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How to Start Bachpan Play School Franchise Business

Are you interested in starting a Bachpan play school franchise business at your location in India? If YES, read this review post and learn about the cost, investment, and how to apply for this franchise business opportunity.

Bachpan Play School is a well-known chain of preschools in India. It is part of the S. K. Educations Pvt. Ltd. group, which operates a network of play schools across the country. Bachpan Play School is designed to provide early childhood education and care to young children. The age group is typically in the range of 2 to 6 years.

Bachpan Play School focuses on providing a nurturing and stimulating environment for young children. The curriculum is designed to promote holistic development, including cognitive, social, emotional, and physical aspects. This preschool education brand has grown to more than 1200+ schools across 400 plus cities in India.

Bachpan Playschool Franchise Cost

The cost of starting a Bachpan Playschool franchise in India can vary based on several factors. It includes the location, size of the playschool, and specific requirements set by Bachpan Playschool.

On average, the Bachpan School Franchise cost is between ₹12 Lacs to ₹15 Lacs. A floor space of 2000 sq ft is essential to start a Bachpan playschool. Initially, the agreement will be for 5 years.

Find below a general breakdown of the costs and investments:

a) Franchise Fee

The initial franchise fee for a Bachpan Playschool franchise can range from approximately ₹3 lakhs to ₹5 lakhs or more, depending on the location and city.

b) Infrastructure and Setup

There will be costs of setting up the playschool’s infrastructure, including classrooms, play areas, furniture, and safety features. It can vary significantly based on factors like location, size, and existing infrastructure. The infrastructure expenses may range from ₹10 lakhs to ₹25 lakhs or more.

c) Licensing and Permissions

You will need to pay fees for obtaining the necessary licenses and permissions from local education authorities and regulatory bodies.

d) Staff Recruitment and Training

Have some budget for the recruitment and initial training of qualified teachers and support staff.

e) Curriculum and Educational Materials

You will also need to allocate funds for Bachpan Playschool’s curriculum, educational materials, teaching aids, and learning resources.

f) Marketing and Promotion

It is advisable to develop a marketing budget to promote your playschool through online and offline marketing channels. It includes website development, social media advertising, and local advertising campaigns.

g) Operational Expenses

In addition, account for ongoing operational expenses. It includes rent or lease payments, utility bills, staff salaries, maintenance, and supplies.

h) Working Capital

You are advised to maintain a sufficient working capital reserve to cover day-to-day operational expenses until the playschool becomes financially self-sustainable.

i) Royalty Fees

Also, be prepared to pay ongoing royalty fees to Bachpan Playschool, typically calculated as a percentage of your monthly revenue.

j) Miscellaneous Costs

Finally, consider other expenses such as insurance, security, and contingency funds for unforeseen circumstances.

It is important to note that the costs mentioned here are approximate and can vary significantly based on your specific circumstances and location. It is strongly advised to contact Bachpan Playschool’s franchise development team for an accurate breakdown of investment. They can provide you with the most current information, answer your questions, and guide you through the franchise application process.

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14 Steps to Open Bachpan Playschool Franchise

Starting a Bachpan Playschool franchise in India can be a rewarding venture, especially if you have a passion for early childhood education and a commitment to nurturing young minds. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to start a Bachpan Playschool franchise:

1. Research and Feasibility

The first step is to conduct a thorough market research in your target location to assess the demand for playschools and the competition in the area. Evaluate the financial feasibility of starting a Bachpan Playschool franchise, including the initial investment, operational costs, and expected revenue.

2. Contact Bachpan Playschool

Visit the official website of Bachpan Playschool ( to find contact information for franchise inquiries. Get in touch with the franchise development team to express your interest and request franchise details.

3. Eligibility and Requirements

Bachpan Playschool may have specific eligibility criteria for prospective franchisees. You must ensure meeting these requirements.

4. Franchise Agreement

It is strongly advised to review the franchise agreement carefully, including terms, conditions, and fees associated with the franchise. If possible, seek legal advice to ensure that you fully understand and agree to the terms before signing the agreement.

5. Location Selection

It is important to choose a suitable location for your Bachpan Playschool. It should be in a safe, child-friendly neighbourhood with easy accessibility. Furthermore, ensure that the chosen location complies with local zoning regulations and licensing requirements.

6. Infrastructure and Setup

Design and set up the playschool infrastructure as per Bachpan’s guidelines and standards. This includes classrooms, play areas, furniture, and safety features.

7. Licensing and Permissions

You need to obtain the necessary licenses and permissions required to operate a playschool in your area. This typically includes licenses from local education authorities.

8. Staff Recruitment and Training

Also, hire qualified and trained staff, including teachers and support staff. Ensure that they meet the educational and safety standards set by Bachpan Playschool. You need to provide training to your staff in line with Bachpan’s curriculum and teaching methodologies.

9. Curriculum and Programs

Implement Bachpan’s curriculum and educational programs, focusing on early childhood development and holistic learning.

10. Marketing and Promotion

It is mandatory to develop a marketing strategy to promote your Bachpan Playschool. This may include online and offline marketing, such as creating a website, social media marketing, and local advertising.

11. Operations and Management

Take appropriate steps to efficiently manage the day-to-day operations of the playschool, including administrative tasks, student enrollment, and parent communication.

