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Top 10 Best Coffee Brands in India for 2024

The coffee culture in India coffee has been steadily growing. It is a fact, that coffee enthusiasts are constantly on the lookout for the finest coffee brands that offer rich flavors and premium quality. The Indian market has a diverse range of coffee brands to choose from. It ranges from traditional filter coffee to modern gourmet blends. In this article, we will explore some of the best coffee brands in India, along with a buying guide and frequently asked questions (FAQs) to help you discover your perfect cup of coffee.

The Arabian Peninsula is the place where original coffee beans were discovered and later harvested. Coffee pundits claim Arabica beans happen to be the best quality coffee beans. The taste of Arabica coffee is strong and sharp in taste.

Indian coffee recently has grown substantially with the advent of coffee chains like cafe coffee day, Barista, and other companies expanding the coffee business through franchise opportunities in cities and towns.

India happens to be the fifth-largest coffee producer in the world. The state of Karnataka is the biggest producer of coffee beans and accounts for 70% of the total coffee output of the country.

List of 10 Coffee Brands in India

1. Blue Tokai

blu tokai coffee

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Blue Tokai started roasting coffee beans from the year 2013. Within a very short period, it has grown into a popular homegrown coffee brand in India.

They outsource coffee beans from a wide network of around 23 good-quality coffee-producing farms in the country. The price of Blue Tokai coffee starts from Rs. 250.

Major Blue Tokai Coffee Variants:

  • Blue Tokai Baarbara Estate Coffee Roasters
  • Blue Tokai Sampigehoney Estate Coffee
  • Blue Tokai Vienna Roast Coffee
  • Blue Tokai French Roast Coffee
  • Blue Tokai Monsoon Malabar Coffee Roasters
  • Blue Tokai Attikan Estate Coffee

2. Nescafe

nescafe coffee

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Nescafe originates from Switzerland. The company was founded in the year 1938. Nescafe is probably the most popular coffee brand for years in the Indian market.

The brand is acquired and marketed by Nestle. And hence the name Nescafe stands Nes for Nestle added with a cafe.

Major Nescafe Coffee Variants:

  • Nescafe Classic
  • Nescafe Sunrise
  • Nescafe Classic Black Roast
  • Nescafe All in One
  • Nescafe Gold
  • Nescafe Mixes
  • Nescafe Cappucino

3. Lavazza

lavazza coffee

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Luigi Lavazza is the manufacturer of this brand in Turin in 1895. It started with a small grocery store at Via San Tommaso.

The business of Lavazza is presently run by the third and fourth generations of the Lavazza family.

Major Lavazza Coffee Variants:

  • Lavazza Crema E Gusto Ground Coffee Powder
  • Lavazza IL Mattino Vivace Coffee
  • Lavazza Qualita Rossa Ground Coffee Powder
  • Lavazza Perfetto Espresso Coffee
  • Lavazza Crema E Gusto Ground Coffee Powder

4. Starbucks

starbucks coffee

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Starbucks Corporation is an American coffee company. It is one of the most popular coffeehouse chains worldwide.

Starbucks was founded in Seattle, Washington in the year 1971. At present, the company operates in more than 28,218 locations worldwide.

Major Starbucks Coffee Variants:

  • Starbucks Blonde Espresso Roast Coffee
  • Starbucks Colombia Medium Roast Ground Coffee
  • Starbucks Espresso Dark Roast Coffee
  • Starbucks Veranda Blend Coffee
  • Starbucks Cafe Mocha Coffee

5. Bru

bru coffee

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Bru is a high-selling coffee brand in India since the year of inception in the year 1968. The brand is promoted by Hindustan Lever Limited.

At present, Bru controls a large chunk of the market share of the filter coffee market in India.

Major Bru Coffee Variants:

  • Bru Green Label Coffee
  • Bru Instant Gold Coffee
  • Bru Instant Coffee
  • Bru Instant Coffee Sachet
  • Bru Select Coffee

6. Tata Coffee

tata coffee

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Tata Coffee brand is owned by Tata Global Beverages, a subsidiary of Tata Group. This pioneering company has positioned itself as one of the largest integrated coffee cultivation and processing companies in the world.

At present, the company owns 19 coffee estates in southern India. The estates are spread across 8000 acres in the western ghats of South India.

Major Tata Coffee Variants:

  • Tata Coffee Grand
  • Tata Coffee Quick Filter
  • Tata Coffee Sonnets Arabica

7. Davidoff

davidoff coffee

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Davidoff is an internationally recognized premium coffee brand. It produces the best quality coffee made of Arabic beans, which happens to be the best available coffee beans around the world.

