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About Us

NextWhatBusiness is a team of small business management consultants specialized in different aspects of entrepreneurship. Our website is a free business resource guide for new and existing entrepreneurs. started a few years back with just an idea and is now one of the most popular platforms for learning entrepreneurship. We have helped thousands of aspiring young individuals start and grow their dream business ventures.

Here in NextWhatBusiness, you will discover content on different points including new business ideas, how to grow them, and guidance on choosing the best business tools to scale up small businesses.

We review products and services, provide unique small business ideas, franchise opportunities, compliances to start and run businesses, information on the best brands and companies, and much more. Everything that we write on NextWhatBusiness is stopping by experience and research. We have also currently added a buying guide for our readers looking for the best products available online.

NextWhatBusiness has grown in a big way in the last three years. Our team of experts is constantly striving to provide useful and updated information to our readers.

NextwhatBusiness was founded in 2004 by Rupak Chakrabarty. Rupak is a small management consultant, serial entrepreneur, and prolific speaker. He is a regular speaker at various events. If your organization is looking for a motivational business speaker, he surely will add value.

If you have any queries related to editorial contribution and promotional activities, then send an email to rupak@nextwhatbusiness dot com. We will reply to you as soon as possible.