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How to Start Samsung Mobile Distributorship Business in India

Want to become a Samsung mobile distributorship in your area? Do you want to start a franchise store? If YES, read this opportunity review post and learn cost, investment, and how to apply for the Samsung smartphones franchise business.

Smartphones are no longer a fashion, it is now a necessity in India. Sell of smartphones is increasing day by day. Samsung has been the leading brand in mobile smartphones worldwide. In India also Samsung as a brand needs no introduction.

Here are the Steps to Get Samsung Mobile Phone Distributorship

Is Samsung Mobile Distributorship Business Profitable?

Samsung has been the highest-selling smartphone brand in the last few years.  In fact, Samsung Electronics leads the global market in high-tech electronics manufacturing and digital media. Furthermore, Samsung has been recognized globally as an industry leader in technology and now ranks as a top 10 global brand.

Samsung has come up with both expensive and economical smartphones specifically targeting the Asia and Africa market. With the continuous increase in smartphone sales and growing future demand, starting the Samsung smartphones franchise or distributorship is surely a profitable business proposition.

Samsung Electronics Retail Distributorship Investment Requirement

There are 3 types of Samsung retail franchises /distributor stores. They are Smart Cafés, Digital Plazas, and Premium Brand Stores.

Samsung Smart Café

Samsung Smart Café is an ideal business opportunity for those who are looking for small stores. You need to have a retail space be on the ground floor preferably in a commercial marketplace. From here, you can sell mobile phones, laptops, tablets, cameras, etc from the store.
You need a minimum space of 450 to 600 sq. ft of carpet area and a frontage of at least 14 ft to start the store. An approximate investment of around Rs. 20 lacs is required depending on the inventories stored.

How to Apply

Apply online at

Samsung Digital Plaza

To start the Samsung Digital Plaza retail store you will need to own big retail space in a commercial area in any of Tier I, II, and II metro cities, though Tier-II cities are preferred. You will need a minimum space of carpet area of at least 1100 SQ. ft with a ceiling height of 10.5 ft and frontage of at least 14 ft.

How to Apply for Becoming Samsung Mobile Distributor

Apply online at

Samsung Premium Brand Stores

Samsung Premium stores are mainly located in metro cities as the company launches its premium products here only. The area and investment requirement, however, remains the same more or less.

Where to Contact for Samsung Smartphones Distributorship?

Apply online at

Application Process to Start Samsung Smartphones Franchise or Distributorship Retail Store

If you want to know more like which format of Samsung Smartphones franchising retail store to take or which products to sell, you can introduce yourself as a potential vendor by filling up this form from here:

Customer support is always there to help you. You can contact them also at