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Top 10 Pickle Brands in India for 2024 to Excite Your Taste Buds

Pickles, from East to West and from South to North, wherever you are in India, you will find a variety of pickles complementing the cuisines. From super sweet to intensely sour, even strangely bitter, you will find every possible taste in Indian pickles. Here in this article, we list down the best pickle brands that are selling most in India.

In India, pickles were usually prepared by our moms and grandmas. But with time they become busier than earlier and don’t get enough free time to prepare pickles just like in the old days. Well, they haven’t matched the taste of homemade ones, but they are close.

Best 10 Pickle Brands in India

1. Nilon’s Pickles

Hailing from Pune, Nilon’s have become the first choice for countless households and train passengers. From train meals to home meals, Nilon’s Leamon Pickle has taken over the country. It is probably one of the best pickle brands in India.

These days, the lemon pickle is tightly contesting against Nilon’s Mango and Green Chilli pickles. But they didn’t stop there, they also brought in Rajasthani Pickle lines, Mixed Pickles, and very uncommon Tomato pickles.

With their 100% vegetarian pickles with no added preservatives, they have clearly become the top choice in India over the years.

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2. Mother’s Recipe Pickles

In the second spot, we have Mother’s Recipe. With their wide and wild range of pickles, they can easily and savorly compensate for any dish you make.
But their USP is probably bringing unthinkable pickles. From Ginger, Garlic, Ginger, Onion, and other uncommon pickles you can enjoy.

With their small to extra large size packaging, being 100% vegetarian, and freshest ingredients they know how to get picked during grocery shopping.

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3. Dabur Pickles

From a humble start at Kolkata and going on to world domination, Dabur came a long way with their healthy and home-style mixed pickle. The pickle is made of mango, carrot, lemon, and chili as main ingredients, and with an effective mixture of high-quality spices, they make one of the tastiest pickles in the world.

They do not have a large variety of pickles, but they have become the closest to matching your homemade ones.

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4. Tops Pickles

With 51 types of pickles suitable for every type of food and every type of cuisine, Tops had made a grand entry into the Pickle world. No matter how different your taste is, we believe you will have a great match from Tops.

Tops also have some exotic pickles for you. Olive Pickles, Pickle Stuffed Red Chili pickles, Navratan, and Onion Chili pickles are some of them. With their large and exotic collection, Tops has become a key player and one of the most sought-after pickle brands in the Indian pickle market.

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5. Biswa Bangla Pickles

Now if you like Bengali Achar more than anyone you know, Biswa Bangla has the wackiest and probably the most unique solutions you can think of. From Biswa Bangla you can buy a huge variety of Vegetarian pickles.

With their generations-old recipe, 100% natural ingredients, and zero added preservatives you can safely enjoy the vegetarian treats anytime you want. But you have to keep one thing in mind the recipe is from Bengal,  so it might not be suitable for people who do not like sweetened pickle recipes.

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6. Pachranga Pickles

A merely 100-year-old company that specializes in making pickles has possibly the best recipes for pickles. Over the years they didn’t just make one type of pickles, they have made some of the greatest pickles ever.

But their USP is not just old recipes. Their USP is farm fresh ingredients, safe and very hygienic packaging. Furthermore, their pickles are available in various sizes, from 300gms to 5Kgs, you can have the most economical package for your family.

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7. Double Horse Pickles

If you like authentic Keralian Non-vegetarian pickles, Double Horse should be your go-to pickle brand. They are the pioneers of Prawn pickles. Yes, you can enjoy pickled prawns. The prawns are mainly captured from the Arabian Sea and the Laccadive Sea.

Apart from the prawn pickles, they also make classic mango, old-school lime, and tasty garlic pickles. But you have to keep one thing in mind, due to their zero preservatives and recipe the pickles only last for 12 months.

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8. Priya Pickles

Priya Food Products pickles are one of the most certified pickle companies in India, which includes ISO and highest grade FSSAI certifications. They have built a packaged food empire in the last 40 years. Now, with 35 different varieties of vegetarian and non-vegetarian pickles, they have one of the highest ranges of pickles in India, among them, 7 are mango pickles.

But remember, if you consider garlic-added pickles as a non-vegetarian food item, you need to look at the labels carefully. To avoid any problem, Priya has two varieties of every pickle, one has added garlic on them and the other one without it.

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9. Neeraj Pickles

If you like your pickles with some extra ‘Tadaka’ then Neeraj Food Products got your back. With extra spicy mango, chili, and lemon pickles you can enjoy a zingy treat all year round.

But their list of pickles is far from over. They also have Ker, Jackfruit, Turmeric, and Dry Fruit Pickle that can match your taste buds with ease.

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10. Patanjali Pickles

In India, who doesn’t know about Patanjali? The entity was established by Baba Ramdev Ji back in 2006 but within a small amount of time, they have become a billion-dollar conglomerate.

But Patanjali only produces four types of pickles, Ginger, Amla, Garlic, and Mixed. So their key USP is not just the taste, it’s pricing. From the pricing point of view, you will find the pickles cheaper, and they have only two sizes available at 500gms and 1KG pack.

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How to Buy the Best Pickles?

You have to take a few things into consideration before selecting a pickle. Don’t worry we have prepared the ultimate guide for buying the pickles.

1. Quality:

Quality should be your top priority when choosing any pickle. You can rely on your past experiences or recommendations from family, friends, or store managers and online reviews of the brand and flavor of the pickle. But if you can’t get any of those, don’t worry we got you covered in the next segment.

2. Brand:

Sometimes, quality is directly associated with the brand. The bigger brands always seem to be more careful regarding their hygiene, quality of ingredients, quality of packaging, and quality control. We have curated some of the best pickle brands for you.

3. Check Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian:

In India, you will find both vegetarian and non-vegetarian pickles. In the East onion is considered non-vegetarian, and in the North often Garlic is considered non-vegetarian. So, do follow your discretion before going for a pickle.

4. Check Shelf-life:

Pickles don’t go bad and stay for a really long time. But some of the pickles, especially the non-vegetarian pickles, can only last between 6 and 12 months. So, you need to take shelf-life into consideration.

5. Compare both Online and Offline Market:

You can purchase pickles both online and offline stores. So you can compare the prices, ingredients, and reviews before selecting the right one for your meals.

6. Check Packaging:

You need to check the packaging too. Sometimes, ingredients in pickles react with plastic bottles and packaging. So, you should opt for the pickles inside the glass packaging.

So, what are the top pickle brands in India? It could come in handy for you next time while buying pickles online.

More Best Brands in India:

Final Thoughts:

Although there are hundreds of companies in India making pickles these four have stood out the most in our research. But we think this article won’t be completed if we do not add Urban Organix, Sun Grow, Pravin, Nature Land, Aamara, and Goosebump.

They all make very tasty pickles but we took popularity, market share, and most importantly their tastes into consideration to prepare this list, to ensure you get the best pickles at every meal.

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