They create a limited edition of their products. The products are currently available in the Indian market.

Major Davidoff Coffee Variants:

  • Davidoff Cafe Instant Coffee
  • Davidoff Fine Aroma Instant Ground Coffee
  • Davidoff Cafe Espresso Coffee
  • Davidoff Crema Intense
  • Davidoff Cafe Grande Cuvee
  • Davidoff Explorers Choice

8. Narasu’s Coffee

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Narasu’s Coffee brand is promoted by Sri Narasus Coffee Company Limited. They are catering to the Indian market since the year 1926.

At present, it is recognized as one of the most popular homegrown coffee brands in India. The company is headquartered in the state of Tamilnadu and has coffee estates in Tamilnadu and Karnataka.

Major Narasu’s Coffee Variants:

  • Narasus Insta Strong Instant Coffee
  • Narasus Insta Strong Instant Coffee
  • Narasus Coffee Pure Filter Ground Coffee, Peaberry

9. Coffee Day

coffee day brand

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Café Coffee Day is a brand promoted by Coffee Day Global Limited. Popularly known as CCD, the brand has positioned itself as a hangout destination for most people in cities and towns of India. They opened their first cafe in the year 1996 at Brigade Road in Bangalore.

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In addition to growing and processing coffee under its brand, the company has ventured into selling coffee machines and wood furniture.

Major Caffe Coffee Day Variants:

  • Coffee Day Roasted Coffee Beans
  • Cafe Coffee Day – REFRESH
  • Cafe Coffee Day – COMFORT
  • Cafe Coffee Day – UNWIND

10. Bayar’s Coffee

bayars coffee

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Bayar’s Coffee is at present one of the most popular coffee brands for coffee lovers in India. The company started in the year 1956 selling grocery items.

In 1971, they set up their coffee roasting unit. The headquarter is based in Bangalore in the state of Karnataka.

Major Bayar’s Coffee Variants:

  • Bayar’s 80-degree Coffee
  • Bayar’s Special Gold Coffee
  • Bayar’s Coffee City Roast Filter Coffee
  • Bayar’s Coffee Java Filter Coffee

More Best Brands in India:

More Top Coffee Companies in India

11. Seven Beans Coffee Company

Known for its single-origin Arabica beans and exotic blends, Seven Beans Coffee Company offers a unique range of coffee with distinct flavors and aromas.

12. Rage Coffee

Rage Coffee is gaining popularity for its innovative instant coffee mixes, offering a quick and convenient coffee solution without compromising on taste. They have a variety of flavors, including classic, hazelnut, and Irish cream.

13. The Good Life

The Good Life is a brand that specializes in organic coffee made from handpicked Arabica beans. They promote sustainable farming practices and deliver a smooth and flavorful coffee experience.

14. Flying Squirrel

Flying Squirrel focuses on providing freshly roasted coffee beans that bring out the authentic taste of Indian coffee. They offer a variety of blends to suit different preferences.

15. Continental Coffee

Continental Coffee is a household name in India, offering a range of instant coffee blends loved by many for their consistent taste and quality.

16. Country Bean

Country Bean offers flavored coffee blends that cater to the taste buds of modern coffee enthusiasts. Their range includes exciting flavors like hazelnut, caramel, and vanilla.

17. Sleepy Owl Coffee

Sleepy Owl is known for its ready-to-drink cold brew coffee that is perfect for those looking for a quick and convenient coffee fix.

18. Black Baza Coffee Co.

Black Baza Coffee Co. is dedicated to promoting sustainable coffee practices and supports wildlife conservation. Their coffee is sourced from organic and shade-grown coffee plantations.

19. Devi Coffee Estates

Devi Coffee Estates is a family-run coffee estate that produces high-quality Arabica coffee beans with a focus on organic farming practices.

20. The Indian Bean

The Indian Bean offers a diverse range of coffee beans sourced from various regions of India. They also provide customized coffee subscription boxes.

21. Blue Pine Coffee

Blue Pine Coffee roasts premium quality coffee beans sourced from various coffee-growing regions of India, delivering a flavorful and aromatic cup of coffee.

22. Paulig Coffee

Paulig, a Finnish coffee brand, has made its mark in the Indian market with its rich and flavorful coffee blends.

23. Levista Coffee

Levista Coffee offers a range of instant coffee mixes and premixes, catering to different taste preferences, making it a popular choice among coffee enthusiasts.

24. Wildcraft Coffee

Wildcraft Coffee offers ethically sourced coffee beans, supporting local farmers and ensuring sustainable practices. They roast the beans in small batches to maintain freshness.

