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How to Start a Profitable Plastic Toothpick Manufacturing Business

Do you want to start a plastic toothpick-making business? If yes, find here a stepwise business project plan guide on the process of making toothpicks with details on machines, registration, manufacturing process, etc.

Plastic toothpicks are very convenient for tooth picking. They are widely consumed in all hotels and restaurants. A plastic toothpick production unit can be initiated on a semi-automatic or fully automatic basis. Any individual can start a manufacturing operation from his or her home location also as a part-time income opportunity

. Additionally, people use disposable plastic toothpicks widely in time of travel. Compared to wooden toothpicks, plastic toothpicks are more flexible and they are available in well-packed condition. Here, in this article, we have shared every important aspect of starting a plastic toothpick-making business of your own.

Here are the 5 steps to Start Tooth Pick Manufacturing Business

1. Market Potential of Plastic Toothpicks

Plastic toothpicks have already a good existing demand. The increasing habit of dining out among the people of urban and suburban areas has increased the demand for this product. Plastic toothpicks are used daily in homes, hotels, restaurants, public gatherings, and every place where food is usually shared.

The growth rate of plastic toothpicks is 4 %. Apart from the domestic market, this product also has very good export potential. If you want to start a fully export-oriented plastic toothpick production unit, then you have to maintain the quality of the product as per export specifications.

2. Plastic Toothpick Production Business Registration & License

In starting a small, medium, or large-scale plastic toothpick production business in India, you will need to obtain the following registration and licenses from various government authorities.

  • Register your business with ROC.
  • Obtain Trade License from the local Municipal authority.
  • Apply for Udyog Aadhaar MSME Registration. This is not mandatory, but it will help you in getting the different Government subsidies and grants.
  • Take NOC from Pollution Control Board.
  • Apply for GST Registration.
  • You can apply for ISO Certification
  • Obtain IEC Code for export.

3. Arrange Finance

As with any manufacturing setup, you will need two types of capital investment in this business also. One is the fixed capital investment and another is the working capital investment. The major areas of the requirement for fixed capital are land, building, and machinery.

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Generally working capital includes the investment of raw materials, manpower costs, and other daily basis expenses to run the unit. Create a detailed business plan and submit it to your nearby banks and financial institutions.

For only fixed capital requirements you can go for unsecured business loans and mortgage loans. To get only working capital investment, you can apply for a cash credit and overdraft facilities. Before applying for the loan, check your credibility, the required collateral security amount, and the interest rate of the bank.

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4. Machinery & Raw Material

In initiating a small and medium-scale plastic toothpick production business, you will need to have the following machinery. In this type of manufacturing operation, automatic injection molding machines are preferred. This is most suitable because here precision molding requirements are high.

Additionally, it ensures a high production rate with minimum cycle time. Here the weight of the component injection-molded generally exceeds 150 grams, which could not be injection molded in semi-automatic machines.

  • The automatic injection molding machine with accessories.
  • Scrap grinding machine
  • Dry color mixing machine.
  • Mold lifting equipment.
  • Water cooling arrangements.
  • Weighing scale
  • Different molds.
  • Packing machine

The major raw material required is PP/HDPE granules. You can source it from the local wholesale market or the manufacturer. Apart from this, you will need to procure masterbatches and colors. You will also need to arrange the required packaging consumables.

5. Plastic Toothpick Manufacturing Process

The plasticized and homogenized thermoplastic material is injected into a locked (clamped) mold with sufficient injection speed and pressure. After cooling the melt in the mold, open it to remove the molded articles.

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This is a cyclic process. An automatic injection molding machine is the basic machinery in this type of manufacturing operation. The last step is packing. The most inspiring aspect of the plastic toothpick production business is, it requires a small area for manufacturing operations and can be initiated at home also.

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