Xerox Shop With Lamination Service

How To Start Xerox Shop With Lamination Service Business

Xerox or photocopying with allied services like lamination and bookbinding is a very lucrative business in India. Here in this article, we intend to explore how to start a low-cost xerox shop business with a lamination and bookbinding business. Any individual can start this business with a small startup capital investment. This business is considered one of the best low-cost self-employment opportunities for youths.

Compared to other retail businesses, the xerox shop demands very small space to operate. Even you can start with a 6′ X 6′ space. The most lucrative part is this business doesn’t demand any high amount of working capital cost.

With a small xerox shop and lamination center, you can also sell school or office stationaries items. It will definitely increase the profit margin of your store.

Here are the Steps to Start a Xerox Shop Business

1. Create a Business Plan For Xerox Shop

Craft a business plan first. Decide whether you will buy or rent the space. Study the local market. Decide what type of xerox machine is required for your store. These all will help you in creating a financial plan. This is important. Calculate an expected ROI. Fix your marketing policies for the business.

2. Cost & Investment Required For Xerox Shop

Only two are the major investment in this business. One is space and another is the machine. You will need to purchase a xerox machine, lamination machine, and binding machine. In the case of purchased space, your startup cost will be higher. When you start the business in a rented space, your startup cost will be less.

However, You will need to pay the rent monthly basis. Ink, toner, paper, and electricity are the major working capital cost for the xerox center. If you want to run the store with staff, then you must include the salary in working capital expenditure. You must obtain Trade License from the local authority.

3. Choose a Location For Xerox Shop

This is a retail business. The location is definitely a prime factor. You must select a location nearby schools, colleges, universities, or offices. Court compounds, secretariat building areas are also suitable places to start this business.

Small towns, villages, and Suburbans are also perfect places for this business. It is advisable to choose a location where people come with a normal requirement of copying, lamination, or binding purpose. Nowadays, students also have requirements for different project report binding services.

4. Machinery for Xerox Shop

You can initiate xerox shop business with a used machine. However, a new machine is recommended for better service. the price of different types of xerox machines starts from Rupees 10000/-. Whereas best quality high-value machines are also available in the price range of Rupees 100000/- and above.

You can purchase a lamination machine with a cost price of Rupees 2000/- and above. The most important consideration is the cost per page copying. When procuring the machine you must know the cost of per page printing from that particular machine. Here we have listed some of the popular xerox machines with their features.

a) Canon Xerox Machine – MF3010

  • Memory – 64 MB
  • Max Paper Size – A4
  • Copy/Print Speed – 18/19 copy/m
  • Warm Up Time – 10secs. or less
  • First Copy Output Time – 12/11.8secs
  • Dimensions WxDxH – 372x276x254mm

b) Canon Xerox machine – MF4870dn

  • Memory – 128 MB
  • Copy/Print Speed – 25 copy/m
  • Max Paper Size – A4
  • First Copy Output Time – 9s
  • Warm Up Time – 13.5s or less
  • Dimensions WxDxH – 390x362x301mm

c) Canon Xerox Machine IR-3300

  • Memory – 128 MB
  • Weight – 80Kg
  • Max Paper Size – A3
  • Dimensions(mm) – 1,020x 565 x 678
  • Max Power Consumption – 120VAC, 60Hz, 15A
  • Copy/Print Speed – 33ppm

d) Canon Xerox Machine IR 5050

  • SPEED – 50 Pages Per Minute in B/W
  • DIMENSIONS HxWxD – 47″x25″x29″
  • WEIGHT – 474lbs
  • TONER YIELD – 48000

e) Xerox Phaser 3010

  • PRINTER TYPE: Monochrome Laser
  • FIRST COPY OUT TIME ( FCOT): 8 seconds
  • BLACK PRINT SPEED (ppm): 20 ppm

f) Xerox Phaser 8860DN

  • PRINTER TYPE: Colour Laser
  • BLACK PRINT SPEED (ppm): 30 ppm
  • INPUT (Plain Paper): 100

You can buy a lamination machine with a binder facility. In India, lamination machine price starts from Rupees 2000/- and above. Generally, you will find two types of lamination machines – cold and thermal. Overall, we can conclude xerox shop is an easy business to start with small capital in India.