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25 Best Small Business Ideas in New Zealand for Locals & Foreigners

According to the World Bank, the island country of New Zealand is one of the best destinations to start a business. Hence a local or a foreigner can start a business in New Zealand and watch it grow.

New Zealand has a high ranking regarding ease of doing business which means you will face lesser difficulties in starting your business in New Zealand.

The economy of New Zealand is strong economy along with a stable Government with a lot of encouragement for immigrant start-ups. As a result, you will have congenial grounds to start your business here in this part of the world.

New Zealand gives certain tax reductions to self-employed people and companies. Not only that, certain tax exemptions apply to businesses with a specific annual income.

25 Business Ideas in New Zealand

1. Dairy Farming

The dairy industry has extreme potential in New Zealand and hence you can start a dairy farming business in New Zealand. For this business, you will need good farmland, healthy cows and sufficient food, etc. The Government offers various kinds of tools and services for dairy farming that will help in higher productivity.

2. Organic Cultivation

Organic products have a very good demand in New Zealand. That is why starting an organic cultivation business is a profitable idea here in this country. You can cultivate different kinds of fruits and vegetables on your organic farm like grapes, oranges, strawberries, lemon, cucumber, spring onion, broccoli, etc. Get the license and certification for your products which you can sell in local markets, supermarkets, etc.

3. Fruit Farm

New Zealand is ideal for the cultivation of different types of fruits and they have good export potential also. Hence you can start a fruit farm and earn a good income. Find suitable farmland and choose the varieties of fruits to grow. There are many kinds of fruits that grow well in New Zealand like grapes, strawberries, kiwi, blueberries, raspberries, lemons, avocados, etc. Use good seeds and fertilizers along with modern farming methods for maximum production.

4. Livestock Farming

Livestock farming is a prosperous industry in New Zealand and hence a profitable business option for beginners. The leading cattle are sheep, cows, pigs, etc. You can choose any one of them. Good farmland, good food, and maintenance will enable you to get a good output of meat. If you can invest, start a meat processing unit and sell processed meat.

5. Wine Making

Winemaking is a profitable industry in New Zealand with high export potential. If you have some knowledge of winemaking, you can start your winemaking unit in New Zealand and earn good profits. There are specific vines dedicated to wine production and the quality of grapes is excellent for wines. You have to get the Government certification for the wine produced by your winery and that is why your business will be sustainable and profitable.

6. Recycling

Recycling is an innovative business to start in New Zealand. You have many options in the recycling business. Firstly, you can collect the waste and sell them to the recycling units. Secondly, you can recycle the waste and produce different products from them. Thirdly, you can segregate the waste, sell some part of it and dispose of the remaining part. All the options have good income opportunities.

7. Business Consultancy and Coaching

Business consultancy and coaching is a good business option in New Zealand and if you are skilled you can start this business and earn a good income. As a business consultant, you are supposed to offer business viability advice, marketing service, sales networking, online and offline publicity, etc.

As a part of coaching, you can impart grooming services to new business owners and executives regarding office etiquette, client handling, maintaining public relations, etc. You must have good contacts as well as a marketing network to get more clients.

8. Online Teaching

Online teaching has a good demand in New Zealand. If you have a good academic or creative background you can start an online teaching business. As an online teacher, you can teach school or college-level students. Another option is to teach music, painting, or instrument playing online. A good personal network, online marketing, and social media publicity will give you more clients.

9. Child Care Center

Child Care Center is a good business idea for you in New Zealand. Find a good location with a lawn and open space for your childcare center. Decorate it with a child-friendly interior with toys and games and comfortable sitting and sleeping arrangements. Hire loving and responsible caregivers and monitor them very well. You will need good public relations, word of the mouth publicity, and marketing for the growth of your child care center.

10. Indian Restaurant

As in most parts of the globe, Indian food has a good demand in New Zealand too. Hence starting an Indian restaurant is a lucrative business idea for you as an immigrant Indian. A strategic location, authentic Indian food, and good décor are the most important points to succeed in the restaurant business. Home delivery of food through a food delivery app will give you more business. Online and offline marketing is essential for your Indian restaurant business.

11. Café

Cafes are very popular in New Zealand. Hence you can start a café in New Zealand and earn a good income. Strategic location and cool décor are very important for a café. Serve good and different varieties of coffee along with some snacks and savories. Keep your coffee shop open for long hours to get more customers. Publicity and marketing are very important to get more business.

