India:

  • Nokia X Series
  • Nokia G Series:
  • Nokia C Series:

9. OnePlus

OnePlus is a Shenzhen-based start-up known for its ‘flagship killing’ smartphones. The smartphones boast flagship-level specifications and features but are priced in the mid-range segment. Its first smartphone was the OnePlus One, which the company used to debut in India in 2014.

The One was designed to compare favourably – in performance, quality, and price – to flagship devices by leading smartphone manufacturers. OnePlus smartphones run on OxygenOS, a customized version of Android known for its clean interface and performance optimizations.

Key OnePlus Mobile Phone Brands  and Series in India:

  • OnePlus 9 Series
  • OnePlus Nord Series
  • OnePlus 10 Series

10. HTC

top 10 mobile phone companiesHTC Corp, headquartered in Taiwan, was founded by Cher Wang and Peter Chou in 1997. The company began operations as an ODM and OEM, and initially designed handsets for companies like HP and Palm.

It is also credited with having developed the first-ever Android smartphone in 2008 — the HTC Dream aka T-Mobile G1. It now sells smartphones under its brand running on Android and Microsoft’s Windows.  Google has announced it’s acquiring a $1.1bn chunk of HTC’s smartphone business. With it providing the once-leading Taiwanese phone brand a much-needed lifeline.

Key HTC Mobile phone Brands and Series in India:

  • HTC Desire Series
  • HTC U Series
  • HTC Wildfire Series

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which mobile phone company is the best in India?

Determining the best mobile phone company is subjective and depends on individual preferences. Samsung, Xiaomi, and OnePlus are often considered top contenders.

What makes Xiaomi stand out in the Indian market?

Xiaomi is known for its disruptive pricing strategy, offering feature-rich smartphones at competitive prices. This approach has resonated well with budget-conscious consumers.

Why is Vivo recognized for its camera technology?

Vivo has positioned itself as a leader in camera technology, with a focus on delivering high-quality photography experiences. Their devices often boast advanced camera features.

What is the key strength of Oppo mobile phones?

Oppo is renowned for its aesthetically pleasing design and innovative features. The brand often emphasizes stylish and sleek phone designs.

Why has Realme gained popularity quickly?

Realme’s rapid ascent can be attributed to its aggressive pricing and feature-rich smartphones. The brand targets the youth demographic with trendy designs and high-performance devices.

What sets Apple apart in the Indian market?

Apple is known for its premium iPhones that offer a seamless integration of hardware and software within the iOS ecosystem. The brand has a strong presence in the premium smartphone segment.

What is the speciality of OnePlus “flagship killer” devices?

OnePlus devices are often referred to as “flagship killers” due to their top-tier specifications and performance at competitive prices. The brand also engages closely with its community of users.

Why has Motorola made a comeback in India?

Motorola’s comeback is attributed to its strategy of combining nostalgia with modern features. The brand offers near-stock Android experiences, appealing to users who prefer a clean interface.

What distinguishes Nokia mobile phones in the market?

Nokia focuses on reliability, building on its legacy of sturdy feature phones. Some Nokia smartphones are part of the Android One program, ensuring timely software updates.

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