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How to Start SmartSchool Education Franchise Business

Are you looking forward to starting the SmartSchool education franchise business in India? Find in this post, complete information regarding company details, the cost of starting a franchise, and how to contact.

SmartSchool Education is the fastest-growing e-learning education company in India, with a portfolio comprising of K-12 education products, and is actively working in 12 countries worldwide. The company Smartschool Education Pvt Ltd is founded by the alumni of IIT, IIM, and DCE. It is based in Delhi with a backend office in the US.

The company aims at creating an innovative, affordable, next-generation preschool chain. The curriculum of the preschool has been created by leading experts in the field of early childhood education. The complete curriculum is digitized and follows an activity-based approach.

Why SmartSchool Education Franchise?

SmartSchool Education offers high-definition K-12 digital content based on 2D/3D animation. The content repository holds more than 50,000 education modules in various languages, supported by thousands of quizzes and interactive applications.

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Subjects ranging from science, mathematics, and social science to languages are covered in the content repository. The features of K-12 digital content are:-

  • Content in Rich 2D/3D Animation format.
  • An extensive list of Interactive Modules.
  • Provision for extensive localization.
  • Course content follows major international curricula.

SmartSchool Education offers a complete localized solution for its customers.

With a strong team of subject matter experts, animation artists, and software professionals, the company has the capabilities of providing a complete localized solution, tailored made as per customers’ requirements.

The following types of localization can be undertaken:

  • Localization-related to the medium of Language.
  • Localization-related to the course curriculum
  • Localization-related to the voice-over and accent.
  • Localization-related to the regional sensibilities.

The digital content of SmartSchool Education has been officially approved by CBSE, India’s largest education board.
SmartSchool has the largest repository of K-12 digital content in the eLearning market having more than 50,000 modules.
SmartSchool is one of the fastest-growing eLearning companies in the K-12 segment with over 300 distributors worldwide.

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SmartSchool Education Franchise Investment Details

The investment required is around Rs 2 lac- 5 lac depending upon the area of the store. The company also offers various other business opportunities like dealers, distributors, MBOs, and retailers.
If you are interested in applying as a business partner and want more information fill in the form below

SmartSchool Education Franchise Enquiry Request Form

Visit and fill out the form as instructed. If your application is shortlisted, company officials will contact you for further discussion.

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