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Top 17 Best Clothing Brands for Men in India

Are you looking for the Best Clothing Brands for Men? If yes, you have landed at the right place. Here in this article, we have listed the best men’s clothing brands in India that will help you take your clothing to the next level.

Looking presentable is one of the needs in today’s era. Clothes have transformed from a basic necessity to a status symbol depicting one’s lifestyle, taste, wealth, and fashion preferences.

As a result, people are becoming more fashion-brand conscious and spending more part of their income on brands nowadays which will make their status symbol stand out in the crowd.

Men don’t often shop, so when they do it’s important to have a game plan and an understanding of which men’s clothing designers make clothes that will look good on you. From high-end clothing manufacturers like Tommy Hilfiger and Allen Solly to more mainstream brands like Nike and Diesel, there are many choices when shopping for men’s clothing.

When it comes to men’s clothing, there are lots of great fashion lines, making excellent looks for guys everywhere. Men’s clothing stores produce a wide range of classy, stylish shirts, pants, suits, and accessories for fashion-forward men.

Trending fashion lines are truly tuned in to what is and is not popular in terms of style, and big clothing line names are often renowned for good reason. These popular men’s clothing brands offer a range of styles, from dapper to casual, and their designs are sure to make any dude look awesome.

List of the 17 Clothing Brands for Men in India

1. Levi’s

Levi Strauss and Company is a privately held clothing company known worldwide for its denim jeans. The story of the legendary Levi’s jeans began on February 26th, 1829 with the birth of Levi Strauss. Creator of the classic ‘blue jeans’, Levi has seared his way into the hearts and souls of people across the globe.

Representing the spirit of boldness and independence, Levi’s jeans have always been built for pioneers of the past, present, and future, making them a household force to be reckoned with.

LS&Co exists today as one of the world’s largest brand-name apparel marketers with sales in over 110 countries. Levi’s brand continues its legacy because they consistently provide quality jeans and products, and by earning the trust of consumers, investors, employees, and society as a whole through its responsible business practices.

This principle of responsible commercial success is embedded in the company’s 156-year history and they continue to anchor the way LS & Co operates today.

In Conclusion, they are one of the leading denim brands and can be considered to be the best as the youth of India is crazy about the best fits and affordable prices of Levi’s.

2. Pepe Jeans

The year is 1973, David Bowie has just released Ziggy Stardust & The Spiders From Mars, ´Slades Cum On Feel The Noize´ was blaring out on stereos everywhere, and Marlon Brando refuses to accept his Oscar as a protest against the plight of Native American Indians, Mean Streets, Live And Let Die, Paper Moon and Serpico are filling up the cinemas and Evel Knievel is the hero of the moment.

By 1980 Pepe Jeans London was rivaling all of the big US brands for the No.1 spot in the marketplace, becoming the UK’s most successful jeans brand ever.

In 1988, Pepe Jeans was owned by Arun, Nitin, and Milan Shah. In February 2015, Pepe Jeans and Hackett London (part of the Pepe Jeans Group) were bought by the Lebanese group M1 and the LVMH subsidiary, L Capital Asia. These companies were previously owned by Torreal Funds

Over the last 35 years, Pepe has continued with maverick photographers, directors, and talent and has had the pleasure of watching some of them grow into who they are today.

3. United Colors of Benetton

united colors of benetton clothing brand

Benetton was started in 1963 as a small Italian company that produced hand-knitted wool sweaters in classic colours. To appeal to the rapidly growing youth market, the company decided to produce sweaters in bold, bright, fun colours. To go along with this new image, the company name was changed from “Benetton” to “United Colors of Benetton.”

The United Colors of Benetton has become more famous for its radical and innovative approach to advertising than for its clothing. Past campaigns have used very graphic images and have focused on several controversial issues. It includes death penalty, AIDS, race relations, cultural conflicts, world hunger, and child labour.

Benetton feels that “the purpose of advertising is not to sell more; it has to do with the institutions’ publicity, whose aim is to communicate the company’s values

The leading newspaper “The Economic Times” released a special list for judging and ranking the best international fashion brands in that country. According to the list United Colors of Benetton “was the most aggressive competitor in terms of growth, style, and innovation”.

The list mentions that “the brand is over competitors such as Levi’s, Zara, Marks & Spencer and Tommy Hilfiger” therefore it earned this distinction as one of the Best Clothing Brands for Men.

4. Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger is one of the world’s leading designer lifestyle brands and is most of all recognized for celebrating the essence of classic American cool style, featuring preppy with a twist designs.

Founded in 1985, Tommy Hilfiger delivers premium styling, quality, and value to consumers worldwide under the Tommy Hilfiger and Tommy Jeans brands, with a breadth of collections for men’s, women’s, and kids’ sportswear, denim, accessories, and footwear.

Also, the brand is licensed for a range of products, including fragrances, eyewear, watches, and wallets. Founder Tommy Hilfiger remains the company’s Principal Designer and provides leadership and direction for the design process.

Tommy Hilfiger, which was acquired by PVH Corp. in 2010, is a global apparel and retail company with more than 15,000 associates worldwide.

With the support of strong global consumer recognition, Tommy Hilfiger has built an extensive distribution network in over 100 countries and more than 1,800 retail stores throughout North America, Europe, Latin America, and the Asia Pacific region.

Since Tommy Hilfiger designs specifically for Indian audiences in its local factories, it has the best fits and designs in its repertoire. Tommy Hilfiger is one of the Best Clothing Brands for Men.

5. Lee

The company was formed in 1889 by Henry David Lee as the Lee Mercantile Company in Salina, Kansas producing dungarees and jackets.

The growth of Lee was prompted by the introduction of the Union-All work jumpsuit in 1913 and the first overall in 1920. Later in the 1920s Lee introduced a zipper fly and continued to expand.

Around this time, the first children’s overall line was sold. In 1928 H.D. Lee, founder, and president of the H.D. Lee Mercantile Company died of complications following a heart attack. During the 1930s and 1940s, the company became the leading manufacturer of work clothes in the US. In 1944, the Lazy “S” became the official Lee back pocket. A flood wiped out Lee’s Kansas City distribution center.

It ruined the entire stock of merchandise, except the Buddy Lee dolls, which floated. In 1954, Lee expanded into casual wear. During the 1960s the company expanded to 81 countries and in 1969 was acquired by VF Corporation, becoming a brand. Consequently, Denim made the crossover into the fashion market, and bell bottoms were welcomed with open arms by Vietnam protesters.

Lee aired its first television advertisement, which promoted Lee’s western wear. In the 1970s Lee shifted its focus from the workwear business and began catering to fashion cycles. Lee is one of the best Indian Denim Brands for men in India and is highly popular amongst the youth.

6. Wrangler

Wrangler is a manufacturer of jeans. Its headquarters are located in downtown Greensboro, North Carolina, with production plants in a variety of locations throughout the world. Wrangler Jeans were first made by Blue Bell. They acquired the brand when they took over Casey Jones in the mid-1940s.

Blue Bell employed Bernard Lichtenstein (‘Rodeo Ben’), a Polish tailor from Łódź. He worked closely with cowboys because he wanted to help design jeans suitable for rodeo use.

What began with the Original Cowboy Cut 13MEZjean- “made for cowboys for cowboys”- evolved into a global leader in jeanswear, casual apparel, and western-inspired attire.

Today, Wrangler continues to preserve its roots by harnessing its rich legacy of authentic products steeped in American tradition. With contemporary styles featuring unrivalled performance, versatility, and timeless design. Wrangler inspires consumers to tackle life’s everyday adventures. This was the origin of Wrangler Jeans.

The 13MWZ style, introduced in 1947, is still available worldwide. In addition to this, Wrangler has since introduced several other lines. Those are more geared towards a specific group or demographic. Some examples of this are 20X, Riggs, and Aura.

7. Adidas

Historically, Adidas is a sportswear manufacturer. No one will argue that; it is the largest one in Europe and the second-largest in the world after Nike.

Nevertheless, some will still argue that there is one place the three stripes beat the swoosh all around the world: fashion.

Adidas long ago transcended the “sportswear only” label. But this year, in particular, set the stage for the German behemoth’s apparel business to expand even more. Streetwear, with its athletic influences, has proved to be the new normal across the retail landscape. Adidas is in line with the current zeitgeist.

The Alexander Wang x Adidas Originals collaboration flipped traditional iconography on its head. All the while providing a thoroughly modern collection that was seamlessly contemporary and sporty. This year also marked a historic partnership between the label and Yeezy collection collaborator Kanye West.

Not only was it the most lucrative deal signed between a sportswear company and a non-athlete. Before the ink dried it was estimated to have billion-dollar potential.

