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Best 10 Keyboards in India for 2024

Looking for the Best Keyboards in India at a low price? Here in this article, we have searched for only the best keyboards to compile a Top 10 for you.

We’ve surveyed 10 of the most popular budget keyboards to see which ones deliver cheap thrills and which ones are just, well, cheap. When looking for the best budget keyboard with a low budget, we had to make some difficult decisions as there were just so many high-quality keyboards at affordable prices.

Whether you want full-size or tenkeyless, wired or wireless, there’s likely a keyboard that suits your preference without breaking your budget. We have included some gaming keyboards as well on this list. When it comes to gaming it is going to be totally different from the office or for non-gaming purposes.

The differences are that the gaming keyboard is a mechanical keyboard and the reason behind it is that it lasts longer and can resist your hard or fast hits. So, now without any more delays let’s jump right into this list of our recommended keyboards in India!

List of Best 10 Keyboards in India

1. Logitech MK850 Wireless Keyboard – Click Here for Amazon Deal

The best overall in our list of keyboards is the Logitech MK850.

The Logitech MK850 is a compact size keyboard that combines both functionality and high reliability. Its solid construction contributes to the stability of this product and prevents it from casual movements on a given surface.

The classic key layout ensures comfort and practicality. There also is a Windows key lock function, Wrists support and the ergonomic design makes it more durable for long hours of gaming.

Multimedia function keys are on the top with a stylish design as you can see in the given image.

2. Dell Wired USB Keyboard – Check Here for Amazon Deal

This wired keyboard has all the basics you’ll need to operate a computer: a full-size keyboard, a few discrete media keys, and a sensible key layout. It is a perfect choice for either home or office use.

It is equipped with a Dell Optical Mouse. This MS116 optical mouse features optical LED tracking and wired connectivity leading to accurate 1,000 DPI optical tracking.

3. Logitech K230 – Click Here for Amazon Deal

Logitech K230 is one of the best keyboards in India in the price band of around Rs.2000 price band.

It is without saying, Logitech is one of the most popular brands when it comes to buying a keyboard. The company is well known for producing Keyboards & mice. Logitech K230 is a highly-rated wireless keyboard made by Logitech and it comes with 3 years of warranty which is great.

Another great thing about this keyboard is that it comes with 2 years of battery life. The range of the laptop is also pretty good i.e. 10 m and overall you should not face any kind of problem with this.

4. Dell KB216 Wired Multimedia – Click Here for Flipkart Deal

Coming in at the fourth position of our Best PC Keyboards in India is the Dell KB216. With discrete volume keys and springy keycaps, you could conceivably type on this model all day and not suffer too much wrist fatigue.

If you’ve ever worked in a corporate office, you’ve either used the Dell KB216 or else something very similar to it. In spite of shallow key travel and relatively small keys, the Dell KB216 is not bad.

The only caveat is that the keyboard eats up a surprising amount of desk space; in comparison, full-sized gaming laptops are smaller.

5. Redgear Blaze Semi-Mechanical Wired Gaming Keyboard – Click Here for Amazon Deal

Fifth on our list of the Best PC Keyboards is the Redgear Blaze.  The Blaze is a gaming-first mechanical keyboard with plenty of versatility to get the job done.

The simple arrangement of a single row of six macro keys keeps this QWERTY keyboard neat and organized. The software may be sloppy, but if all you’re doing is assigning macros, you may not even need it.

The keyboard is loaded with 3 led color backlit and floating keycaps for a mechanical feel. It has an aluminum body that is lightweight which makes it well-suited for travel as well.

6. Amkette Xcite Neo USB – Click Here for Amazon Deal

Next up on our list of the Best PC Keyboards with a low budget is the Amkette Xcite.

Amkette seems to be a pretty new company but at the same time it has got some really good ratings on Amazon, So we decided to include this in the list.

The keyboard is pretty cheap & one thing that you should keep in mind is that it does not come with any warranty.

When it comes to buying a wireless keyboard for, under 1000 rupees, you won’t find many good choices, this seems to be a pretty good wireless keyboard which is the reason why we included it in the list.

7. Logitech MK215 Wireless – Click Here for Amazon Deal

Seventh on our list of the Best PC Keyboards is the Logitech MK215 Wireless.

Between shallow key travel and an overall mushy feel, typing on it for long periods of time isn’t very comfortable.

On the other hand, it has discrete media control buttons, as well as Windows 10-specific buttons, which can bring up Search, Settings, and the Calculator. You could probably get by with the Logitech MK215 as your everyday keyboard, but there are better options out there for a similar price.

8. Amkette Xcite Pro – Click Here for Amazon Deal

Making it to the No. 8 spot on our list of the Best PC Keyboards is the Amkette Xcite Pro.

If you are new to this gaming realm and don’t know much about good gaming keyboards then the Xcite Pro might help you.

The Xcite Pro is designed very well. The build quality is pretty good and it comes with a keyboard pad.

It has multimedia buttons as well. The Arrow and gaming keys are colored red/orange. It will go perfectly with your setup if you have a blue-black theme. The keys are programmable and overall the keyboard is comfortable for gaming.

9. Logitech K375s – Click Here for Amazon Deal

The Logitech K375s finds itself on the ninth spot of our Best PC Keyboards in India under low priced list.

The keys are comfortable and springy, with just enough resistance to make you feel like you’re using a real peripheral rather than a toy.

There are no extra buttons, but considering that the keyboard is not in the premium segment, it’s probably not fair to expect too much.

The only major complaint was the teeny-tiny backspace button, which requires a lot of practice to locate reliably. You get 6 months of warranty.

10. HP 100 Wired Keyboard – Click Here for Amazon Deal

Last but not least we have the HP 100 wired keyboard on our Best PC Keyboards with a low price list.

The HP 100 Keyboard gaming keyboard brings a lot to the table when you consider that it’s a little under Rs. 1000 at the moment. Unlike some of the other keyboards that we have listed here, this is a real mechanical keyboard that provides excellent feedback and little to no ghosting.

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If you are looking for a compact typing-only keyboard, this device can be an ideal fit.


Many people seem to think that getting a cheap mechanical keyboard is impossible, but throughout this list, We’ve shown you some keyboards that are even less than 500 that still provide insane amounts of value.

Keyboards matter a lot just like the mouse as we said but it is okay to have any kind of keyboard if you are not a professional gamer. For casual gamers, it is good to enjoy the backlight or the gaming design of some of these keyboards.

Hope this list of the Best cheap keyboards in India with low prices has helped you in finding the perfect Keyboard for you.