How to Start a Blog & Make Money

Do you want to start a blog and make money?

Whether you want to work from home, author a book, get more exposure to your existing business or simply write and earn money, starting a blog is a must at present. This guide has helped countless others get started too.

Creating a blog is extremely SIMPLE and it does not require any coding skills (HTML). In fact, the whole process is somewhat automatic. Irrespective of your age you can start blogging.

Generally, beginners find creating a blog complicated and expensive.

A domain name typically costs $14.99 / year, and web hosting in general costs $7.99 / month.

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We have created and managed lots of blogs over the past few years and I have acquired quite a lot of experience on the subject. This guide has helped countless others get started too.

Creating blog is extremely SIMPLE and it does not require any coding skills (HTML). In fact, the whole process is somewhat automatic. Irrespective of your age you can start creating a blog.

Here is my simple and complete guide on how to start blogging and earn money online:

Basic Steps to Start a Blog

  1. Decide what to blog about.

  2. Choosing Blogging Platform

  3. Purchase Hosting

  4. Choose a domain

  5. Installing WordPress

  6. Start using WordPress

Decide the Subject of your Blog

Always remember, if you don’t enjoy the subject on which your blog will be established, there is very less chance of becoming successful.

Talk to yourself and find out a subject which you believe, will help people. You must think yourself that you will be the go-to person for the topic or niche you will be sharing.

Choosing the Blogging Platform

There are lots of different platforms on which you can build your blog. But the most popular and my favorite is WordPress. I have used WordPress for years. Some of the most popular websites in the world are built on WordPress including this blog!

WordPress has been downloaded over 100 Million times and increasing day by day! The sheer stats is enough to convince you that it is the best platform to use.

The Pros of WordPress are:

  • There are plenty of free themes and layouts to choose
  • No need for coding! This is one thing which forces us who are not expert in programming to keep away from internet activity.WordPress uses plugins, there is a plugin for almost everything, so no need for coding
  • You can easily add images and multimedia
  • Ridiculously simple to install (takes less than 2 minutes)

With WordPress, you can create what is called a ‘self-hosted blog’, and this is what we are going to be doing. This means that we can use our own hosting and most importantly, our own domain name.

It also makes your blog more authentic if it is self-hosted on your own domain, and you have full ownership of it. For this reason, I always self-host my blogs.

How to Host Your Blog

The most important step is to choose the right platform.Everything depends on how much do you have, how much you want to pay and what are your basic requirements for your business.

Our Recommendation in Choosing the Best Platform for a Blog for Beginner

  • Create Blog using WordPress

It’s best to create your blog using WordPress. It is the best option if you technologically comprehend. WordPress offers countless features to its users. If you are new to blogging, then it’s the right choice for you. WordPress offers countless plugins and other advanced features.

You need to know that WordPress is an intermediate website development platform. It’s mean you do not need to have comprehensive knowledge of programming. Everything will be done in the backend. Furthermore, it offers you many options. You can organize unlimited pages and much more things.

3. Purchase WordPress Hosting

Let us guide you through the process which is very simple.

Open Bluehost in a new window and click the green Get Started Now Button.

Next, enter the domain you have selected.

On the next page enter your contact and payment details.  These details will help you in verifying your account later.

After successful payment, a confirmation link will be sent to the email you have registered. Don’t forget to check the details that have been sent. If you find any issues, contact the support team at Bluehost. They are always there to help you.

When you click on the create your password button, a screen same to below will be shown. Choose a password, set it and confirm. Try to create a strong password. If you don’t find any, take help of password generators. Keep the password in a safe place.

Now you can log in to the BlueHost C-Panel. You need to put the username and password that you have used during the signup process.

The best part of hosting with BlueHost is that you don’t need to install WordPress on your Hosting Account. They will automatically install WordPress for you.

The last part is choosing a theme for your WordPress Blog. Just pick up a theme of your choice.

You just need to click the start building button as shown below. BlueHost will take care of the WordPress installation on the domain you registered.

Now you can see the WordPress Dashboard. The admin area of your blog welcomes you. You are free now to customize the blog the way you want to.

You will find plenty of options for writing posts, designing, etc. Just explore the tools provided to you in the dashboard.

Now is the time to launch your blog. Make your site live by just clicking on the Launch Button.

Congrats!! Your Blog is now up and running!!

Now you can move on to the fun stuff like finding a good theme (I use MyThemeShop Themes) and of course, writing blog posts.

How to make money from your blog

Making money from your blog can be an uphill task without a guide.I took a long time before I started making any money from blogs, mainly because I was inexperienced.  I gained experience from my failures and now I can share that experience on to you.

There are lots of ways to monetize your blog to make money, some of them include things like,

      • Adsense – Get paid when people click on ads
      • Selling a product/service
      • Selling other people’s products as affiliates
      • Blog advertising,
      • Drop Shipping – Selling physical products that you don’t actually own

The first thing you need to determine about the niche of your blog  If for example, you are writing a blog that provides a lot of information, similar to this blog, then you may want to think about using Google Adsense or selling advertising space on your blog.

How to Start a Blog – Conclusion:

Hope this guide has provided you with some effective information to get you started. You now have all the information in setting your WordPress blog and the knowledge on how to start a blog and earn money on Go ahead and enjoy the journey!


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