As a result of the advent of malls, today Adidas has been able to trickle down its way into the everyday lives of Indians. Thanks to the number of retail stores it has invested in. Today Adidas is a household name but still has managed to be the “premium brand” label. It is one of the Best Clothing Brands for Men in India.

8. Flying Machine

Flying Machine’s range of apparel reflects the future of Indian Youth fashion that believes in bringing real-time international fashion to the Indian audience. The brand with its contemporary styling focuses on the trends and fads of the season.

It is India’s first home-bred denim brand. Launched in 1980, Authentic details, original graphics, first-in-class urban innovation, and true Italian styling. Flying Machine combines the best of both worlds to present young, bold, and deadly designs.

The Arvind Group company brought denim into the domestic market, thus starting the jeans revolution in India. Today it retains its brands like Flying Machine, Newport, and Excalibur and licensed international brands like Arrow, and Tommy Hilfiger, through its nationwide retail network.

As a result of NanoTechnology, Flying Machine has come up with technological advances like Temperature regulation through hot and cold zones. Stain-free jeans that can’t be spoiled by coffee or wine. Zero-odor jeans, Bi-stretch jeans that do not de-shape even after repeated wear, and undoubtedly the best skin-fit jeans ever.

9. U.S Polo Assn.

Since 1890, the U.S. Polo Association has governed the sport of polo. The U.S Polo Assn brand speaks to what is authentic about the sport honours the tradition and grandeur of polo, and creates an inclusive environment where everyone can be a part of something special.

The brand is based simply on the casual lifestyle, the rules, and the love of the game. The brand carries an extensive collection of men, women, and children, of classically styled, high-quality, casual clothing and accessories.

Today, their products are being sold through their licensing program in over 135 countries at independent retail stores, department stores, and U.S. Polo Assn. brand stores.

The U.S. Polo Assn. the brand captures the authenticity of the sport while embracing the genuine spirit known throughout the world as Classic American Style. It is without a doubt one of the Best Clothing Brands for Men.

The brand has tied up with Arvind and is selling huge quantities of clothing in India thanks to its long list of retail chains and a particular genre of styling.

10. Peter England

Peter England is the largest menswear brand in India with over 5 million garments sold every year.

The brand was established in India in 1997 by Madura Fashion & Lifestyle. In the mid-price shirt segment in 1997, the company acquired the world rights to the brand in the year 2000.

First launched by Madura Fashion & Lifestyle in the mid-price shirt segment in 1997, the company acquired the world rights to the brand in the year 2000. Peter England has 643 stores and over 1600 multi-brand outlets in more than 300 towns and is also available at top online shopping sites. In 2014, Peter England announced that it would be endorsing the brand without a celebrity face.

Peter England also offers a range of sub-premium formals through its sub-brand Peter England Elite, meant for the young manager. The brand also partners with the IPL team, Chennai Super Kings, as the official off-the-field apparel sponsor.

It continues to date to be one of the Best Clothing Brands for Men, as the brand sells about half a million pieces of denim per year and is gearing up to take it up to a million in the next 2-3 years.

11. Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is one of the leading fashion design and marketing studios in the world. It designs men’s and women’s designer collections of clothing and a wide range of other products such as handbags, belts, shoes, and jewellery.

Being one of the most widely recognized fashion brands in the world, Calvin Klein is rapidly establishing the market position to be one of the leading Best Clothing Brands for Men. The successful performance of every new collection and the growing number of international stores are just the beginning of Calvin Klein’s tremendous potential.

More than just a cool brand of underwear, Calvin Klein the label is now helmed by Raf Simons, and frankly, the all-American outfit is about to turn into a fashion phenomenon. Still a menswear traditionalist, CK boasts a utilitarian outlook but with a sports kick nowadays.

While the CK knitwear is iconic, the suit should not be missed. Nor, are the old-school, washed-out denim jeans. Calvin Klein produces everything from casual to dressy wear, making it a great choice for virtually every wardrobe.

They have recently launched stores in India and are doing very well thanks to the upper strata of society loving their collections.

12. Allen Solly

Allen Solly is an initiative of Madura Fashion & Lifestyle. It is a division of Aditya Birla Fashion and Lifestyle India’s largest and fastest-growing Best Clothing Brands for Men company and a premium lifestyle player in the retail sector. After consolidating its market leadership with its brands. It introduced premier international labels, enabling Indian consumers to buy the Best Clothing Brands for Men and accessories within the country.

