Top 10 Best Courier Companies In India

Top 10 Best Courier Companies In India

Are you looking for the top courier companies in India? Reputed courier companies are the ones that are Fast, Reliable, Provide tracking features, and of course affordable. It is easier said than done though to find such all those traits in one single company alone.

Generally, customers look for two qualities in a courier company. Firstly, the items are delivered on time and in good condition. And, secondly, the shipping cost is affordable.

Based on these two criteria, we have come up with a list of the most popular courier companies In India so that you can weigh your odds and choose your preferred company.

List of 10 Courier Companies In India

1. Indian Postal Service

India post courierThe Indian Postal Service is undoubtedly the oldest and most well-recognized courier service in India.

Established around 224 years ago, on 15th April 1774, the company houses over 4,60,457 employees and has more than 1.5 lakh post offices in the country.

The company is run by the Indian Government and has its headquarters in Sansad Marg, New Delhi.

They also offer a host of services such as letter posts, EMS Delivery, third-party logistics, parcel services, freight EMS, etc.

They have succeeded in their aim of providing affordable and reliable parcel transfer to the people of the country.


dtdc courierDTDC has been in the shipping business since 1990 and has an extensive network covering almost all parts of the nation.

The company, established in Mumbai, has since spread its reach across the world to 220 countries thanks to its reliability.

They offer door delivery to both business and individual customers as well as a host of other facilities.

Though the services are the most reliable, their average price of service is on the higher side.

3. Blue Dart Express

Bluedart courier Blue Dart is a well-known name and one of the most trusted courier companies in the country. It also enjoys a majority share in the marketplace through its bases in major cities like Delhi, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Hyderabad, and Bangalore.

We should mention here that Blue dart express limited is actually a subsidiary of DHL. Ltd.

Their prices might seem high, but you get the option to bargain. Their high customer satisfaction rate and delivery on time and without any damage experiences make their services worth it.

4. DHL Express India

DHL express courier Next up on this list of the Top 10 Best Courier Companies In India is DHL. The company was established in the year 1969 with its headquarters being situated in Bonn, Germany.

They are a multinational company and are best at providing international express mail services.

The branch of DHL which operates in India has its base office in Mumbai and houses over 85,000 employees.

They also have DHL e-commerce, a branch dedicated only to eCommerce businesses. They provide a seamless international service with proper transit times and customs clearances.

5. FedEx

fedex courier One of the oldest and best-known courier companies in the country is Fed Ex India, which is a part of a US-based courier service by the same name.

The company was established in 1971 and is now the world’s leader in courier services and also express transportation which provides for 3.6 million successful shipments every day.

It goes without saying that they have an excellent track record. They are experts in India for their excellence in logistics services, courier express services, and freight forwarding services.

6. First Flight Couriers

first flight courier company in IndiaComing in at number six in the Top 10 Best Courier Companies In India list is the Mumbai-based courier company, First Flight.

The company has since taken leaps and bounds in this sector and is at present one of the leading domestic courier services in India. They have more than 1200 domestic offices multiple in international territories as well.

Services such as International courier services, domestic courier services, reverse logistics, priority courier, e-Commerce logistics, air cargo, train cargo, etc are advertised as their specialty.

They are also spreading themselves across the nation as being highly affordable for new e-commerce ventures.

7. GoJavas

go javas GoJavas is no longer a new name in the courier industry. Earlier they were working for Jabong only, but now they are offering services to other e-commerce platforms and individuals as well.

Their rates are competitive, and their services are reliable for delivery as well as pick up from an e-commerce business point of view.

The company provides all kinds of logistics-related solutions with full safety and security. They also have warehouses at 85 different locations which makes their work easier.

8. TNT Express

tntTNT is a Netherlands-based company that operates in more than 190 countries and has around 20,000 employees in India.

Its corporate office is located in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. The company ships to over 220 countries and have over 10 offices across the globe.

Impressive is their pin code coverage which covers near to 4500 pin codes across India.

Its main product service includes solution and charter delivery, express delivery, etc. They specialize though in supply chain and express delivery solutions, including providing door-to-door delivery services like most others here.

9. Overnight Express Limited

overnight Coming in on the ninth spot in the Top 10 Best Courier Companies In India list is Overnight Express Limited. They are also an Indian-based company which was originated in 1987 and has its head offices in New Delhi.

Other than providing courier delivery services in India they also cover 1000+locations worldwide.

Overall they are a renowned player in the Indian courier industry thanks to their transport goods services and on-time parcel delivery services.

They also keep their services well priced so that they can keep up with the big players.

10. Gati Limited

gati Gati Limited is a Singapore-based company that was established in the year 1989. They started their services in India only during the early 2000s and have since made their mark in the market.

It has a very extensive network across India. It provides its courier services to 19000 pin codes and covers 672 districts in India.

They also have a very solid and strong presence in SAARC countries and in the Asia Pacific region.

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The company advertises itself as the best at commercial shipments, private shipments, export, and import of goods to every possible place in the world as the consumer requires.


With India having several big companies who work to deliver items or goods for Individuals as well as businesses, the competition is very tough. But, for the average consumer like you and me, competition is good.

Courier companies also play a key role in the development of an economy as they boost business as well as fulfill the personal needs of individuals.