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Best 10 Food Franchise in India in 2024

Franchising has emerged as a lucrative option for entrepreneurs seeking to enter the business world with a proven model and brand recognition. In India, the franchising sector has witnessed significant growth, offering diverse opportunities across various industries. In this article, we have listed some of the best food franchises in India, highlighting their history, year of inception, franchising since, franchise units, and investment requirements.

What is a Food Franchise?

A food franchise is a commercial agreement in which the parent company, the franchisor, offers the right to an individual or organisation, the franchisee, to run a restaurant or other food-related business using its name and business plan. The brand, trademarks, and operating systems are used by the franchisee in exchange for the payment of initial fees and recurring royalties. Through this arrangement, business owners can launch and run their own companies by utilising well-known brands, tested business models, and robust support networks of well-known food businesses.

Types of Food Franchise

Find below various types of food franchises available in India catering to different preferences and market segments:

⇒ Quick Service Restaurants (QSR)

QSR franchises focus on providing fast and convenient food options, often with a limited menu and quick service. Examples include burger joints, pizza outlets, and sandwich shops.

⇒ Casual Dining Restaurants

Casual dining franchises offer a relaxed dining experience with a diverse menu and comfortable ambience. These restaurants typically serve a variety of cuisines and may include family-friendly or upscale options.

⇒ Coffee Shops and Cafes

Coffee shop and cafe franchises specialize in serving coffee, tea, pastries, and light meals. They provide a cosy environment for customers to socialize, work, or relax.

⇒ Fast Casual Restaurants

Fast casual franchises combine the speed and convenience of fast food with the quality and customization of casual dining. They offer freshly prepared food with higher-quality ingredients and often allow customers to customize their orders.

⇒ Food Trucks and Food Carts

Food truck and food cart franchises operate mobile units to sell food in various locations. They offer flexibility in terms of location and often specialize in specific types of cuisine or food items.

⇒ Bakery and Dessert Shops

Bakery and dessert franchises specialize in baking bread, pastries, cakes, and other sweet treats. They may also offer speciality desserts like ice cream, frozen yoghurt, or gelato.

⇒ Frozen Yoghurt and Ice Cream Parlors

Frozen yoghurt and ice cream franchises offer a variety of frozen treats, including soft-serve ice cream, frozen yogurt, gelato, and toppings.

10 Food Franchise in India

1. McDonald’s India


McDonald’s is one of the world’s largest fast-food restaurant chains. It is known for its burgers, fries, and various other offerings. In India, McDonald’s has established a significant presence with its diverse menu catering to local tastes while maintaining global standards. The company is known for providing quality food and customer service. McDonald’s India offers franchising opportunities for individuals keen on entering the fast-food industry and leveraging the brand’s popularity and success.

  • Founded in: 1955
  • Franchise Units: 300+
  • Approx. Investment Required: ₹2 Crores to ₹10 Crores

2. Domino’s Pizza

dominos restaurant

Domino’s Pizza is a renowned global pizza delivery chain known for its wide range of delicious pizzas, sides, and desserts. In India, Domino’s has become a popular choice for pizza lovers, offering a variety of flavours and customization options. Jubilant Fireworks is the parent company of Domino’s Pizza in India. As a Domino’s franchisee, individuals can benefit from the established brand name, proven business model, and comprehensive support system provided by the company.

  • Founded in: 1960
  • Franchise Units: 1300+
  • Approx. Investment Required: ₹50 Lakhs to ₹70 Lakhs

3. Subway

subway franchise

Subway is a well-known international fast-food franchise specializing in submarine sandwiches and salads. Founded in 1965 in the United States, Subway has grown into one of the largest fast-food chains globally, with a presence in over 100 countries. Subway entered the Indian market in 2001 offering customers a range of healthy and customizable sandwich options appealing to health-conscious Indian consumers.

  • Founded in: 1965
  • Franchise Units: 100+
  • Approx. Investment Required: ₹25 Lakhs to ₹30 Lakhs

4. KFC India

kfc franchise in India

KFC, or Kentucky Fried Chicken, is a popular global fast-food chain known for its fried chicken offerings. Established in India in 1995, KFC quickly gained popularity for its signature chicken recipes and variety of menu options. With a focus on quality and taste, KFC has expanded its presence across India, offering a diverse range of chicken-based meals, including burgers, wraps, and buckets of fried chicken. The franchise provides opportunities for entrepreneurs to join its network and benefit from its established brand reputation and proven business model.

  • Founded in: 1952
  • Franchise Units: 400+
  • Approx. Investment Required: ₹50 Lakhs to ₹3 Crores

5. Baskin-Robbins

baskin robbins restaurant

Baskin Robbins is a renowned ice cream and dessert chain that originated in the United States. In India, it has made a significant mark with its wide range of delicious ice cream flavours and innovative desserts. Since it entered the Indian market in 1993, Baskin Robbins has become synonymous with quality ice cream products and excellent customer service. As a franchise opportunity, Baskin Robbins provides entrepreneurs with the chance to capitalize on the ever-growing demand for premium ice cream products and tap into a well-established brand with a global presence.

