how to start hair band making business

How to Start Hair Band Making Manufacturing Business

Hair band making business is a lucrative and profitable manufacturing idea that can be initiated from home or on a small-scale basis. The hairband is considered a hair accessory and is used by girls and boys. With the up gradation and change in fashion trend, different types of fashionable colourful hairbands are now very popular. Broadly, the hair band comes with two different materials.

One is the metal make and the other is plastic make. In starting a hair band-making business it is important to decide on the product first. Different types of machinery are also available to make different types of hair bands. The margin is higher in the designer hair band.

5 Steps to Start Hair Band Making Business

1. Hair Band Making Business Registration

In initiating the business first step is deciding the ownership pattern and registering the company accordingly with the Register of Companies. Obtain a Trade License. Apply For GST Registration. You may register your business as SSI Unit. It will help you in getting several grants and easy finance from Government.

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2. Cost of Hair Band Making Business

The infrastructure cost is very less in this business. Even, if you have extra space, you can start this business from home. Generally, you will need to arrange finance for fixed and working capital expenses. The major fixed cost includes only the machinery purchase.

However, working capital cost includes procuring raw materials, staffing, transportation, utilities, and marketing expenses. It is advisable to start the venture with the financial assistance of banks. In that case, you will need to have a detailed customized project report and collateral security amount.

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3. Hair Band Making Raw Material

The main raw material in hair band making is different types of colorful nylon thread. Apart from this, You will need to procure different types of other consumables for decorating the hair bands. As per the quality, you have to arrange the packaging consumables.

4. Hair Band Making Machine & Process

Selecting the right machinery is important in this business. A Huge different variety of hair bands can be made. According to the desired design and output, you should select the right machine for your business. Generally, you can start a small-scale unit with an automatic hair band-making machine that costs Rupees 1 Lac onwards.

5. Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process is also very simple. You just need to put the nylon thread in the proper indicated place in the machine. After starting the machine hair band will be automatically made. The next step is cutting. Cut the band in the required sizes and join this. In hair band making the last step is the packaging.