25. Black Baza Coffee Co.

Black Baza Coffee Co. stands out for its commitment to biodiversity conservation. They produce shade-grown coffee, promoting bird-friendly practices while delivering exceptional taste.

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Quality Coffee

For coffee lovers, it is essential to find the best quality coffee beans or grounds to enjoy a flavorful and aromatic cup of coffee. With plenty of options available in the market, it can be difficult to choose the right coffee that suits your taste preferences. To help you make an informed decision, here is a buying guide on how to buy the best quality coffee:

a. Determine Your Preference

Understand your taste preferences and the type of coffee you enjoy. Whether you prefer a strong and bold flavor or a smooth and mild taste, this will guide you in selecting the right coffee beans or grounds.

b. Choose Whole Beans or Grounds:

Decide whether you want to buy whole coffee beans or pre-ground coffee. Whole beans offer better freshness and flavor retention but require a grinder to grind them before brewing.

c. Check the Roast Date

Always look for the roast date on the coffee packaging. Freshly roasted coffee offers the best flavor, so try to buy beans or grounds that have been roasted recently.

d. Opt for Specialty Coffee

Consider buying specialty coffee from reputable roasters. Specialty coffee is sourced from high-quality beans and roasted with precision, ensuring a superior taste experience.

e. Know the Coffee Origin

Pay attention to the coffee’s origin. Different regions produce unique flavor profiles. For example, beans from Ethiopia are known for their fruity notes, while those from Colombia offer a balanced taste.

f. Look for Certifications

Check for certifications like Rainforest Alliance or Fair Trade, which indicate that the coffee is sourced responsibly and supports ethical practices.

g. Choose the Right Grind Size

If you opt for pre-ground coffee, select the grind size suitable for your brewing method. Coarse grinds are ideal for French press, while fine grinds work well for espresso machines.

h. Consider the Packaging

Look for coffee that comes in airtight and resealable packaging. Properly sealed packaging helps maintain the freshness and aroma of the coffee for an extended period.

i. Read Reviews and Recommendations

Before making a purchase, read reviews and recommendations from other coffee enthusiasts or trusted sources. Their experiences can give you insights into the coffee’s quality and taste.

j. Experiment with Sampler Packs

If you are unsure about the coffee’s taste, consider buying sampler packs that offer a variety of coffee flavors to try.

k. Price vs. Quality

While it is essential to consider your budget, remember that premium-quality coffee might come with a slightly higher price tag. Investing in good coffee is worth it for a delightful coffee experience.

l. Support Local Roasters

Consider supporting local coffee roasters. Local coffee roasters often have fresher products, and buying from them supports the local economy.

Finally, it is without saying, buying the best quality coffee involves many factors, It includes your preferences, roast date, origin, certifications, and packaging. Whether you choose whole beans or pre-ground, exploring specialty coffee from reputable roasters will elevate your coffee experience. Furthermore, experimenting with different flavors and origins allows you to discover the perfect cup of coffee that matches your taste buds and preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of coffee beans are commonly grown in India?

India primarily grows two types of coffee beans: Arabica and Robusta. Arabica beans are known for their smooth and mild flavors, while Robusta beans have a stronger and more robust taste.

What is the best way to store coffee beans for freshness?

To maintain the freshness of coffee beans, store them in an airtight container away from direct sunlight and moisture. Avoid refrigerating or freezing coffee beans as it can affect the flavor.

Are Indian coffee brands sustainable and eco-friendly?

Many Indian coffee brands are embracing sustainable practices, such as organic farming, rainforest alliance certifications, and supporting ethical sourcing. Look for brands that prioritize sustainability if it aligns with your values.

Which type of coffee is popular in India?

Filter coffee is a traditional favorite in South India, while instant coffee and espresso-based drinks like cappuccino and lattes are gaining popularity across the country.

Which brand of coffee is best in India?

Some of the best coffee brands in India are as follows:

  • Nescafe
  • Bru
  • Continental Strong
  • Rage Coffee
  • Tata Coffee
  • Bru

Which brand of coffee is best in India?

The bestselling coffee brands you can try are the following:

Tata Coffee Grand Filter Coffee – Check Price | Blue Tokai Coffee Vienna Roast Arabica – Check Price | BRU Green Label Filter Coffee Powder – Check Price.

Can I purchase coffee beans online from these brands?

Yes, most of these coffee brands offer their products for purchase through their websites or e-commerce platforms.

How should I store coffee beans for maximum freshness?

Store coffee beans in an airtight container in a cool, dark place away from moisture, heat, and light to preserve their freshness.

Which brewing method is best for retaining coffee flavor?

Brewing methods like French press and pour-over are known for retaining the coffee’s natural flavors and aromas.

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