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Best 20 Profitable Kiosk Business Ideas & Opportunities

The small kiosk is a successful retail business model. And kiosks are becoming more and more popular in the world. Because it allows you to open a retail outlet with a small capital investment. The object of crafting this article is to provide a list of the most profitable kiosk business opportunities for your ready reference.

In big shopping malls, airports, railways stations you will find a lot of kiosks and carts selling different products. A kiosk is basically a small pavilion with a roof supported by pillars. And starting a kiosk business is comparatively easy from a large storefront. And securing a good retail storefront is really expensive these days. So if you want to start a retail venture with small capital, then a kiosk business is just perfect for you.

List of 20 Profitable Kiosk Business Ideas

#1. Artificial Plant & Flowers

Artificial plants and flowers are great products to sell from this type of retail outlet. In addition, the attractive looks of these items put extra emphasis on generating the attention of buyers.

#2. Costume Jewelry

Costume jewelry is a very good item to sell from the kiosk. However, you can concentrate only single type of product. Such as only earrings or only bangles.

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#3. Designer Bags

Designer jute bags, designer potli bags, beaded bags are a few examples in this category. However, try to keep a wide range of products.

#4. Designer Bindi

This is another lucrative item. For a single designer bindi, the price starts from Rupees 5. However, a Kundan-based designer bindi may come with a price of Rupees 1000 also.

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#5. Fried Snacks

In the edible item category, fried snacks are the most popular ones. However, the segment caters to a wide range of products in the veg and non-veg group. Therefore, it is advisable to select the product according to the taste of local people.

#6. Hair Accessories

Different types of hair accessories are very popular among the kids and teens population. This product caters to a wide range of items like the hairband, rubber band, clips, hair clutches, back clips, etc.

#7. Handicrafts

Handicrafts are the best products to sell from the kiosk. You can go for any type of product. In addition, the sourcing of this product is comparatively easy than other conventional products.

#8. Handkerchief & Scarf

You can open a store with a wide collection of handkerchiefs and scarves. These two are very popular items among the women population. Additionally, with a limited investment, you can keep a wide inventory.

#9. Homemade Chocolate & Cookies

Homemade chocolate and cookies are great items to sell from this type of retail outlet. You can sell your own products. Otherwise, you can source the products from others. However, you must maintain the quality of the items.

#10. Ice Cream

Apart from retail outlets, you can sell ice cream from kiosks. In addition, try to keep different cold drinks. Furthermore, you can offer yogurt and fruit salads with ice cream.

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#11. Leggings

This is really a popular item these days. And almost with every new top and kurta women buy matching leggings. Try to keep a stock of leggings for every age group.

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#12. Mobile Accessories

Mobile accessories like chargers, power banks, headphones, mobile covers are very popular nowadays. However, in this segment, you must keep at least 3 to 4 types of different items.

#13. Momo Stall

Momo stall is already a proven successful business. Different types of chicken and pork momos are popular. And this product also brings a lucrative margin.

#14. Personalized Gift Items

Personalized gift items cater to a wide range of products. Such as coffee mugs, caps, photo frames, pen stands, t-shirts and you name it. The items that demand sublimation printing are the best items to sell from the kiosk. However, it is advisable to concentrate on one or two products.

#15. Sell Popcorn

Selling popcorn from kiosks is one of the perfect businesses to start with little capital investment. With the roasted corns, try to offer masala sweet corn type of products. This product fetches a lucrative retail margin.

#16. Pottery Items

Small pottery items are great items to sell from a kiosk. However, the category caters to a wide range of products. Such as cups, mugs, flower vases, plant pots, statues, wall hangings, etc.

#17. Pickles

Homemade different types of pickles and chutneys are great products to sell from the kiosk. Offer your customers free samples to taste the product.

#18. Soft Toys

Soft toys have a really great market share in the Indian gift industry. And the market has seen a huge increase in sales in the festive seasons. Selling soft toys can be one of the most profitable kiosk business ideas with little money.

#19. Sports Goods

Sports goods itself a broad category. However, you must concentrate on specific one or two sports items. As an example, you can keep sports items related to football, cricket, and badminton.

#20. Tea Stall

Opening a tea stall is one of the most successful items in the small kiosk retail segment. And you will find several successful brands also. However, try to offer a wide range of flavored tea. Such as Elaichi tea, masala tea, ice tea, green tea, etc.

How to Start a Kiosk Business – Important Tips

a) First of all, like any business, do some market research. You must have a market feasibility report before starting this business. This report tremendously helps in choosing the right product and addressing the right audience.

b) Craft a business plan. It is a must in this type of business. In addition, it helps to keep your business organized.

c) Furthermore, kiosk business attracts moderate startup capital investment. Generally, the investment goes for rent, staff payment, inventory, and marketing. Therefore, arrange the finance accordingly.

d) Select a store location carefully. The location is paramount to any retail outlet. However, location is always based on availability.

e) Try to keep limited types of products. However, provide a wide variety of collection. This is the most crucial consideration in this business. Concentrating on a single or a few products is advisable.

f) Try to address mass consumers. Regardless of how many different types of products you are offering, never address a small group of people. As an example, if you are offering leggings, try to keep the stock for every age group of women.

g) Generally, mall visiting consumers are often impulsive buyers. Generally, customers don’t normally think about the price twice before buying. However, attractive products perform better in this business. It is advisable, to price your products carefully.

h) The success of the kiosk business majorly depends largely on the quality of products. In addition, it also allows you to sell the product more confidently. To maintain the quality of your product. A satisfied customer will definitely visit your store further to check the new collections.

i) Kiosk model works on the concept of impulse buying. Impulse buying is basically an unplanned or otherwise spontaneous purchase. So the design and layout of a kiosk play an important role in securing the attention of the customer. So pay attention to layout, design, and visual appeal.

j) Finally, an effective marketing strategy plays an important role in attracting customers to this type of business. So definitely, have some marketing plan.

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There are many different kiosk business ideas out there. However, select a product based on your experience and local consumer demand. We hope this list of 20 profitable kiosk business opportunities will definitely help you in making an informed decision.