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Best 10 Jeans Brands in India for 2024

Do you want to know the best Jeans manufacturing and selling companies? If yes, you have landed at the right place. Here in this article, we list down the best jeans brands in India that are much popular among customers in the country.

It is true that nowadays, most people have started paying a lot of attention to their looks and styles. Of course, clothing matters a lot when it comes to them both. Style and fashion have become one of the leading needs of a lot of people in India.

A pair of jeans can be the most comfortable, reliable, and best-looking piece of clothing in your closet. This means that, when the time comes to buy a new pair of jeans, you want to make sure that you’re copping the perfect pair that you will want to wear for several years to come.

Presently, the craze of wearing jeans in India is touching the sky. Almost everyone wears jeans in India and it is because of no other reason than this that India is a country of some of the well-established and several emerging jeans brands that have even gained popularity all over the world.

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List of 10 Jeans Brands In India

1. Levis

Levis’s Jeans are no doubt the number one preference for a very large number of people in India. Their jeans are best in every aspect and are designed by world-class fashion designers.

Levi’s is responsible for the explosion of blue jeans in every corner of America during the 20th century, with distinctive branding that’s instantly recognizable to those of us who have been to the shops at some point during the millennium.

Almost all their outlets are highly successful in India and Levis is one of those brands that have a very strong market reputation among the people.

They have an excellent range of products for men and women when it comes to buying jeans. This apparel label has more than 400 stores located in over 200 towns and cities nationwide.

2. LEE

Coming in second place among our Best Jeans Brands In India is LEE. They are a jeans brand owned by VF Corporation, a leading apparel company in the world, which was founded in the year 1899.

Lee is a historic American jeans brand that has been one of the oldest players in the market. The brand has been well-known for its durable jeans and denim overalls.

The brand offers various styles and fits for all age groups. Lee offers a wide variety of jeans, shirts, t-shirts, jackets, blazers, sweatshirts, and other accessories. Comfort, Skinny, and Slim are the types of jeans produced by Lee.

3. Pepe Jeans London

Third, on our list of the best Jeans Brands In India is Pepe Jeans London.  They excel in the genre of casual and are one of the most popular jeans brands not only in India but also in the whole world.

This brand is owned by Denim Jeans and is holding the maximum shares of a clothing brand in the jeans segment in India.

All their products are amazing and the best in every aspect. They designed jeans based on market surveys they often conduct in India to know what youngsters are looking to wear. There is no limit on the variety and you can choose from hundreds of styles.

4. Wrangler

The fourth on our list of the Best Jeans Brands In India is Wrangler.  The company has always paid special attention to changing fashion and has come up with styles that cannot be compared with any other brand.

They are under VF Corporation, and its headquarter is located in Greensboro, North Carolina, United States. There are manufacturing units present in almost every part of the world.

One of the best things about denim is they are designed for extra comfort and long life. It doesn’t matter what type of fitting you wish to buy, the company outlets have exactly what you want. You can find their branches all over India.

5. Deisel

Coming in at 5th place on our Best Jeans Brands In India countdown is Deisel. This is a famous Italian clothing brand that is popularly known for its high-end denim quality.

Diesel is one of the hot favorite jeans brands among youth as it offers a wide collection of stylish and comfortable jeans. Comfort and quality are features of diesel jeans.

Priced at a higher range as compared to its competitors, the brand carved a niche for the classes of the market.

Diesel gives you all variants of jeans. Apart from jeans, Diesel offers jackets, sweatshirts, and polos.

6. Spykar

Spykar is positioned at no six of our Best Jeans Brands In India countdown. They started way back in 1992 when Mr. Prasad Pabrekar led by ambition ventured into fashion apparel and accessories to make use of his stock of technical knowledge in processing jeans garments.

He started the company with the firm belief that the best investment for the Company was Human Capital, starting with just a handful, and slowly built up a company with over 300 associates.

Spykar has always strived to produce a product, that has a global appeal. Denim is the core of the company’s business.