It was first founded in 1744 by William Hollin and Co Ltd. The brand was bought in the ’90s by a company called Madura Garments. Madura Garments was a part of Madura Coats and a big producer of threads. Aditya Birla Group acquired Allen Solly in 2001.

The flawless branding and the remarkable apparel are what attract most consumers to the retail outlets of Allen Solly.

The brand, at present, retails from 207 exclusive stores across India, and with plans for International Expansion; the number is going to increase very soon. In the last fiscal, its revenue mounted at INR 600 crore.

The company’s brand portfolio includes product lines that range from affordable and mass-market. Along with luxurious, high-end style, and caters to every age group, from children and youth to men and women.

13. Raymond

Raymond Ltd. is one of India’s, and the world’s, leading producers of worsted fabrics. It controls 60 per cent of the Indian worsted suiting market.

It all started in the Raymond Woollen mill during the year 1925 in the area around Thane Creek. The company comprises three business divisions, such as Textiles, Engineering, and Aviation. The textile division of the company has a distribution network of more than 4,000 multi-brand outlets. Over 400 exclusive retail shops in the domestic market itself.

Raymond achieved a rare feat and a historical milestone. They had created the world’s finest worsted-suiting fabrics from the finest wool ever produced in the world – The Super 230s made up of 11.8 microns of wool. Set of Raymond’s third worsted unit at Vapi in Gujarat during the year 2006. In the same year the company launched a design studio in Italy for cutting-edge design capabilities for exports and domestic brands.

Suitings are available in India in over 400 towns through 30,000 retailers. An exclusive chain is present in over 150 cities in India and overseas especially. Their products are exported to over 55 countries the most noteworthy of which are the USA, Canada, Europe, Japan, and the Middle East.

14. Turtle

Turtle’s journey began in Kolkata, in 1993 as an aspiring yet steadfast enterprise that went on to become one of India’s fastest-growing companies in the industry. From a company primarily into men`s readymade shirts to being one of the Best Clothing Brands for Men, Turtle has indeed, come a long way. After all, what started with a production capacity of just 20 shirts a day?

Today Turtle has made its presence felt in 400 cities across India with over 100 exclusive Turtle stores. Turtle merchandise is available in over 1200 multi-brand outlets and over 175 large format retail stores (including Shoppers Stop, Pantaloons, and Central). Starting with exports to Dubai, Bahrain, Kuwait & Fiji Islands, Turtle has carved itself a niche in the overseas markets.

The retailing configuration in India is fast developing after all shopping malls are increasingly becoming familiar in large cities.  From this increasing number of the young working population. Because the hefty pay packages and emerging opportunities are the main factors contributing to the growth of the retail industry Turtle is in good stead.

15. Louis Philippe

Louis Philippe is a premier Indian brand of men’s apparel. It is a brand of Madura Fashion & Lifestyle, a division of the Aditya Birla Group. This brand started its production in 1989. It is one of the largest apparel brands in India.

Defining class, elegance, and status, Louis Philippe is a purveyor of fine clothing for the discerning gentleman. In pursuit of excellence, Louis Philippe also stands for precision in craftsmanship. This translates into clothing that is classic and contemporary, and perfect for the quintessential man.

As a result of being the Best Clothing Brand for Men, Louis Philippe offers a range of formals, semi-formals, custom-made clothing, and accessories. They address the needs of the style-conscious man most of all.

16. Diesel

The Company was founded by Renzo Rosso and his former boss Adriano Goldschmied of the AG Jeans Company, in 1978.

Back in February 2007, the company launched a major division the beachwear division for men and women. It has been carried out in retail and department stores. In November 2007 Diesel Black Gold was announced. Revenue is largely derived from denim sales, but also from extremely successful and influential ranges of accessories and children’s wear.

17. Mufti

Mufti is celebrated for its urban-cool aesthetic, providing contemporary and trendy casual wear.  The company captures the essence of modern, youthful fashion from jeans to shirts and jackets. Mufti was founded in 1998 by Kamal Khushlani. The brand embarked on its journey with a vision to redefine casual wear in India.

Over the years, Mufti diversified its product range to include a wide array of casual wear for men. The brand’s portfolio expanded to encompass jeans, shirts, T-shirts, jackets, and accessories.

More Best Brands in India:


Discovering “your brand” can make all the difference when finding clothes that fit your body and a style that fits your personality.

So whether you are already a fashion expert or not sure where to get started when shopping for clothes. Consequently, We believe that this list of the best clothing brands for men will give you some great options.

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