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Best 17 Trending Gift Item Business Ideas with Low Capital

In the consulting sessions, sometimes we are asked to provide gift business ideas with very low capital investment. We normally advise them not to start the manufacturing business with such an amount. Our advice to them, in general, is to start a selling venture.  One can then slowly scale up to a manufacturing business in the future. In this article, we suggest a list of chosen gift items selling business ideas for your ready reference.

Gift items are easy to sell. Additionally, different gift items come for different occasions and celebrations. However, there is a wide range of products you will find in the market. If you have already a retail store, you can add gift items to generate more profits. If you want to start a new business, you can start a small retail store with a quality stock of products.

Furthermore, you can start selling right from your home also. In the small cities and rural areas, you will find a lot of home-based selling businesses that are generally, women operated. Yes, gift item selling is a good opportunity for the ladies also.

As your business grows, you can add more similar products like different jewelry and home decor items. In addition, you can expect a straight margin of 25% and onwards from these items. In this article, we list the most trending gift item-selling business ideas that you can start with little money.

List of 17 Gift Item Business Ideas

#1. Brassware & Brass Handicrafts

Dokra is a popular name in these segments. You will find a lot of home decor and jewelry items. In addition, Moradabad is also famous for brass handicrafts. These products are trending and perfect for starting a small gift-item-selling business venture.

#2. Candle Holders

Decorative candle holders come in varieties looks. Some of the popular items are crystal, brass, wood, and ceramic make candle holders. In addition, these are very lucrative gift items for various occasions. Tealight candle holders have the highest demand in the industry.

#3. Ceramic Gift Items

Ceramic gift items cater to a wide range of prices. You can find small items for Rupees 50 and you can find items of above Rupees 5000 also. However, high-range products ensure a better margin than low-price products.

#4. Crystal Gift Items

This is the most lucrative product in the gift item industry. 50% of the total sale records in this category. Because this item is popular among every age group of the population. In addition, it gives really lucrative margins.

#5. Decorative Scented Candles

Decorative scented candles are a very popular item nowadays. Not only as gift items, but you can also find a lot of other consumers otherwise for these items. Big hotels, restaurants, spas, and resorts are the big consumer of this product.

#6. Designer Ladies Bags

There are varieties types of designer bags you can find as lucrative gifts. The category includes Jute bags, Silk fabric bags, Cotton fabric bags, embroidery bags, Kashmiri bags, Potley bags, Cross-stitched bags, etc. However, the right sourcing is important in this business.

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#7. Designer Cushions

Designer cushions are a very trending gift item nowadays. Vibrant color with a lucrative pattern is the highest-selling product. Generally, embroidery work, beads work, and mirror works are very popular in these segments.

#8. Hand Printed Dresses

Most people buy hand-printed dresses that relate to their thoughts and characters. The most popular two items are T-shirts and Kurtas. However, you must maintain a good quality fabric. The demand for this type of item is increasing rapidly.

#9. Key Chains

Keychains are a very popular item among the young crowd. Because the price of this product starts with a very small amount. However, key chains are very popular and lucrative corporate gift items. You can get orders from big or small companies, banks, etc.

#10. Lamps & Lampshades

Lamps and lampshades are traditional gift items in India. However, nowadays you can find several designer lampshades with really attractive looks. This item also ensures a good margin in trading. However, You must stock a variety of products to offer your customers.

#11. Marble & Stone Handicrafts

Rajasthan is famous for this item traditionally. However, now you can find this product in almost every state. There is a very good demand for marble and stone handicrafts products. Also, it ensures lucrative profits.

#12. Photo & Picture Frame

This is also a very popular gift item after crystal items. You can also keep a wide variety of products. In addition, you can offer a personalized photo frame to your customers. For this, you will need to arrange sublimation printing.

#13. Soft Toys

Soft toys cater to a wide range of price bands. In India, the price starts at Rupees 100. And the sourcing of this product is also very easy. Kids, children, and teens are the major consumers of this product. However, you must keep the product fresh with proper care and cover.

#14. Vinyl Wall Stickers

This is a trending gift item. Generally, you will find imported stickers in the Indian market. The retail price of this product starts at Rupees 400 and onwards. However, the price varies depending on the quality and size of the sticker.

#15. Wall Hangings

You can find a wide range of decorative wall hanging. The list includes wind chimes, seashell hangings, mat decorative hangings, embroidery work hangings, metal hangings, etc. This type of item is a very popular gift for family occasions.

#16. Watches & Clocks

Watches and clocks are very traditional items in the gift industry. However, nowadays you will find various types of decorative clocks made of marble, wood, ceramic, and metals. The demand for this product is increasing. However, attractive looks and good quality are the major driving factor for the demand.

#17. Wooden Handicrafts

Woodworking is a traditional art of our country. Some of the widely used woods are teak, sandals, cane, bamboo, etc. Thousands of different wood-make articles are very popular in the gift industry. Some of the most popular items are the decorative wooden box, key holders, magazine holders, and statues.

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Where to Buy Gift Item Products?

You can buy products from local manufacturers, wholesalers, drop shippers, or from an online marketplace like Amazon.

Apart from this list, there are several products in the gift and craft industry. However, this list of trending gift item business ideas will definitely give you a direction towards what items to decide on starting a gift item-selling business venture.