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Top 10 Fast Food Franchise Business Opportunities in India

One sector that has seen an explosive huge growth in the last few years in India is the fast food industry. Many companies from both outside and inside India have entered the fast food space in the country in the last few years. Some of the reputed fast food brands also offer lucrative franchise opportunities. But it is extremely difficult for common people to decide which fast-food franchise is the best. In this article, we list the best fast-food franchises in India that are most popular in India at present.

The food and beverage industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in India.  Food is the biggest expense in the urban Indian household, accounting for more than 35% of total expenditure. India’s fast-food industry is expected to touch $1.12 billion in the coming year according to industry experts.

List of 10 Fast Food Franchise Opportunities in India

1. Chick Blast

Chick Blast is the first in the QSR industry to offer no Royalty or commission business proposal for the franchise. To become a leader in Fast-Food Service, you can partner with Chick Blast Family Restaurant. It is one of the best family restaurants developing a unique business model of bringing in Fried Chicken, Grilled Chicken, Burgers, Wraps, etc.

The cost of opening a Chickblast franchise in India will be in the range of Rs. 7 Lacs to Rs. 20 Lacs depending on the business format you choose.

2. Burger King

Burger King is a global fast-food chain that started its journey in Miami, Florida, United States in the year 1954. is relatively new to India. This popular world-renowned fast food brand was launched in India in 2015. At present, it has more than 268 restaurants across 57 cities in India.

The approximate investment required to start a Burger King franchise in India is around Rs. 1 cr to Rs. 1.5 Cr.

3. Pizza Hut

Yum!, Pizza Hut’s parent company is the world’s largest restaurant company in terms of the number of restaurants. It has more than 37,000 locations in more than 117 countries and territories and more than one million associates.

If you are looking to open a Pizza Hut franchise outlet in India of around 100sq. ft, the total startup cost will be around Rs 25 Lacs to Rs. 50Lacs, depending on the location.

4. KFC

The KFC system serves more than 12 million customers each day in more than 115 countries and territories around the world. KFC operates more than 17,000 restaurants in the United States and internationally. The parent company of KFC is Yum! Brands, Inc., the world’s largest restaurant company.

The estimated startup investment needed to start a KFC franchise outlet in India will be around Rs. 1 Cr. to Rs. 2 Cr.

5. Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s Pizza is one of the most popular brands in the fast-food industry worldwide. Jubilant FoodWorks Limited (the company) & its subsidiary operate Domino’s Pizza brand with exclusive rights for India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. As of November 5, 2015, Domino’s Pizza India operates 959 restaurants in India.

The approximate initial investment needed to start Domiono’s franchise business in India will be around Rs. 30Lacs to Rs. 50 Lacs.

6. Subway

At present Subway runs 500 plus franchise stores in India. According to the country head of Subway India, Manpreet Gulri the company plans to increase franchise retail stores in the next five years.

The approximate initial investment needed to start a Subway Franchise in India is in the range of Rs. 25 Lacs to Rs. 30 Lacs.

7. Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin’ Donuts is a popular global fast-food chain. It specializes in donuts, coffee, and other baked goods. They offer a range of donuts in a variety of flavors, as well as sandwiches and coffee drinks. At present, they have more than 70 restaurants in India.

The expected investment needed to start a Dunkin Donuts franchise in India will be around Rs. 50 Lacs to Rs. 1 Cr.

8. Taco Bell

Taco Bell is America’s largest Mexican fast-food restaurant chain with over 6000 restaurants across 17 countries worldwide. In India, it is present in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Noida, etc. Taco Bell serves exciting new types of fast food that are both crave-able and packed with flavors.

The estimated investment required to open a Taco Bell franchise outlet in India is around Rs. 2 Crore.

9. New York Pizza & Fried Chicken

NYPFC is a well-established fast-food brand that can be started with low capital or investment. For the first time in the world, from a variety of Pizzas, Crispy Juicy Spicy Fried Chicken, and Burgers to Seafood. NYPFC serves a whole lot of food, all under one roof. The Menu is well thought out and elaborate, catering to all age groups of the family.

The average investment required to open an NYPFC franchise outlet in India is around Rs. 30 Lacs to Rs. 50 Lacs.

10. Kathi Junction

Kathi Junction is the biggest Kathi Roll & Shawarma company selling over 5000 Rolls & 2000 Shawarma every day. The Company has developed its own range of spices, which is used in all our outlets. It is quite different as the ingredients used are different than the routine ones. All the products are blended in our spices which ensure uniformity in the flavors in making of most authentic Kathi Roll & Shawarma.

The startup investment required to open a Kathi Junction franchise outlet in India is around Rs. 20 Lacs.

These top fast-food franchise business opportunities are a profitable and rewarding option for individuals looking forward to starting a retail-based food service franchise business. Analyze and decide whether this business opportunity fits you as per your skills, experience, interest, and knowledge.


What is a fast food franchise?

A fast food franchise is a unique type of business model. Herein you can buy the exclusive right to use a particular fast food brand’s name, products, and services. In exchange, as a franchise partner, you will need to pay a franchise fee and ongoing royalties to the franchisor.

How much does it cost to start a fast-food franchise in India?

The cost of starting a fast food franchise in India will depend on the type of brand you buy and the location. Based on the brand strength, franchisors fix their franchise fees, It can start from a few Lacs of Rupees to Crores.

What are the benefits of owning a fast-food franchise?

There are multiple benefits of owning a fast-food franchise. Some of the major benefits are brand value, an established business model, training support, and marketing, and advertising support. and training and operational support.

What is the process for opening a fast food franchise in India?

The process for opening a fast food franchise in India depends on the franchisor. However, the basic process includes submitting a franchise application, going through the selection process, signing a franchise agreement, and finally finishing mandatory training and operational requirements.

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