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Best 25 Highly Profitable Saree Business Ideas

Do you want to start a saree-related business? If yes, find here in this article, a list of the most profitable saree business ideas by investing a little money.

Sarees are the most traditional attire for Indian women. The price of designer sarees varies from Rupees 300 to even Rupees 100000. In addition, sarees come in a variety of colours, fabrics, designs, and patterns. Furthermore, the saree is an integral part of our lifestyle, culture, and heritage. It is perhaps the most popular business for women entrepreneurs in the country.

Saree is no more daily wear for urban women. Rather than use the ‘Designer Saree’ occasionally. And it creates an immense opportunity in the designer saree industry.

In addition, you will find the market potential of the Indian saree industry. You can start any of these saree businesses even from your home. Also, these are perfect opportunities for women entrepreneurs and fashion designers.

Is Saree Business Profitable?

Generally, the saree is a visible symbol of style, resilience, versatility, and timelessness of the Indian way of life. Sarees are becoming younger as time passes and their demand is increasing tremendously. Young consumers prefer handwoven ones, especially for festivals, weddings, special occasions, and celebrations.

Apart from the domestic market, designer sarees have good export potential. Indian sarees are highly popular worldwide and are regularly exported to countries like the USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong, Middle-East Asia, Africa, and several other countries.

List of 25 Saree Business Ideas

1. Start an Online Saree Business

Starting an online saree business in India can be a lucrative venture considering the popularity of sarees among Indian women. It is important to identify your target audience, such as brides, working women, or fashion enthusiasts. Choose a reliable e-commerce platform or build a custom website for your online store.

2. Boutique Saree Shop

Starting a boutique saree shop in India can be an exciting venture, especially considering the diverse and rich culture of traditional Indian attire. Choose a prime location for your boutique saree shop, preferably in a high-traffic area with good visibility. Invest in high-quality display racks, mannequins, and signage to enhance the ambience of your boutique.
Establish partnerships with saree manufacturers, wholesalers, and designers to source a diverse range of sarees.

3. Wholesale Saree Supplier

India’s fashion industry is vibrant and diverse, with sarees being a prominent segment. The growing influence of Bollywood, the rise of fashion-conscious consumers, and the popularity of ethnic wear contribute to the demand for sarees.

India is known for its diverse culture, and each region has its unique style of saree, such as Banarasi, Kanjeevaram, Chanderi, and more. By offering a wide variety of sarees, wholesalers can cater to the diverse preferences of customers across different regions.

4. Custom Saree Design Service

The Custom Saree Design Service business caters to a specific niche within the industry and offers several compelling reasons for entrepreneurs to consider: Customized saree design services allow customers to express their individual style preferences and unique aesthetic sensibilities. By offering personalized design options, businesses can meet the diverse needs and preferences of customers who seek one-of-a-kind sarees for special occasions.

5. Saree Rental Service

The Saree Rental Service business offers a unique and innovative solution to meet the evolving needs and preferences of customers in the saree market. Many customers, especially those attending special occasions or events, may prefer to rent sarees rather than purchase them outright. Renting allows customers to access a wide range of designer sarees and traditional outfits at a fraction of the cost of buying a new saree. This affordability factor makes saree rental services attractive to budget-conscious consumers.

6. Saree Subscription Box

The Saree Subscription Box business model offers a convenient and personalized solution for saree enthusiasts who appreciate variety, convenience, and surprise in their wardrobe choices. Saree Subscription Boxes are particularly popular among customers who want to be prepared for special occasions, festivals, and cultural celebrations throughout the year. Subscribers can receive themed saree collections curated for specific events such as weddings, festivals, parties, and religious ceremonies. The subscription service saves subscribers the time and effort of sourcing sarees for different events, making it a convenient option for celebratory occasions.

More Saree Business Opportunities

7. Saree Export Business

Export traditional Indian sarees to international markets and cater to a global clientele.

8. Saree Manufacturing Unit

You can set up a manufacturing unit to produce sarees in bulk and supply them to retailers.

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9. Handloom Saree Production

Support traditional artisans by manufacturing and selling handloom sarees.

10. Vintage Saree Collection

Source and sell vintage sarees from different regions, catering to collectors and enthusiasts.

11. Saree Draping and Styling Service

Offer saree draping and styling services for weddings, parties, and special occasions.

12. Saree Accessories Store

Open a store specializing in saree accessories such as blouses, petticoats, and jewellery.

13. Saree Fabric Supplier

Supply saree fabrics to designers, boutique owners, and manufacturers.

14. Online Saree Auction Platform

Create an online platform for auctioning rare and exclusive sarees.

15. Saree Blog and Influencer Marketing

Start a blog or social media platform dedicated to saree fashion, trends, and styling tips.

16. Saree Exhibition Organizer

Organize saree exhibitions and trunk shows featuring collections from various designers and brands.

17. Saree Repair and Alteration Service

Provide saree repair, alteration, and restoration services to customers.

18. Saree Embroidery and Embellishment Service

Offer custom embroidery and embellishment services for sarees.

19. Saree Printing and Block Printing Business

Start a saree printing unit specializing in block printing or digital printing techniques.

20. Saree Workshops and Training Programs

Conduct saree draping workshops, weaving classes, and training programs for enthusiasts.

21. Saree Franchise Opportunities

Explore franchise opportunities with established saree brands and expand your business reach.

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22. Saree Photography Studio

Offer professional saree photography services for catalogues, websites, and marketing materials.

23. Saree Appraisal and Valuation Service

Provide appraisal and valuation services for antique and vintage sarees.

24. Saree Recycling and Upcycling Business

Create eco-friendly saree products by recycling and upcycling old sarees into new products.

25. Saree Consultancy and Advisory Services

Offer consultancy services to saree businesses on market trends, branding, and strategy.

Apart from this list, there are so many different types of sarees in India. Sell your sarees to retail boutique owners. Also, you can sell from online marketplaces. In addition, you can sell from your own offline or online retail store.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most popular types of sarees?

  • Applique Saree
  • Baluchari Saree
  • Chikankari Saree
  • Designer Tant Saree
  • Embroidered Saree
  • Katha Stitch Saree
  • Kota Designer Sarees
  • Kundan Beaded Embroidery Sarees
  • Mirror Work Saree
  • Sheer Net Saree

How do I choose the right saree business idea for me?

Consider your interests, skills, target market, and investment capacity when selecting a saree business idea. Assess market demand, competition, and potential profitability to make an informed decision.

What are the key steps to starting a saree business?

The key steps include market research, business planning, sourcing sarees, setting up an online or physical store, branding and marketing, establishing supplier relationships, and providing excellent customer service.

How much investment is required to start a saree business?

The investment required depends on the type and scale of the saree business. It can range from a few thousand rupees for an online store to several lakhs for a boutique or wholesale business.

Where can I source sarees for my business?

You can source sarees from wholesale markets, manufacturers, distributors, online marketplaces, trade fairs, and directly from weavers or artisans.

Do I need any special skills or qualifications to start a saree business?

While specific skills or qualifications are not mandatory, knowing saree fabrics, designs, trends, and customer preferences can be beneficial. Strong business acumen, marketing skills, and customer service abilities are also valuable.

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