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Top 15 Profitable Paper Business Ideas

Are you searching for paper business ideas in the paper industry? Find here in this article a list of most profitable business ideas that you can start with low capital investment.

Paper Industry in India is moving up with strong demand. It is in an expansion mode to meet the projected demand of 20 Million tons by 2020. Industry experts claim, the paper industry in India is on a growth trajectory and is expected to touch 8.5% GDP in the coming years.

Currently, the industry has seen an increasing demand for household paper items apart from educational demand. These are tissue paper, facial tissues, face wipes, paper towels, paper napkins, paper cup saucers, etc.

Household paper products are used for maintaining proper hygiene and cleanliness. Health concerns regarding infectious diseases and allergies have been a major factor in the growth of the household paper products market.

15 Paper Business Ideas

Here is a list of best paper business ideas and opportunities with high-profit margin:

#1. Banana Paper Making

Banana papermaking is an eco-friendly business in the agro-processing industry. It is an innovative technology and an alternate way of manufacturing paper. This technology is used to turn banana waste into usable paper commercially.

#2. Book Binding Service

Though it is a service-based opportunity, you can start this business from home also. Additionally, the business demands almost zero startup capital initially. And if you already have any other retail business, you can offer this service from that store also.

#3. Diary Making

Diary making business is seasonal and can be operated on a part-time basis. The main important thing in diary making is the diary cover. According to the desired cover, you will need to select the machinery. By installing simple machinery, you can produce diary covers. The internal part of the diary can be outsourced or you can produce of your own.

#4. Egg Tray Making

The most important outlets for eggs in trays are in the food services industry like provisional stores, restaurants, hotels, institutions, etc. You can produce tailor-made egg trays according to the customer’s specifications. However, you must use the specific mold in the manufacturing process.

#5. Envelope Making

Paper envelopes are daily necessities items for the household, educational organizations, and offices. The demand is huge and it is ever increasing. By establishing either a manual or automatic machine, you can initiate this business as small-scale also.

#6. Exercise Book Manufacturing

The exercise book manufacturing process is simple and any individual can initiate this business with comparatively low startup capital. The demand for exercise books as an office and school stationery item is increasing. According to the demand, several different types of machinery are also available.

#7. File Manufacturing

Files are considered as an essential educational and office stationery item. Generally, it comes with two main different types. Such as a flat-file with no strap and a cover file with a strap. With simple machinery, any individual can initiate a file manufacturing business as a small-scale unit.

#8. Hand Made Paper Making

Handmade papermaking is a craft idea. The process is simple. Generally, students use these papers to make different project works for the school and for different craft making. Handmade paper can produce certain specialized varieties of paper, for example, watermark, filter paper, and drawing sheets, etc.

#9. Invitation Card Making

Having a creative mind any individual can initiate an invitation card-making business with some simple machinery. The process is straightforward, and profitability is lucrative in this business. In addition, the invitation card industry is booming and demand is increasing day-by-day.

#10. Mini Paper Mill

The mini paper mill is an excellent business and one of the most profitable paper business ideas one can initiate with substantial capital investment. In initiating a mini paper mill, you should be careful in selecting the location.

The raw material for the paper mill in the forest goods. However, you will need to choose the paper mill location carefully. You must have space near the place where you can procure raw materials easily.

#11. Packaging Box Manufacturing

Any individual can initiate a packaging box manufacturing business on a small-scale basis. Generally, packaging boxes are the item that is an essential item in the packaging system.

Most products require packaging before going to the market. The demand is huge and it is increasing. The manufacturing process is also simple. Additionally, you can start this business with small capital and less infrastructure.

#12. Paper Bag Making

Paper bag making is one of the most profitable paper business ideas right now. The ban on plastic carry bags creates a huge opportunity for the paper bag industry. There is a huge market for all types of paper bags, shopping bags, paper gift bags, brown craft paper, and customized gift bags to shopping malls, franchises of companies, and personal showrooms among others.

#13. Paper Cup Making

The paper cup making business is one of the most lucrative small-scale manufacturing opportunities in India. The paper cup is a disposable item made out of paper and often lined with plastic to prevent liquid leakage or soaking through the paper.

Also, you can produce a paper cup of recycled paper. And it is widely available throughout the country. In an economically growing country like India, the demand for a paper cup is increasing. Therefore, paper cup making is a lucrative opportunity for entrepreneurs.

#14. Paper Plate Making

Any individual can start this business on a small, medium, and large-scale basis. However, depending on your investment capacity, you must plan the business size. From the same unit, you can produce disposable bowls and glasses also. Additionally, you can start this business on both a part-time or full-time basis.

#15. Tissue Paper Making

Nowadays, household paper products have a huge demand. In addition, you can produce tissue paper, facial tissues, paper towels with simple machinery. These are consumable items. You can initiate the project by concentrating on one or two allied products.

As your business grows, you can make an addition. Household paper product making is one of the most profitable and trending paper business ideas nowadays.

Generally, the paper industry offers a wide range of opportunities for entrepreneurs. However, you must choose a paper business according to the market demand and your investment capacity. We hope, this list of 15 paper business ideas will help you to start a business in the paper industry.