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How to Start Shemrock Playschool Franchise Business

Are you interested in starting a Shemrock Playschool franchise business at your location in India? If YES, read this opportunity review post and learn about cost, investment, and how to apply to become a Shemrock franchise partner.

At present Shemrock Playschool network is spread over 525+ branches across India, Nepal, and Bangladesh. Shemrock, the award-winning School Chain is a leader in preschool education. Shemrock has been operating in India since 1989.  If you are interested in starting a playschool franchise, the Shemrock Playschool franchise is a profitable and rewarding option for you.

Why Choose a Shemrock Franchise?

a) Proven Pedagogy

Shemrock follows a child-centric and research-based curriculum designed to foster holistic development.

b) Comprehensive Support

As a franchisee, you benefit from extensive support, including teacher training, curriculum implementation, and marketing assistance.

c) Brand Recognition

Shemrock’s strong brand presence helps in attracting parents and students, aiding the success of your franchise.

Starting a Shemrock franchise involves several key steps. Some of the important steps are listed below:

8 Steps to Start a Shemrock Franchise

1. Initial Inquiry

The first step is to express your interest. You can do this through the official Shemrock website or by contacting their franchise team directly.

2. Meeting with the Shemrock Team

The company officials will arrange a meeting to discuss the franchise opportunity in detail. This is where you’ll learn about costs, expectations, and the overall process.

3. Location Selection

Next, you will need to identify a suitable location for your preschool. Shemrock has specific requirements for the location, so make sure it aligns with their criteria. Generally, the ground floor location is preferred.

4. Legal Formalities

If mutually agreed, you will be required to sign the franchise agreement, which outlines the terms and conditions. You will also need to fulfill legal requirements, such as obtaining permits and licenses.

5. Setting Up Infrastructure

Develop the necessary infrastructure, including classrooms, play areas, administrative offices, and more.

6. Staff Recruitment

Hire trained and certified teachers and staff members who can deliver quality education.

7. Curriculum Implementation

Implement Shemrock’s curriculum, which focuses on the holistic development of children. This includes academic and extracurricular activities.

8. Marketing and Promotion

Utilize Shemrock’s marketing support to reach potential students and parents. Building a strong local presence is crucial.

Shemrock Franchise Cost

The initial investment for a Shemrock franchise can vary depending on factors like location and infrastructure. It typically includes:

  • Franchise Fee: This is the upfront fee to secure the franchise rights.
  • Infrastructure Costs: Expenses for building or renovating the preschool facility.
  • Furniture and Equipment: Costs for classroom furniture, learning materials, and play equipment.
  • Staff Training: Expenses related to training teachers and staff members.
  • Marketing and Advertising: Initial marketing efforts to promote the franchise.

You need to have a minimum of 2000 sq. feet on the ground floor (relaxable for Mumbai & hill stations) to open a Shemrock franchise. The approximate cost will be around Rs. 6 – 12 Lacs (depending on the city & location) on the infrastructure. As a royalty, the franchisor will take around 15% of the total collection of the fee.

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Profit Margin

The profit margin in a Shemrock franchise can be substantial, given its strong brand reputation and the demand for quality preschool education. On average, most preschool owners make an ROI of 40 %.

However, actual profitability can vary based on factors such as location, enrollment, and operational efficiency.

What You Get as Shemrock Franchise

  • Access to a proven business model.
  • Learnings from over 25 years of experience in the field.
  • The strength of a nationally recognized leading brand in the kindergarten field.
  • No stress in designing curriculum, books, study material, prospectuses, advertisements, etc.
  • Technical assistance in the creation of infrastructure at competitive prices.
  • The fast launch of the project by our team of designers, suppliers, and workers.
  • Savings from bulk purchase rates by the Head Office.
  • Expert guidance and support from Head Office, our team of PhDs and MBAs, and other franchisees.
  • Convenient working hours.
  • Continuous guidance to solve the day-to-day problems and ideas for the up-gradation of infrastructure.
  • Concept planning, designing, and supervising the layout of interiors.
  • Local promotional marketing support.
  • Training of personnel by orientation program for adaptation to the SHEMROCK way.
  • Technical inputs: Prospectus, curriculum, educational material, books, etc.
  • Support for indoor/outdoor events including media coverage.
  • Setting up proper accounting and feedback systems.
  • Centralized procurement and supply system catering to the requirements of the school and the children.
  • Identifying and providing solutions to problems.

Contact Details

You can submit the Shemrock preschool franchise inquiry form online from the official website of Shemrock Play-school.

You can also contact the corporate office at the following address: Shemrock Heritage (2nd Floor), Block- F, Behind Jai Apartment, Sector 9, Rohini, Delhi 110085.

Shemrock Playschool franchise opportunity is a profitable and rewarding option for individuals looking for a preschool franchise opportunity. Analyze and decide whether this business opportunity fits you as per your skills, experience, interest, and knowledge.

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