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Top 10 Best Condom Brands in India for 2024

Ever wondered about the top condom brands in India? Well, if you didn’t then you should. And if you did then you are at the right place.

We can’t elaborate enough on the importance of using one of these, but even still, we will. Condoms are not only an effective birth control tool, but also protect against sexually transmitted infections. They are highly effective, widely available, and can vary considerably from one brand or style to another.

Below find our buying guide in regards to determining which condom variety is best suited for your preferences and the needs of you and your partner.

10 Best Condom Brands in India

1. Manforce

Manforce is one of India’s most trusted brands when it comes to sensual wellness. It is the no. 1 selling condom brand in the country, hence the category leader.

Their manufactured condoms, of course, fall under the guidelines of ISO certification so there is no need to worry.

There are 11 various types of Condoms available for Manforce out of which 9 are flavored condoms.

They are designed for extra pleasure & excitement with a variation like Chocolate, Banana, Black Grapes, Strawberry, etc.

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2. Skore

Coming in a close second in our Best Condom Brands In India list is Skore. The brand has been a pioneer in condom manufacturing and marketing in the country. They have been in the condom business since the 1950s.

Skore is a refreshing, stylish, and cool brand that fits in with the changing sociocultural trend in the country.

They also have many campaigns for increasing the awareness of safe relationships among the youth.

The company also has a trendy range consisting of colored, flavored, dotted, and climax delay condoms – these you should try.

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3. Moods

The recent favorite – Moods comes in next. Moods with their heavy advertising and marketing campaigns have taken the health and wellness industry of India by storm.

They are the fastest-growing condom brand in India and have a market share of 31% just in 5 years.

Moods Condoms came into existence in mid-1986 though, when HLL Lifecare Limited decided to develop a product to target the premium and the upper-middle-class segment of the urban population in India.

Moods condom is present in many overseas markets – as many as 30 countries such as Africa, South America, and UAE and are soon to launch in the UK and the US.

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4. Durex

Durex began producing condoms and spreading education about reproductive health over 80 years.

Today, a team of health ministries, hospitals, scientists, academics, and other reproductive-related health bodies are working to ensure the production of the highest quality and innovative condoms on the market.

Durex tests their condoms at over four times the international standards of required strength to guarantee the customers a product that works.
Condoms are made to pass through the “airburst test” to determine their elasticity and endurance. Normally 18 liters of air are pumped into a condom during this test.

However, Durex tests its condoms by pumping in 50 liters of air without exploding.

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5. Kohinoor

Kohinoor is one of the Best Condom Brands In India. It is also one of the oldest condom brands in India – it was formed when the idea of condoms was new to Indians.

The brand comes under the combination of a ribbed and a dotted variety of condoms. Tested dermatologically, Kohinoor condoms provide some of the best protection against infections.

Kohinoor comes in 10 exciting flavors with sensitive heat-bursting technology for extra sensation. Their parent company is Reckitt and Benckiser India.

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6. Okamoto

ext up in this list of the Best Condom Brands in India is Okamoto. They have been in the condom business for over 80 years.

The brand specializes in condoms that are soft and thin to create the most sensitivity and feel while maintaining high safety standards.

They also are touted to have the World’s thinnest condoms. These exceptional condoms are made using revolutionary Japanese Technology which ensures the highest standards of strength and durability

The brand is pushing the envelope in producing condoms with outstanding quality, without compromising safety which is the most important reason condoms are used.

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7. Playboy

This is a name that every person has heard of at one point or the other.

The rich legacy dates back to 1953 when Playboy magazine was launched. Playboy magazine has had crazy followers across the world and no wonder the brand is among the globally recognized trademarks.

Playboy’s condom brand also enjoys the patronage of young men and women in over 127 countries. The condom is regarded as one of the most reputed condoms for the reproductive health of people around the world.

Their condoms in India became an instant hit as soon as they launched and are associated with sophistication and romance.

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8. Nirodh

We have to put Nirodh on this list of the Best Condom Brands In India because of its rich history and the major part it played through the years.

Nirodh is a government undertaking in which they distribute condoms to reach each household and fit everyone’s budget. Nowadays they are evenly distributed in rural areas for free.

It is in these rural areas that the spread of such diseases is most rampant and birth rates should be controlled.

It is for this reason that Nirodh Condoms are on this list – for their immense contribution to society.

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9. Carex

Carex has been a trusted condom manufacturer for over 90 years. They sell over 30 varieties and test each condom electronically to ensure they are safe and reliable.

The company Carex Berhad was started as a family business, which soon grew to become one of the largest condom manufacturers in the world producing 6 billion condoms per year.

They believe that the overall health of a person has to do with the understanding of responsibility and consent to protecting and respecting both ourselves and others.

Carex has the necessary licenses, certifications, and accreditations to be able to export condoms to more than 110 countries across Africa, Asia, America, and Europe.

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10. Playgard

Last but not least in this list of the Best Condom Brands In India is Playgard.

Their condoms are manufactured and marketed by Alkem Healthcare Laboratories which is the fifth-largest pharmaceutical company in India.

They are a relatively new brand with them being formed just in 2012. With their brand ambassador being Rakhi Sawant they found sudden growth in sales in 2014.

Now, they are a well-renowned brand of condoms in the online space.

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Above are the Best Condom Brands In India – all of which vary considerably from one another.

Some are made out of latex, some are not, and some come in various sizes, flavors, and even textures.

More Best Brands in India

Hence, it’s important to choose the condom brand, because if it doesn’t fit well, then accidents are likely to happen which would probably defeat the purpose of wearing one.

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