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Top 25 Best Interior Design Companies in India

India possesses diverse aesthetics and a rich cultural tapestry. In the last few years, the country has seen a boom in demand for innovative and visually beautiful interior design. Multiple interior design firms have established a niche for themselves in transforming spaces into stunning works of art, from home marvels to business masterpieces. Here in this article, we have listed after in-depth research the top interior design companies in India catering to both residential and commercial clientele.

25 Interior Design Companies in India

1. Livspace

livspace interior design company

Livspace was founded in 2014 by Anuj Srivastava, Ramakant Sharma is headquartered in Bengaluru, India. The company has rapidly grown to become a leading interior design platform, utilizing technology to simplify and enhance the design experience for homeowners. At present, the company is present in 55 cities across 4 countries.

Area of Specialization:

  • Tech-driven end-to-end interior design solutions
  • Residential and commercial interiors

Notable Projects:

  • Diverse residential projects across major cities
  • Collaborations with leading commercial spaces

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2. Space Matrix

Space Matrix was established in 2001 and has since become a global firm with a strong presence in India. The company has completed projects across various industries, with a focus on creating innovative and collaborative workspaces. It operates from multiple locations worldwide, including Singapore, Australia, and the United States.

Area of Specialization:

  • Corporate interior design
  • Innovative and collaborative workspaces

Notable Projects:

  • Microsoft India Offices
  • Uber Office, Bangalore

According to a study by IMARC, The Indian interior design market size reached US$ 28.6 Billion in 2022. It is expected the market to reach US$ 51.4 Billion by 2028, exhibiting a growth rate (CAGR) of 10.3% during 2023-2028.

3. Morphogenesis

morphogenesis interior design company

Founded in 1996 by Manit Rastogi and Sonali Rastogi, Morphogenesis has become a pioneering architectural and interior design firm in India. The firm is headquartered in New Delhi and has received numerous awards for its sustainable and contextually relevant designs.

Area of Specialization:

  • Sustainable and contextually relevant designs
  • Architectural and interior design integration

Notable Projects:

  • The Punjab Kesari Headquarters, Delhi
  • Surat Diamond Bourse

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4. DesignQube

designcube chennai

DesignQube was founded in 2015 by Praveen Kumar and is headquartered in Chennai, India. The firm has rapidly expanded its presence, offering customized design solutions for residential, commercial, and institutional spaces.

Area of Specialization:

  • Versatile design solutions
  • Residential, commercial, and institutional projects

Notable Projects:

  • Bespoke Residences
  • Corporate Office Spaces

5. Foley Designs

foley designs bengaluru

Established by Michael Foley in 1992, Foley Designs has been a trailblazer in the field of design. The firm, headquartered in Bengaluru, has gained recognition for its avant-garde approach and fearless exploration of unconventional design.

Area of Specialization:

  • Avant-garde and experimental designs
  • Residential and commercial interiors

Notable Projects:

  • Upscale Homes in Bangalore
  • Creative Office Spaces

6. The Orange Lane

orangelane interior

Founded in 2003 by Shabnam Gupta, The Orange Lane has grown to become a prominent name in contemporary interior design. Based in Mumbai, India, the firm specializes in residential and commercial projects, infusing vibrancy and modernity into its designs.

Area of Specialization:

  • Vibrant and contemporary designs
  • Residential and commercial projects

Notable Projects:

  • Artistic Residences in Mumbai
  • Trendsetting Cafés and Restaurants

7. Chaukor Studio

chaukor studio noida

Chaukor Studio was founded by Mohit Sood and Neha Sood in 2005. Headquartered in Noida, India, the firm has gained acclaim for its focus on sustainable and eco-friendly design, seamlessly integrating traditional Indian elements into contemporary spaces.

Area of Specialization:

  • Sustainable and eco-friendly design
  • Integration of traditional Indian elements

Notable Projects:

  • Eco-Friendly Homes
  • Institutional Spaces with Green Design

8. Innerspace

innerspace pune

Innerspace, headquartered in Pune, is a dynamic interior design firm with a focus on creating spaces that inspire and elevate. The firm’s projects range from corporate offices to hospitality spaces.

Area of Specialization:

  • Inspirational and elevated designs
  • Corporate and hospitality interiors

Notable Projects:

  • Modern Corporate Offices, Pune
  • Upscale Hotel Interiors

9. Studio Lotus

studio lotus interior design company in mumbai

Studio Lotus, a renowned interior design company based in Mumbai is known for its innovative and sustainable design solutions that span across various sectors. Founded by designers Ambrish Arora, Ankur Choksi, and Sidhartha Talwar in 2002 have made a mark in creating spaces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Area of Specialization:

  • Contemporary and sustainable designs
  • Residential, commercial, and institutional projects

Notable Projects:

  • The Quadrant House, PVR Kochi
  • Modern Office Spaces

10.  The Karighars

karighars design studio

The Karighars is recognized for its commitment to creating bespoke and luxurious interiors that reflect a blend of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design. The company is based in Bangalore and is known for personalized solutions. They have successfully executed projects in both residential and commercial domains.

