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Top 5 Cartridge Refilling Franchise Opportunities in India

Do you want to start a cartridge refilling business? Are you searching for franchise opportunities in the cartridge recycling sector? Find here the top 5 franchise business opportunities available in India.

Cartridge recycling is a fast-growing industry, with great earning potential. There are millions of potential customers. Virtually every home and business has an inkjet or laser printer.

Cartridge refilling is a multi-billion dollar industry. Also, it is a fast-growing business with an estimated market size of Rs.4000 crores in India. Being consumable there is a recurring need for printer cartridges. Cartridges are highly priced. So, everybody including large corporates does look for quality alternatives.

Additionally, starting your cartridge refilling business requires minimal investment. The business requires technical skills, marketing knowledge, and strategy.

However, if you don’t have any prior experience, you can open the business as a franchise partner of a reputed brand. Most of the established companies offer training for both the toner and inkjet cartridge.

5 Cartridge Refilling Franchise in India

#1. Cartridge Express

Cartridge Express works on the concept of refilling & re-manufacturing cartridges for printers with a guarantee of being as good as new.

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Also, the brand sells refurbished or remanufactured cartridges for both Inkjet & Laser printers.

The company provides an annual maintenance contract for printers and offers printer repair services. So, with a range of effective services, you can consider opening a Cartridge Express franchise in your area.

#2. Refeel – Cartridge Refilling Franchise

Re-Feel is India’s one of the largest printer cartridge refilling & remanufacturing networks. The brand has a presence at over 100 locations across 85 cities. Re-feel was started in 2007 after extensive research on the printer cartridge refilling industry.

The brand operates on the franchise model. And all its stores are independently owned. And franchise partners manage the stores. With passionate store owners and valued customers, Re-feel is evolving continuously towards greater heights. At Re-feel, the company’s vision is to be technically inspired, economically sound & environmentally safe.

#3. Cartridge World

Cartridge World is one of the world’s largest dedicated speciality re-manufacturers and retailers of Inkjet and Laserjet printer cartridges. Also, it is one of the world’s fastest-growing franchises with over 1,200 stores in 52 countries.

Cartridge World operates dynamically in the ever-changing environment of information technology. The company’s product portfolio covers a wide range of cartridges for all leading printer brands including HP, Epson, Canon, Lexmark, Brother, Samsung, and more.

#4. Cartex

Cartex is a Gurgaon-based company. The brand ensures the remanufactured cartridges cost 40% – 50% cheaper than OEM. So, customers can save huge money on printouts and the planet at the same time.

Also, the company provides same-day local delivery and national next-day day by courier. The company is looking forward to people who can join in the pursuit of the organization’s goal. Cartex takes care of its business associates and vice-versa.

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#5. Quickfill Online – Cartridge Refilling Franchise

Quickfill Online provides everything necessary to start your cartridge refilling business. Since 2001, the company has helped thousands of entrepreneurs open their inkjet and toner refilling operations. The company designs and manufactures ink refill machines and other equipment for inkjet and toner cartridge refilling and manufacturing.

There is almost no place in the world that does not have at least one printer or fax machine at work. Printed materials have critical importance in colleges, homes, offices, and corporations. So, starting a cartridge refilling business is a financially profitable business.

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