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25 Small Business Ideas For College Students in 2024

Are you a student in a college or university and looking for a side income? If yes, you are in the right place. Here in this article, we have listed unique and profitable business ideas for college students with no or little money

When you are in college, you have at least some spare time to start a business. Universities have access to the fastest internet connections and free consulting from professors. Though You can learn a lot in the classroom, still startup activity is a great bridge between the material taught and applied concepts.

You can get feedback on your product easily from your friends. Definitely, you can expect an honest approach.  In addition. you can get wise pieces of advice from established entrepreneurs and business owners. Which you might not get in the grown-up stage. As a matter of fact, some of the owners of the biggest companies in the world today like Google, and Microsoft started their businesses during their college days from their garages.

25 Business Ideas For College Students

#1. Start a Blog

Blogging is a great opportunity at present for students who loves writing to make good money. To start a blog you just need a domain, hosting, and a laptop/ desktop. The startup cost of launching a blog is minimal nowadays. You can read our complete guide on how to start a blog to know more.

#2. Online Tutor

The scope of online teaching is increasing day by day. There are many online platforms today that provide online tutoring platform for both students and teachers. Online tutoring is one of the best business ideas for college students at present. Online teachers for subjects like mathematics and English have a big demand online.

#3.  Become a YouTuber

There are thousands of students making good money out of YouTube. If have our passionate about something that has an online audience, starting a YouTube can be a big success. Furthermore, opening a YouTube channel requires no money.

#4. Create an App

As a student, there is a better chance of identifying the needs and wants of the young generation. If you are good at coding, try to make a mobile app that addresses and solves their concern.

#5.  Freelance Writing

In the last few years, content writing marketing has grown by leaps and bounds. As per the latest report, more than 31% of freelancers make more than $75,000 yearly. Students having flair for writing can consider starting a career in freelance writing.

#6.  Virtual Assistant

More and more companies are outsourcing people for completing their administrative jobs. A virtual assistant is someone who remotely works for companies and does jobs like appointments scheduling, making phone calls, bookkeeping, organizing emails, etc. Students can list themselves on freelance job marketplaces for free and can apply for virtual assistant jobs.

#7.  Provide Web Design Services

The demand for web design services are increasing for the last few years. If you have experience in web design, get listed on job marketplaces like Fiverr, and Upwork and submit your resume. College students with a creative bend of mind but do not have the skills can finish a short-duration web design course and apply for the same.

#8. Babysitting

For students who love to spend time with babies, babysitting can be a rewarding way of making money on the side. It is seen more and more couples are working, and hence the demand for babysitting services is poised to grow in the coming years.

#9. Gift Item Selling

The selling of gift items is a highly recommended business idea for college students. Regardless you are living in metro cities or rural areas, you can sell gift items just from your home. However, to be successful in any gift business, sourcing quality products is important.

#10. Ice Cream Kiosk

A small ice cream kiosk is a great business to start for students. Start with 3 to 4 different flavors and blends. Aware of every relative and friend about your new store. Do not forget to ask them for feedback after visiting your shop. 

#11. Become a Bouncer

Almost all bars and restaurants recruit bouncers for the safety of customers. If you have a good physique, working as a bouncer will fetch you good earnings in your spare time. Reach out to local restaurants and submit your CV.

#12.  Become a Tour Guide

If you are staying in a visitor-friendly place, consider making money as a tour guide. This is a good student for students as it requires no investment and can be done in their spare time.

#13. Create a Kiosk

The kiosk is a perfect retail format for starting a business for college students. Additionally, the kiosk business demands a comparatively low startup investment. In big shopping malls, airports, and railway stations you will find a lot of kiosks and carts selling different products. A kiosk is basically a small pavilion with a roof and is supported by pillars.

#14. Create an Online Shop

Online shop business opportunities are in plenty nowadays. Increasing internet connectivity and growing numbers of smartphone users, and online buying trends are some of the reasons for the growth of online shop businesses worldwide.

#15.  Social Media Managament

It is observed for the last few years of tremendous growth in the social media sector. The business of social media management suits students as it requires little money and can be started from the comfort of home with only a laptop and internet connection.

If you are a beginner, there are very popular courses on digital marketing, that you can attend to attain the skills required for the job.

#16.  Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another lucrative online business opportunity for students. As an affiliate marketer, you will be paid for promoting products or services of other companies. You can promote affiliate products on social media platforms or from your own blog.

#17. Soft Toys Making

The soft toys making process is simple. And you can procure the raw materials easily from the local wholesale market. This is a good business for students as it the investment is minimal and can be done in their spare time.

#18. Sports-Related Business

If you are a college student and also a sportsman, then starting a sports-related business is just perfect for you. Generally, the games and the sports industry offer several opportunities. There are several sports-related businesses that you can start with small or moderate capital investment.

#19. Yoga Trainer

If you are passionate about yoga and you do it every day then this is the best business for you. You can offer Yoga training from your home or offer the services to customers’ doorsteps.

#20. Photocopy Shop

Any student can start a photocopy shop with a small startup capital investment. This business is considered one of the best low-cost self-employment opportunities for youths. Compared to other retail businesses, the xerox shop demands a very small space to operate. Even you can start with a 6′ X 6′ space. The most lucrative part is this business doesn’t demand any high amount of working capital cost.

#21. Become a Travel Planner

If you are a travel enthusiast, travel planning can be a good business. There is a good demand for professional travel planners all across the globe.

#22. Organize Events

Different types of events happen around the year. It can be small parties, corporate events, or business conferences. If you have good communication skills and know-how of how events are planned, consider starting an event planning business.

#23. Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping is a relatively new eCommerce business model where you do not need stock inventories for selling products. It is a good business for students as it requires minimal investment to start. As a drop shipper, you will be collecting orders online from customers and delivering the products of the manufacturing company to customers.

#24. Provide Logo Design Services

For students who are good at artwork, providing logo design services to customers can be a profitable business. As more and more companies go online, the demand for logo design services is also growing simultaneously. You just need a laptop and logo design software to run this business.

#25. Create an Online Course

It is without saying, more and more students are looking for courses online to learn various subjects from the comfort of their homes. Students having expertise in a certain subject can create an online course and make recurring money. There are a number of online course platforms like Udemy, and Teachable that offer free uploading of courses for instructors.

Generally, college life is the most precious time in one’s life. Additionally, getting experience at this time helps to build a strong personality later. Therefore, college students must initiate a small business in this golden time of their life.

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