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Best 10 Drop Shipping Companies in India for 2024

Drop shipping makes online business easy. You don’t need or produce or stock any product. A buyer places an order, you pass on the information and the supplier packs it and ships it to you. The best part is you don’t need to produce, stock, ship, or even maintain. Here in this article, we list the best dropshipping companies in India at present.

Your suppliers will take care of everything. drop shipping in India has seen phenomenal growth over the last decade. The business is turned out to be profitable for many due to its model and nature. As products are shipped directly to the customer, you face no hassle in the middle.

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So if you are planning to start a dropshipping business in India, here are the top 10 drop shipping companies in India.

10 Dropshipping Companies in India

1. Shopify

With no front inventory costs, Shopify will take care of all the shipping logistics through Oberlo. You can select your products, and let people order and you will be sent directly from your wholesaler to your customers with Shopify.

  • Advantage: Get your e-commerce site hosted by Shopify.
  • Pricing: 3-month trial is available for only Rs. 20 per month.

2. BAAP Store

The company offers more than 70,000+ products through its delivery network across the country. You can also choose a plan to have your e-commerce site with hosting and white-label branding. Baap store will manage all your returns and inventory, all in one place.

  • Advantage: Free marketing tool with options to sell via different channels.
  • Pricing: They have three first-time price packages – Bronze: ₹17,999 | Gold: ₹35,999 | Diamond: ₹59,999

3. Trade India

This popular B2B platform is one of the best marketplaces to find dropshipping products in India. It offers you to choose among 10 million plus products from different categories. The company is operating in India successfully for the last five years.

  • Advantage: Over 100,000 products
  • Pricing: No membership Fees for Buyers

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4. Hothaat

Many refer to Hothaat as India’s first online Dropshipping website. They provide you with a platform to sell your products via an online store. They have a good collection of products in more than 30 categories.

  • Advantage: Hothaat will take care of the packaging, and shipping of products.
  • Pricing: Free, with additional charges for deliveries and integration.

5. Udghatan

With over a million products to sell, Udghatan offers a unique way to start your dropshipping business. Either you can have your e-commerce website made by Udghatan or have the excel sheets uploaded to your system.

  • Advantage: All products are categorized in different Excel sheets.
  • Pricing: ₹12,000 every four months with an e-commerce website.

6. ReDealer

The company offers more than 50 product categories with close to 8 lakhs of products and over 12,000 more vendors. The company also offers you an option to have your customized Wallet system for your website.

  • Advantage: Have your own wallet for the website.
  • Pricing: Available on request.

7. IndiaMART

The company started primarily as a B2-B company and now offers dropshipping services as an additional option. With massive branding, the company offers a sizeable range of categories and products.

  • Advantage: The brand of Indiamart and reach.
  • Pricing: Based on deliveries and service.

8. Wholesale Box

The site offers you the marketing and distribution of products by shipping the stock directly to the customers with your branding. It helps you market your products and distribute them around the globe without stocking them.

  • Advantage: Ship bulk orders.
  • Pricing: Available on request.

9. Seasonsway

Seasonsway has a small collection of branded products mainly focusing on clothing and apparel. The site has a good collection of some of the top-selling branded wear in apparel and footwear from brands like Puma, Nike, Reebok, Adidas, Woodland, and more.

  • Advantage: 24×7 support and has been in the business since 2006.
  • Pricing: Only for deliveries, additional charges apply.

10. Bagsvags

If you wish to sell bags, backpacks, laptop bags, duffle bags, basically any kind of bag, then Bagsvags is the best. This online shopping portal serves the niche industry of bags offering you to drop ship your products anywhere.

  • Advantage: All types of bags from different brands.
  • Pricing: Only for deliveries, additional charges apply.

All these sites offer you the advantage to ship your products without any hassle of warehousing, packaging, and shipping. You control your site from India, and sell any product to any part of the world sitting comfortably on your couch.

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