12. Salon

The Salon is another lucrative business to start in New Zealand. If you are a trained beautician you can start your salon or take a franchisee of a reputed chain of salons. Good location and décor are very important for the salon business. Apart from that trained stylists, the use of beauty products from reputed brands, and the offering of special packages for festivals and events are good publicity points. Marketing and advertisement are also important for the salon business.

13. Indian Dress Boutique

Indian dresses are very popular in New Zealand considering the great number of Indian immigrants living in the country. You can start a boutique in a strategic location or an online boutique. Either way, it is profitable. Keep a good collection of dresses and offer alteration services also.  Online marketing and social media publicity are very important for your boutique business.

14. Retail Store

There is a good market for retail stores in New Zealand. It is a high-investment business, but the rates of profits are also high. Busy locations like shopping malls etc are good places to start your retail store. Home delivery services are also very good for your business. Good marketing and advertisements are essential for your retail store business.

15. Recruitment Agency

There are many job seekers in New Zealand and many business enterprises that need the right candidates for their companies. Hence a recruitment agency is a good business idea for you in New Zealand. You can do this business online where you will have CVs of job seekers and requisitions from employers. You have to match these two and get paid from both ends. Online advertising is a key factor for the growth of your employment agency.

16. Event Planning

There is a big demand for professional event planners in New Zealand. As an event planning company, you can plan and organize various events like marriages, parties, corporate events, conferences, etc. Website, word of the mouth publicity, referrals, and marketing are important for the growth of your event planning business.

17. Car Rental Services

Car rental services are in demand in New Zealand. You can rent a car through the popular app cab services. Alternatively, you can do business independently and rent cars for various purposes including luxury cars for special events or VIPs. Marketing and advertising play important roles in the growth of your business.

18. App Development

If you are a programming specialist, you can start an app development business in New Zealand. Apps are needed by various business enterprises, especially e-commerce companies. Apart from serving them, you can make different kinds of service and convenience-based apps like health care, child care, emergency care, fitness, etc. Online advertising and the website of your company are essential for getting more business.

19. Social Media Consultant

Social media has become a powerful medium for marketing, advertisement as well as image building. If you are conversant with social media, you can do the business of social media consultancy in New Zealand. You can serve your clients in their social media presence, chalk out marketing strategies, publicity plans and prepare presentations for social media, etc. Online advertising of your consultancy, as well as a good social media presence, is very important to get more clients.

20. E-Commerce

E-commerce is a very profitable and prospective business in New Zealand. Make a good app for your e-commerce portal along with a website. You can sell different types of goods through your e-commerce business like electronic gadgets, computers, household items, groceries, dresses, jewelry, accessories, etc. Advertisements and publicity are very important for your e-commerce business.

21. Solar Panel Manufacturing

Solar power is quite popular in New Zealand. Hence you can start a solar panel manufacturing unit in New Zealand. Provide installation and maintenance services along with manufacturing. Get the necessary license and permits for this business.

22. Financial Consultancy

If you have a finance background and experience, you can start a financial consultancy firm in New Zealand. As a financial consultant, your responsibilities include financial and investment planning, tax planning, profitability assessment of a business, preparation of project reports, fund management, etc. Good networking along with marketing is very important for your business of financial consultancy.

23. Computer Repair and Servicing

If you are a computer hardware expert, you can start a computer repair and servicing business in New Zealand. As the offices and business enterprises along with other institutions are digitized, you will get plenty of clients with good contacts and marketing. Apart from that, you can also provide service to the personal computers used at home.

24. Tourism

New Zealand is a favorite tourist destination. Hence you can start a tourism agency business in New Zealand under which you will take care of the entire tour program of the tourists from air ticket booking to local tours. Get the license and permits required for tourism business in New Zealand. Make a good website for your company and invest in online and offline marketing along with social media publicity.

25. Real Estate Agency

Real Estate is a booming business in New Zealand and therefore you can start a real estate agency business. You can do this business online also. Get in touch with the prospective buyers directly or virtually and connect them with the sellers. For each successful deal, you will get a commission from both sides. The website of your agency, online and offline marketing, and personal contacts are very important for this business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any export potential for businesses in New Zealand?

Export potentials are very high in New Zealand. As per statistics, export makes up approximately 30% of the GDP of the country. Therefore you can earn foreign exchange through export. The items exported include dairy products, meat, fruits, fish, etc.

Can I get funding support for my business in New Zealand?

There are different kinds of funding support for start-ups in New Zealand. There are Government grants for start-ups like Flexi-wage for self-employment, Getting Started Grants, Capability Voucher Funding, etc. Apart from that, there is support from Angel Investment Network.

New Zealand is a potential country for your starting your business. Work hard, plan properly and get the success you deserve.

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