  • Founded in: 1945
  • Franchise Units: 800+
  • Approx. Investment Required: ₹15 Lakhs to ₹25 Lakhs

6. Amul

amul franchise

The Indian Dairy Market size was valued at USD 131.5 Billion in 2024 and is expected to reach USD 290.8 Billion by 2033. Amul is one of India’s most renowned dairy cooperatives, known for its wide range of dairy products including milk, butter, cheese, ice cream, and more. Founded in 1946, Amul has since become a household name in India and has a strong presence both domestically and internationally. With a proven track record of success and a well-established brand, Amul offers franchising opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to enter the dairy industry.

  • Founded in: 1946
  • Franchise Units: 100,00+
  • Approx. Investment Required: ₹5 Lakhs to ₹12 Lakhs

7. Haldiram’s

haldirams franchise

Haldiram’s is a household name in India. It is known for its wide range of traditional Indian snacks, sweets, and ready-to-eat meals. With humble beginnings as a small shop in Bikaner, Rajasthan, Haldiram’s has grown into a massive empire with a presence across the country and even internationally. Haldiram’s offers a diverse menu, including namkeens, sweets, snacks, frozen foods, and beverages, catering to diverse tastes and preferences. As a franchise partner, entrepreneurs can be part of a well-established brand with a loyal customer base and strong market presence.

  • Founded in: 1941
  • Franchise Units: 500+
  • Approx. Investment Required: ₹1 Crore to ₹5 Crores

Burger King

burger king food franchise

Burger King is a global fast-food chain known for its flame-grilled burgers, fries, and other quick-service menu items. Founded in 1954 in Florida, USA, Burger King has since expanded its footprint to become one of the largest fast-food chains in the world. In India, Burger King entered the market in 2014 and quickly gained popularity for its signature Whopper burger and innovative menu offerings. Franchisees benefit from Burger King’s extensive support system, including training, marketing assistance, and ongoing operational guidance. Burger King has a strong brand presence and a loyal customer base. Hence, Burger King franchises in India have the potential for significant growth and profitability.

  • Founded in: 1954
  • Franchise Units: 100+
  • Approx. Investment Required: ₹3 Crores to ₹ 10 Crores

Pizza Hut

pizza hut franchise in India

Pizza Hut is a renowned global pizza restaurant chain. It is known for its wide range of pizzas, pasta dishes, and other Italian-American cuisine. Established in 1958 in Wichita, Kansas, Pizza Hut has grown to become one of the largest and most recognizable pizza brands worldwide. In India, Pizza Hut made its debut in 1996 and quickly became a favourite destination for pizza lovers across the country. As a franchise opportunity, Pizza Hut provides entrepreneurs with the chance to capitalize on the popularity of the brand and tap into the growing demand for pizza and Italian cuisine in India.

  • Founded in: 1958
  • Franchise Units: 100+
  • Approx. Investment Required: ₹20 Lakhs to ₹50 Lakhs

Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin’ Donuts is a global chain of coffee and baked goods restaurants renowned for its signature donuts, coffee, and breakfast items. Founded in 1950 in Quincy, Massachusetts, Dunkin’ Donuts has since expanded its operations around the globe. The company entered the Indian market in April 2012. Franchisees of Dunkin’ Donuts enjoy the advantage of tapping into a well-established system that prioritizes consistency in product quality, customer service, and operational efficiency.

  • Founded in: 1950
  • Franchise Units: 100+
  • Approx. Investment Required: ₹50 Lakhs to ₹1 Crore

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the right food franchise?

Consider factors such as brand reputation, initial investment required, ongoing fees, training and support provided, location suitability, market demand, and growth potential.

What are the benefits of owning a food franchise?

Some of the major advantages include brand recognition, an established business model, training and support from the franchisor, bulk purchasing power, marketing assistance, and access to a proven customer base.

What are the best food franchises under Rs. 2 lakhs in India?

Some of the top food franchises in India under Rs. 2 lakhs are Kia Cafe, What a Sandwich, Just Brew, Peet’s Coffee, Joshi Wadewale, and Bewafa Momos.

What are the best food franchises under Rs. 5 lakhs in India?

Some of the best food franchises under Rs. 5 Lakhs in India are Amul, The Granios, Rolling Plate, Tea Day, Momo’s Adda, and Fried Nation.

What are the best food franchises under Rs. 10 lakhs in India?

Some of the top food franchise opportunities in India under 10 Lakh Ruppes in India are Amul, Monginis, Kathi Junction, Mother Dairy. Tibbs Frankie. and GIANI’S.

What are the typical costs associated with owning a food franchise?

Costs may include franchise fees, initial investment in equipment and supplies, royalty fees, marketing fees, ongoing operational expenses, and any required renovations or lease expenses.

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