Area of Specialization:

  • Bespoke and luxury interior designs
  • Residential and commercial projects

Notable Projects:

  • Opulent Residences
  • High-End Commercial Spaces

11. Carafina

carafina interior design company in bangalore

Carafina, based in Bangalore is known for its chic and modern design approach, creating spaces that seamlessly blend style with functionality. Their portfolio showcases a commitment to delivering unique and personalized interior solutions for both residential and commercial clients.

Area of Specialization:

  • Innovative and functional designs
  • Residential, commercial, and retail spaces

Notable Projects:

  • GR Uber Signature, Prestige Villa, Exotica Brigade, etc
  • Retail Spaces with Contemporary Flair

12. Studio Osmosis

studio osmosis interior design firm in India

Studio Osmosis, founded by Shilpa Jain Balvally and Sameer Balvally in 2011, is headquartered in Mumbai, India. The firm is known for its innovative and experimental designs, pushing the boundaries of conventional interior design.

Area of Specialization:

  • Innovative and experimental designs
  • Residential and commercial interiors

Notable Projects:

  • Modern Homes with Creative Flair
  • Office Spaces Focused on Innovation

13. ZZ Architects

ZZ Architects interior design company

Founded by Zubin Zainuddin and Krupa Zubin in 2005, ZZ Architects is headquartered in Mumbai, India. Specializing in luxury interior design, the firm has left an indelible mark with its meticulous detailing and sophisticated aesthetic.

Area of Specialization:

  • Luxury and opulent interiors
  • High-end residential and hospitality projects

Notable Projects:

  • Luxurious Homes in Mumbai
  • Opulent Hotel Interiors

14. Design Consortium

design consortium design firm

Design Consortium has been a stalwart in the interior design industry since its establishment. While specific funding details might vary, the firm is headquartered in Bengaluru, India. Design Consortium has garnered a reputation for its diverse portfolio and collaborative design approach.

Area of Specialization:

  • Diverse portfolio covering residential, commercial, and hospitality
  • Collaborative design approach

Notable Projects:

  • Unique Residences
  • Trendsetting Commercial Spaces

15. Ashleys

The ashleys interior design company in mumbai

Established in 1981, Ashleys is a leading interior design and architecture firm based in Mumbai. The company is known for its elegant and timeless designs, catering to residential, commercial, and hospitality projects.

Area of Specialization:

  • Luxury residential interiors
  • High-end commercial spaces

Notable Projects:

  • The Four Seasons Hotel, Mumbai
  • Luxurious penthouses in Mumbai’s upscale neighbourhoods

16. SWBI Architects

swbi architects

SWBI Architects, founded by Shilpa Wagh, is based in Pune, India. The firm specializes in creating sustainable and innovative designs, incorporating a deep understanding of spatial dynamics and environmental impact.

Area of Specialization:

  • Sustainable and eco-friendly designs
  • Innovative spatial planning

Notable Projects:

  • The House of Pavilions, Pune
  • Greenfield International School, Hyderabad

17. HBA (Hirsch Bedner Associates)

hba associates interior design company

With a global presence, HBA is a renowned interior design firm that has left its mark on luxury hospitality spaces. In India, HBA brings its expertise to create opulent and immersive hotel interiors.

Area of Specialization:

  • Luxury hotel interiors
  • Opulent hospitality spaces

Notable Projects:

  • The St. Regis Mumbai
  • The Ritz-Carlton, Bangalore

18. Aamir and Hameeda Associates

aamir and hameeda associates interior design company

Based in Hyderabad, Aamir and Hameeda Associates is led by Aamir Sharma and Hameeda Sharma. The firm is recognized for its diverse portfolio, spanning residential, commercial, and institutional projects.

Area of Specialization:

  • Modern and contemporary designs
  • Residential and commercial interiors

Notable Projects:

  • Hyderabad House, Hyderabad
  • Office of Morgan Stanley, Hyderabad

19. DCA Architects

dca architects in delhi

DCA Architects, headquartered in Delhi, is known for its comprehensive architectural and interior design services. The firm has a rich history dating back to 1980 and has played a key role in shaping modern spaces in India.

