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Top 12 Online Shop Business Ideas with Low Investment

Are you looking for online shop business ideas? Interested in starting an online shop business with little money? Here in this article, we intend to provide profitable online shop business ideas to entrepreneurs.

Increasing internet connectivity throughout the country, increasing numbers of smartphone users, online buying trends are some of the reasons of the booming eCommerce industry all across the world.

Yes, to have your own store on the web, you must have an eCommerce site of your own. It is hugely a capital-intensive and management-intensive task for a small business owner to establish and run. With the technology up-gradation, it is not difficult today to establish your own online shop business with Shopify 

12 Online Shop Business Ideas

#1. Costume Jewellery Online Shop

This is a multi-million dollar industry now. It attracts women of all ages. The major reasons for its popularity are the low price with the highly attractive look. You can start costume jewelry selling from home. You can sell from your own online store. With the innovation of technology, it is easy now. Read More…

#2. Decorative Flowers

The decorative flowers are used to decorate not only homes but also offices and commercial places. Nowadays, you will find a variety of artificial flowers made with different materials. Even you can add dried flowers.

#3. E-Cigarettes

Most people are now intending quit smoking. The e-cigarette is generally used as a smoke replacement therapy. This product is now trending worldwide. This is also an eco-friendly product. You can start an online shop business with E-cigarette and cartridges with small capital investment.

#4. Fuel Delivery

On-demand fuel delivery is not a new phenomenon for countries like USA and UK. However, in most developing countries, this is no doubt an emerging business these days. And definitely, this is the right time to start this business when the eCommerce industry is booming. Read More…

#5. Online Leggings Shop

This is one of the most trending and popular products in the women’s apparel industry. Designer multi-colored leggings are in high demand. You can start selling legging from your own online store. Right-sourcing with competitive prices is the crucial factor in this business.

#6. Neckties

Neckties and bow ties are popular items in online purchases worldwide. With a stock of good quality products, you can start this business. Previous experience with the product is important.

#7. Organic Tea

Quality tea is one of the most popular selling items on the internet. Organic tea, green tea, Darjeeling tea, Assam tea – are the most popular on the web. Increasing health consciousness is behind the growing popularity of organic tea. Green tea is also helpful in getting a flat belly. The margin is also very good if you can source the product from manufacturers.

#8. Online Perfume Store

To start your own online perfume store business you will definitely need to have an eCommerce site. And when the software will do every work related to setting up an online perfume store, it will be quite easy to initiate an online perfume store business with really a small capital investment. Read More…

#9. Online Sunglass Shop

Sunglass is a utility item with a huge impact on fashion and style. Every man, woman, and even kid is obsessed with having stylish sunglasses of their own. You can start selling fashionable sunglasses from your store. Community advertising is the most right way to attract traffic.

#10. Online Toy Library Shop

A toy library is as same as a book library. This type of library provides toys in exchange for money for a limited period of time. Though you can start the business both offline and online, we recommend the online option. Read More…

#11. Online T-Shirt Shop

People always look for a beautiful design, cherishable brand, and quality product. That’s enough. In starting an online t-shirt business, you will definitely need to have an eCommerce site where your clients will buy your t-shirts. You can start your own online t-shirt business by creating a fully functioning eCommerce store with very little capital. Read More…

#12. Wood Watch

The wood watch is as popular as a smartwatch. If you are a manufacturer of wood watches, initiating an online shop business to sell wood watches is obvious for you. You can procure the product from the manufacturer. Else you can start assembling different stylish wood watches from home.

According to the market trend, we have listed here 10+ trending online shop business ideas for your ready reference. It is not that you can only start online selling with these products. Do market research. Focus on creating a targetted niche. You can simply go with any product to start an online shop business from your home.