7. Lee Cooper

Seventh on our list of the Best Jeans Brands In India is Lee Cooper.

The company was introduced in the year 1908. Although they provide a large number of apparel, shoes, and other fashion products, they have gained a lot of popularity in India after introducing their jeans.

Its competitive-priced product provides you with full fashion and style. “Made to be different” is the tagline of this brand.

Their denim is superb and extremely comfortable. For the last few years, they have designed jeans that you can wear for all occasions.

8. Numero Uno

Coming in at eighth place on our Best Jeans Brands In India countdown is Numero Uno.

Numero Uno is India’s first denim jeans launched in the year 1987 by Hi Fashion Clothing Company. They started with manufacturing men’s denim, and later on, they started manufacturing women’s denim, footwear, and various other accessories.

Especially jeans are quite trendy and stylish. Apart from this, you can easily find its product online stores as well as from local retailers also.

They are creating newer designs, styles, colors, and cuts to remain in the market. The brand is giving tough competition to other international brands in the segment.

9. Flying Machine

Down at number nine of the Best Jeans Brands In India countdown is Flying Machine.

They are well known for flamboyant runway shows that normal guys like you and us never get an invite to. Putting that aside, the Flying Machine brand offers a huge selection of denim for just about any event you could conceive.

You’ll be able to find straight-leg distressed jeans perfect for a lazy day off, next to a slim-fit white option that’ll look mustard with a blazer for a cocktail event.

The unifying characteristic is the Made in India label, so you’d have to look pretty hard for a fault in the manufacturing process.

10. John Players

Last but not least, at number 10 on our Best Jeans Brands In India list is John Players. There is hardly any fashion lover in India who is not familiar with this brand and its denim. John Player has always provided quality denim at a very affordable price for one and all.

Their basic models start from Rs 800. As the brand is owned by ITC which has a solid reputation for quality in India, you can simply trust John Player when it comes to buying jeans. You can buy their jeans from all major fashion shops across the country.

More Brands in India:

How to Buy Jeans Garments?

But before you buy your perfect pair of Jeans it is important to keep in mind a few things.

a) Know Your Size

Make sure you measure yourself around the waist to the point where you plan to wear your jeans. Try not to rely on other the sizes of other clothing brand sizes, since you don’t want your brand-spanking-new pair of jeans to either choke the shit out of you or hang off your ass.

b) Determine the Fabric

Cotton is the most common fabric in all denim, and it’s more than likely that the jeans you have in your closet are 100% made from it. However, jeans variants can come in twill or poly-blends, which affect the wear, durability, and price of the piece you’re looking to cop.

c) Raw Denim or Washed Denim

Some jeans will have a pre-washed or “distressed” look that comes right when you buy them off the shelf. This means that the denim won’t stretch or change much, and have less of a “breaking-in” process.

Raw denim, on the other hand, will take months (and based on some preferences, years) to properly break in your body shape. However, this means that they will be more “glove-like” to your body, and have a better and more precise fit to your actual figure.

d) Decide which leg shape and cut is for you?

There are three pervasive types of leg cuts in the world of denim: tapered/slim, straight/regular, and boot cut/wide leg. In case you can’t grasp the obvious, tapered jeans cut closer to the body as they come down your leg.

Straight fits are the original cut with a leg width that never changes. And it doesn’t matter what boot-cut jeans are because you should never wear them.


Now you have the know-how on selecting the perfect pair. We can move forward to our countdown of the Best Denim Jeans Brands In India for you to select your favorite brand.

Above was our Best Jeans Brands In India list. We have included our favorite Jeans Brands, some of which likely you liked.

Jeans are a statement of self-expression, provide comfort and give out a casual-cool vibe to any daytime outfit. With a darker color and tapered fit, they can dress up for the night too.

So do your research. Buying Jeans is all about keeping things simple, minimizing embellishments, logos, and random patches or stitching. When it comes to Jeans Brands In India, take the time to know what fabric and fit works best with your lifestyle and body type. We hope this list of the Best Jeans Brands In India helped you in finding the perfect pair.

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