Area of Specialization:

  • Comprehensive architectural and interior design services
  • Urban planning and development

Notable Projects:

  • The Claridges, New Delhi
  • DLF CyberHub, Gurgaon

20. MuseLAB

muselab interior design firm

MuseLAB, founded by Huzefa Rangwala and Jasem Pirani, is based in Mumbai. The firm is celebrated for its contemporary designs that blend functionality with aesthetic appeal, creating spaces that resonate with modern living.

Area of Specialization:

  • Contemporary and functional designs
  • Residential and commercial interiors

Notable Projects:

  • The Hues Cafe, Mumbai
  • Artisan’s House, Mumbai

21. Sunita Kohli

sunita kohli interior designer in India

Sunita Kohli is a pioneer in the field of interior design in India and is the first recipient of Padma Shri as an interior designer. The founder of K2India, she is renowned for her expertise in restoring heritage properties and creating luxurious and culturally rich interiors.

Area of Specialization:

  • Restoration of heritage properties
  • Luxury and culturally rich interiors

Notable Projects:

  • The Laxmi Niwas Palace, Bikaner
  • The House of MG, Ahmedabad

22. Blue Masons

blue masons interior design company in kolkata

Blue Masons in Kolkata is renowned for its contemporary and aesthetically pleasing interior designs. Specializing in both residential and commercial projects, they bring a modern and stylish approach to their creations, contributing to the vibrant design landscape of Kolkata.

Area of Specialization:

  • Contemporary and aesthetic interior designs
  • Residential and commercial spaces

Notable Projects:

  • Modern Homes in Kolkata
  • Trendsetting Commercial Interiors

23. Rooshad Shroff

rooshad shroff mumbai interior designer

Rooshad Shroff, based in Mumbai, is celebrated for his bespoke and artistic approach to interior design. With a unique fusion of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary aesthetics, his projects often showcase a blend of functionality and artistic expression, making a distinctive mark in the world of interior design.

Area of Specialization:

  • Bespoke and artistic interior designs
  • Fusion of traditional craftsmanship and modern aesthetics

Notable Projects:

  • Museum of Language, Mumbai
  • Bon Bon Appetit

24. Shernavaz Interiors

shernavaz interiors mumbai

Shernavaz Interiors, founded by Shernavaz Bharucha, is based in Mumbai. The firm is recognized for its bespoke interior designs, tailoring each project to the unique tastes and preferences of its clients.

Area of Specialization:

  • Bespoke luxury interiors
  • Residential and commercial projects

Notable Projects:

  • Luxurious Homes in Mumbai
  • High-End Offices in the Financial District

25. Beyond Designs

beyond designs delhi

Beyond Designs, based in Delhi, is a luxury interior design firm founded by Sachin and Neha Gupta. The firm is known for its opulent and glamorous designs that redefine luxury in residential and commercial spaces.

Area of Specialization:

  • Opulent and glamorous designs
  • Luxury residential and commercial interiors

Notable Projects:

  • Royal Mansions, New Delhi
  • Glamorous Boutique Spaces

More Top Companies in India:

Frequently Asked Questions

What services do interior design companies in India offer?

Interior design companies in India offer a range of services, including residential and commercial interior design, architectural integration, space planning, and project management.

How do I choose the right interior design company for my project?

Consider your project requirements, budget, and style preferences. Research the company’s portfolio, reviews, and previous projects to ensure alignment with your vision.

What is the typical cost of hiring an interior design company in India?

Costs vary based on the scope and scale of the project, as well as the reputation of the design firm. It is advisable to request a detailed quote after discussing your project specifics.

Do interior design companies in India handle both residential and commercial projects?

Yes, many interior design firms in India offer services for both residential and commercial projects. Some may specialize in one area more than the other.

Can I hire an interior design company for a single-room makeover?

Absolutely! Many interior designers in India offer services for single-room makeovers or specific areas within a home or office.

How long does it take to complete an interior design project in India?

The timeline depends on the complexity and size of the project. A consultation with the interior design company can provide a more accurate estimate.

Are sustainable and eco-friendly designs offered by interior design companies in India?

Yes, many design firms in India are committed to sustainable and eco-friendly designs. Check with the company about their approach to environmental considerations.

Do interior design companies in India provide virtual consultations?

With the advancement of technology, many interior design firms offer virtual consultations to discuss projects, share ideas, and provide design concepts remotely.

How involved can I be in the design process?

Most interior design companies encourage client involvement. You can share your preferences, provide feedback, and collaborate with the design team throughout the process.

What sets Indian interior design companies apart globally?

Indian interior design companies often blend traditional aesthetics with modern trends, creating a unique and diverse design language. The emphasis on craftsmanship and cultural influences sets them apart on a global scale.

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