naphthalene balls

How To Start Naphthalene Balls Manufacturing Business

Any individual can initiate naphthalene balls manufacturing business with small capital investment. Also, the making process is simple and does not require not much space. Naphthalene balls are extensively used as a household preservative for woolen clothes and as a deodorant tablet for toilets, urinals, bathrooms, etc.

Generally, you can produce these balls from naphthalene flakes by a tablet-making machine. Basically, this type of machine has a ball shape die. Having little knowledge about the technical know-how any individual can initiate the business as a home-based manufacturing unit also.

Naphthalene balls are consumable products and it finds extensive application in cities. General awareness is improving in cleanliness and hence this product has got good scope for growth. The manufactured balls disappear with time without leaving solid.

They are also known as mothballs or camphor balls, which are spherical pieces of a white solid material containing at least 98% naphthalene. Naphthalene is a bicyclic aromatic hydrocarbon derived from coal tar or crude oil. It is an insecticide that is also used as a repellent.

Here are the Steps to Start Naphthalene Balls Manufacturing Business

1. Register Your Business

As you are initiating manufacturing business, first you will need to register your business with ROC. Obtain Trade License from the local Municipal Authority. Apply for No Objection from Pollution Control Board. You will need to have GST Registration.

For BIS certification, the quality standard specification is IS 589-1974 Naphthalene. If you want to start the business with the bank loan, then the PMRY subsidy is available for the naphthalene balls making business.

2. Buy Machinery & Equipment

The main required machine is the naphthalene balls making machine. Two types of machine options are there. You can go for either manually operated or power operated. However, you can produce a more uniformed and quality finished products from a power operated machine.

Apart from this, you will also need to have MS jacketed vessels, heating arrangements, storage tanks, weighing scale, and pouch sealing machine. The list of machinery includes:

  • Steam jacketed M.S. Kettle
  • Steam distillation kettle
  • Sulphuric acid storage tanks
  • Delivery pump
  • Edge runner
  • Tablet making machine rotary type,
  • Miscellaneous tools and equipment.

3. Raw Materials For Naphthalene Balls Making

In starting the business, you will need to procure raw materials like naphthalene flakes, camphor, phenol, and other chemical ingredients.

Apart from these, you will also need to procure packaging consumables. Airtight packaging is important. Generally, you can use transparent polyethylene packaging.

Additionally, you will need to procure outer cartons for bulk packaging.

4. Cost of Starting Naphthalene Balls Manufacturing Project

The main cost you have to spend on this project is to buy the main manufacturing machine. The market price of the machine ranges from 1 Lac/unit to 2.5 Lacs per unit. Apart from the machine, there will be some costs in procuring licenses, hiring manpower, raw materials, etc.

You must be prepared for an investment in the range of 5 Lac to 10 Lac In Indian Rupees to start a small scale naphthalene manufacturing unit.

5. The Manufacturing Process to Make Naphthalene Balls

First of all, feed the naphthalene flakes into a jacketed vessel. Maintain the temperature at 88° C and an agitator stirs the material.

When naphthalene melts, other ingredients like paraffin wax, camphor, etc. are added and mixed thoroughly. The liquefied mass is fed into the ball press aluminum molds.

After cooling, you can take out the naphthalene balls from the machine. Finally, you will need to pack the naphthalene balls properly.