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Top 15 Profitable Preschool Franchise in India for 2022

    Do you want to start a preschool in your locality in India? Here in this article find top preschool franchise opportunities in India offered by reputed educational brands in the early education industry.

    The preschool industry has seen significant growth over the last few years in India. The reason for this growth in the country is primarily because of low regulatory requirements to start and run playschools and child care centers. Market analysts project growth of a massive CAGR OF 25 % by the year  2020.

    We list down at random the top 15 preschool businesses in India at present offering franchise opportunities.

    Top 15 Playschool Franchise Opportunities in India

    1. Kidzee 

    Kidzee is part of one of the leading education organizations in India, Zee Learn Ltd which is backed up by a powerful brand – Zee Network and the stability of the Essel group. With more than a decade of experience in the education industry, Kidzee has nurtured more than 4,00,000 children throughout India.

    Kidzee being the largest preschool in India has over 1500 centers in over 550 cities and is the most successful preschool chain in Asia.

    Investment: 5 – 10 lacs with a space of around 2000 sq. ft.

    2. Hello Kids  

    Hello Kids Franchise Network in India is growing fast. At present Hello Kids network is spread over 360+ branches across India. Hello Kids caters to the age group of 1 ½ to 5 ½-year-old kids and offers the best of Montessori, Playway & Gurukul methods of education.

    Investment: 2.5 – 6 lacs with a space of around 1000 sq. ft.

    3. Treehouse 

    TreeHouse acquired preschool business ‘Global Champs’ from MT Educare in the month of September 2012. The company is enlisted in the National Stock Exchange(NSE).

    Investment: 5 – 10 lacs with a space of around 1000 sq. ft.

    4. Bachpan

    Bachpan is an individual or an entity is legally allowed to sell goods, services or concepts that are offered by the parent company. It was launched in 2005.

    Investment: 7 – 10 lacs with a space of around 1500 sq. ft.

    5. Shemrock

    At present, the Shemrock playschool network is spread over 425+ branches across India. SHEMROCK, the Award Winning School Chain, is a leader in preschool education. A brand to reckon with. Shemrock is operating in India since 1989.

    Investment: 6 – 10 lacs with a space of around 2000 sq. ft.

    6. Eurokids

    EuroKids International Ltd is the largest education services provider in the Pre-School segment and one of India’s largest children’s book publishing companies.  This popular playschool specialized in early childhood education was launched in 2001. Today, Eurokids have successfully nurtured 780+ preschools in 280 towns and cities across India.

    Investment: 5 – 10 lacs with a space of around 1000 sq. ft.

    7. Kangaroo Kids

    Kangaroo Kids was founded in 1993 in Mumbai. The school has a network of over 80 schools across different cities in India. The school also has also its presence in Dubai and Maldives. The approximate investment required to start a unit franchise is 30 lacs plus with an area requirement of more than 2500 sq ft.

    8. Jumbo Kids

    Jumbo Kids is a wing of the Podar Education Group. It was established in the year 1927. At present Jumbo Kids have a network of more than 100 centers spread across major cities of India. The investment of starting Jumbo kids franchise is in the range of  Rs 5 – 10 lakhs with a space requirement of 1000 – 1500 sq ft.

    9. Little Einsteins

    Little Einsteins started its operation in the year 2007.  At present, it is spread across 30 centers in more than 10 states in the country. The investment to start a franchise is around Rs 2 – 5 Lacs.

    10. Little Millenium

    Little Millennium promoted by Educomp started in the year 1994. It is spread over more than 65 cities having more than 280 centers across the country. The investment range to be a franchise is around Rs 5 – 10 Lacs with an area requirement of 2000 sq ft.

    11. Maple Bear

    Maple Bear preschool started its operation in India in the year 2014. It is now one of the most popular preschools in India. The cost of starting a Maple bear preschool is estimated to be around  15 to 25 lacs with an area requirement of 3000 – 4000  sq ft.

    12. Little Elly

    Little Elly started franchising in the year 2007. At present, Little Elly is present in 6 states with 120+ franchise centers, 5000 students and well-qualified. An investment of about Rs.8 Lakhs to 10 Lakhs with an area of around 2500 square feet is required to start a Little Elly preschool franchise.

    13. Abacus

    Abacus Preschool being the most prominent names in preschool educators, it had been serving the young minds aged between 02-05 years since 2014. The investment required to start an Abacus preschool franchise ranges from 4 lacs to 10 lacs depending upon the location.

    14. Gurukul

    Gurukul preschool was established in 1997 by Ms.Priti Narain. The investment to start a Gurukul preschool franchise is around 6 to 10 lacs with an area requirement of 1500 sq ft.

    15. T.I.M.E Kids

    T.I.M.E. Kids is an initiative of T.I.M.E. which is the national leader in the test preparation of competitive exams in India. An area of around 2500 sq ft along with an investment of 6 – 7 lacs is required to start a franchise of T.I.M.E Kids preschool.