12. Quality Assurance

You will have to maintain the quality and standards set by Bachpan Playschool in terms of education, safety, and child welfare.

13. Financial Management

It is important to keep accurate financial records and manage the finances of your playschool prudently.

14. Continuous Support

Always, try to benefit from the continuous support, training, and guidance provided by Bachpan Playschool’s franchisor.

Why Own Bachpan School Franchise Business?

Choosing to invest in a Bachpan preschool franchise in India can be a strategic business decision for several compelling reasons:

  • Bachpan is a well-known and respected preschool brand.
  • Bachpan offers a well-structured and age-appropriate curriculum.
  • Bachpan provides comprehensive training and support to franchisees.
  • As a franchisee, you can benefit from Bachpan’s marketing and advertising efforts.
  • Bachpan has established operational processes and systems.
  • There is a growing demand for quality early childhood education in India.
  • The playschool franchise model often comes with a structured business plan.
  • Good profit margin if run successfully.
  • Running a playschool can be personally rewarding.

There are some additional benefits to having this Play School franchise. You can open a Bachpan Academy, a Nursery Teachers’ Training (NTT) centre to train certified nursery teachers with the same infrastructure and resources. You can also upgrade Bachpan Playschool to Academic Heights Public School, a Senior Secondary (10+2) school.

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Bachpan Playschool Profit Margin

The profit margin for a Bachpan Play School Franchise in India can vary based on several factors, including location, operational efficiency, enrollment rates, and local market conditions. Generally, preschool franchisors charge a 20% royalty of 20% on the monthly revenue of their franchise partners.

Here are some key points to consider regarding profit margins for preschool franchises:

Enrollment Rates

Profit margins are closely tied to the number of students enrolled. A higher enrollment rate can lead to increased revenue and potentially higher profits.

Operational Costs

Managing operational costs effectively is crucial for maintaining a healthy profit margin. This includes expenses related to rent, utilities, staff salaries, teaching materials, and administrative costs.

Royalty Fees

Bachpan Play School franchises typically require franchisees to pay royalty fees. These fees are usually a percentage of the monthly or annual revenue generated by the franchise. The exact percentage can vary, so it is essential to review the franchise agreement for specific details.

Marketing and Promotional Expenses

Investments in marketing and promotional activities can impact both enrollment rates and overall profitability. Effective marketing strategies can help attract more students and improve the franchise’s reputation in the local community.


The location of the preschool can significantly influence profitability. Preschools situated in densely populated areas or neighbourhoods with a demand for quality early childhood education may have an advantage.

Competition from Other Players

Understanding the competitive landscape in your area is essential. Assess the presence of other preschools or early childhood education centres and determine how your Bachpan Play School franchise can stand out.

Local Demand

The demand for quality preschool education in your specific region can affect enrollment rates and, consequently, profit margins. Conduct market research to gauge local demand accurately.

Efficient Operations

Efficient management of daily operations, staff training, and curriculum implementation can help control costs and improve profitability.

Economic Factors

Economic conditions in your region can also influence profit margins. Factors like income levels, employment rates, and economic stability can impact parents’ decisions to enrol their children in preschool.

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Bachpan Preschool Contact Details

You can find contact information for Bachpan Play School franchise inquiries on their official website or by reaching out to their corporate office. Here is the contact information that was available as of my last update:

Bachpan Corporate Office Address:

  • Bachpan…a play school 68,
  • Pankha Road, Institutional Area, Janakpuri, New Delhi – 110058 India
  • Email: [email protected]

Please note that contact information may change over time. Hence it is advisable to visit the official Bachpan website or conduct an online search for the most up-to-date contact details and franchise application procedures.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I apply for a Bachpan Play School franchise in India?

To apply for a franchise, you typically need to visit the official Bachpan Play School website and look for franchise opportunities. They will provide details on the application process and requirements.

What are the eligibility criteria for owning a Bachpan Play School franchise?

Eligibility criteria may vary, but generally, you’ll need to have the financial capacity to invest in the franchise and meet the educational and professional requirements set by Bachpan Play School.

4. Does Bachpan Play School provide training and support to franchisees?

Yes, Bachpan Play School typically offers training and support to franchisees. They may guide curriculum implementation, staffing, and other aspects of running the preschool.

Is prior experience in education or the preschool sector necessary to own a Bachpan Play School franchise?

While prior experience in education can be an advantage, it may not always be a strict requirement. Bachpan Play School may provide training and resources to help franchisees run their schools effectively.

How long does it take to get a Bachpan Play School franchise up and running?

The timeline for opening a franchise can vary depending on factors like location, construction, and regulatory approvals. It’s advisable to discuss this with the Bachpan Play School franchise team.

What are the ongoing fees associated with owning a Bachpan Play School franchise?

Ongoing fees may include royalty fees, marketing fees, and other expenses. It’s important to get a clear understanding of these fees from Bachpan Play School during the franchise application process.

Can I convert an existing preschool into a Bachpan Play School franchise?

Converting an existing preschool may be possible, but it would depend on various factors. You should discuss this with Bachpan Play School’s franchise team for guidance.

Are there specific location requirements for opening a Bachpan Play School franchise?

Location requirements can vary, but Bachpan Play School often prefers easily accessible and safe locations. The franchise team can guide suitable locations.

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