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How to Start a Successful Designer Lace Making Business

Designer lace making is a traditional business. And any individual can start the business as a home-based with comparatively low startup capital. Lace is a craft material that is used in textile or garment design. Earlier lace was actually crafted with needles by hand.

Nowadays, hand-made lace making is replaced by machine-made lace making. Now there are several types of machinery available to make lace through machines. The increasing demand for fashion garments has increased the demand for designer lace.

Apart from the domestic market, there is an export potential also for designer lace. Any individual can initiate lace-making business with a small infrastructure.

In addition, it is one of the best opportunities for women and housewives also. However, you must have knowledge about the thread and pattern

7 Steps to Start Designer Lace Making Business

1. Market Research

It is essential to do market research for a better understanding of the local demand and trends for designer laces. Gather information regarding the market volume, competitors, cost of setting up the unit, pricing, and legalities.

2. Create a Business Plan

Based on the information received from market research, start writing the business plan document for your lace-making business. Some of the important topics that must be mentioned are listed below:

  • Market Information & Analysis
  • Goals and Objectives
  • Machinery and Raw Materials Required
  • Initial and Recurring costs
  • Pricing
  • Manpower Required
  • Marketing Plan

3. Business Compliance

In initiating a designer lace-making business, you will first need to register your business. As a small-scale manufacturing unit, you need to register your business. Based on your resources, you register your company as a sole proprietorship, or a Private Limited Company, if looking for funds from banks.

Apply for Trade License from the local authority. Obtain GST Registration. You will need to have a Current Bank Account for the daily transaction. As your business grows you will need to hire manpower. At that time, you need to obtain EPF and ESI registration.

4. Designer Lace Making Machine & Raw Materials

You can establish a designer lace manufacturing business in two ways. One is by simply installing a bobbing machine and another one is by installing a fully computerized automatic lace-making machine. With computerized automatic machines, you can get a different variety of products with desired quantity output.

a) Manual/ Semi-Automatic Machines

Different spindle and bobbing machines are also available. According to your requirement, you will need to select the right machinery. These machines offer

  • A variety of roller patterns.
  • Straight or curvilinear edge cutting and edge treatment for melting, smooth, no rough edges.
  • Two or more layers of fabric stitched together without thread replacing the sewing needles, good welding strength.
  • Cut out the various patterns of holes, and treat side melting.
  • Single or more cutting of the material at the same time, and treatment of side melting without burr.
  • Simultaneous cutting, sealing and embossing to make production at one time.

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b) Fully Automatic Machines

In fully automatic designer lace making you will find these features and allied accessories:

  • The Tracing Cording Device is a special device for various Cording embroidery from thin to thick. Any kind of the pattern possible are made by this device
  • Laser Cutting Device, High precision, fast cutting, smooth cut-edge, long lifetime, widely used in lace making.
  • Single Sequin Device: Single sequin device available size is 3-9mm, creates fantastic sequin work adds extra value to an embroidery machine, exceptional precision, and high productivity
  • Dual Sequin Device: Dual sequin device available size is 3-9 mm, create special sequin effect such as two size overlap, alternation sequin embroidery, etc.
  • Boring Device, to make a hole in the fabric, create delicate and intricate hollowed-out effects on the border.
  • Safety Sensor Device, Prevent hurt from the machine, the operator will be more safety

The major supplies you need for the business are threads, yarn, and different needles. Designer lace making is completely a customized setup.

5. Cost of Starting Designer Lace Manufacturing Business

The investment will largely depend on the scale of operation and production output. However, on a small scale, one can start a designer lace manufacturing unit with an initial investment in the range of Rs 5 lacs to Rs. 10 Lacs.

You will need to determine everything according to the specific product you want to produce. In starting a designer lace-making business you will also need to pay attention to packaging and storage.

6. Arrange Funds

If you are short in budget, you will need to secure funds from banks or financial institutions. Also, one can take help from personal loan apps for getting cash in a short time. Do not forget to apply for a credit card for meeting short-term expenses.

7. Have a Marketing Plan

It is extremely important to develop an effective marketing strategy plan to build a successful designer lace manufacturing business. Also, create a website and have an online presence as it is almost mandatory nowadays for the success of any business.

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