How to Start Disposable Paper Plate Making Business

Do you want to start a paper plate making business at home? If YES, find here a detailed disposable paper plate manufacturing business plan sample checklist. The article includes paper plates market potential, business licensing, machinery, manufacturing process, and required raw materials.

Any individual can start this business as the small, medium and large-scale basis. However, depending on your investment capacity, you must plan the business size. From the same unit, you can produce disposable bowls and glasses also. Additionally, you can start this business on both the part-time or full-time basis.

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Generally, this type of disposable plates come with special quality paper reinforced with polythene sheets to make it leak proof. Some of the majorly used papers are millboard, grey board, kraft paper, greaseproof paper, and other papers. In most of the cases, these plates come in either white or printed.

Mostly, these are used in the family functions and corporate gatherings. In the most of the cases, people use to serve snacks, cakes, pastry, bakery items fruits, sweets etc.

Here is  Stepwise Guide on Starting Disposable Paper Plate Making Business

Disposable Paper Plate Market Potential

Actually, the disposable plates have an urban as well as the rural market. People use these items mostly for social functions, religious gatherings, parties, marriages, outings, in sweet shops, by caterers etc.

The products have many advantages and are hence preferred as compared to standard utensils/crockery for serving eatables. Additionally, because of the disposable nature, they save a lot of labor as far as cleaning/drying of utensils is concerned.

Furthermore, these are easily transportable and easy to handle. Further, people use these items in the marriages, birthday parties, and other family functions on a regular basis. Also, the sweet shops and small eateries are the major consumers of this item. Hence, we can conclude starting a disposable paper plate making business is highly profitable and lucrative opportunity for the entrepreneurs.

Create a Business Plan

In starting this business, you must craft a business plan first. And to understand the industry, you must conduct a market survey prior. Identify the different types of plates that have regular demand in the market. Understand the design, thickness, color etc. Identify the established manufacturers and know their market policy. These all will help you in crafting a business plan rightfully.

In writing the business plan, mention your business goal, mission, vision and what type of organization you want to build. For a small or tiny operation, you can open the business as proprietorship company.

Arrange Business Capital

Generally, disposable paper plate making business demands moderate capital investment. However, starting the business at home eliminates the cost of securing a space. Additionally, it helps you to work from the comfort of your home.

Apart from the space, the business demands investment for procuring the machinery and raw materials. You also need to hire manpower and arrange other necessary resources. Hence, a financial calculation is necessary and you must include this in the business plan. Besides using your own fund, you can apply for the loan to the banks.

Registration & Licenses for Paper Plate Making Unit

Even, if you start the business from home, check the licensing issues from the Govt. agency of your state. It is mandatory. It also depends on the manufacturing process and the raw materials you are using. Generally, you will need to obtain a Trade License from the local authority. And if you operate from a factory premise, then you will need to apply for a Factory license.

Additionally, register your business with the suitable organization form. Check the upcoming tax liabilities of your startup. In India, you will need to apply for GST Number.

Unit Setup

If you don’t have enough space at home to start the business, you will need to secure a location for setting up the unit. Before finalizing, check the water resource and electricity connection. Contact with the machinery supplier to get a floor plan for installation of the machinery. It will help you to plan accordingly. Determine specific spaces for raw material storage, operation area, and finished goods storage. In addition to that, you will need to have an admin area for preparing the bills etc.

Paper Plate Making Machinery

The major plant and machinery consist following macies.

Double die press with dies. Electrically operated.
Bag sealing machine
Weighing scales.

Besides this, you will need to have furniture and fixture for the overall unit operation.

Raw Materials

The basic raw materials for the unit are good quality scrap paper & polyethylene sheets. For packing the unit will require polythene bags and hessian sacks. The cut to size paper is readily available in two varieties. These are thick and thin.

Paper Plate Manufacturing Process

The process of manufacturing is not very complicated. Basically, you can produce the product by using the specific die. First of all, cut the paper and the polyethylene sheets previously according to the size. Also, you can procure a specific size of the paper depending on your specific requirements.

Then, mount the specific die on the press and start heating to the desired temperature. Place the two layers of paper and the polythene sheets in between the male-female die parts. Then, apply the pressure so that the product takes shape.

Remove the formed product and set the another. The machine is an ordinary press with one fixed platform and another moving plunger. The movement of the plunger is through the hydraulic mechanism.

Finally, collect the formed products and trim the edges to give it a proper shape. Pack the plates and stock them for dispatch.

Disposable Paper Plate Sample Project Cost

Plant Capacity: 500 kg per day                 Plant & Machinery: Rupees 4.69 Lakhs

Working Capital: 20.89 Lakhs                  T.C.I: Rupees 29.58 Lakhs

Return: 35%                                                    Break Even: 45%

The actual cost of disposable paper plate manufacturing project may deviate on change of any of the assumptions. You can modify the project capacity and project cost as per your requirement.

Promote Your Paper Plate Making Business

Paper plates are not new products. So, people are already aware of these items. Additionally, there is already a huge demand in the market. However, you must have a marketing plan for your product promotion.

Retail distribution is the most proven ways of promoting this type of items. Additionally, you must concentrate on institutional selling. Talk to the event planners and small caterers of your area. Also, you can offer introductory discounts. Moreover, you must have a solid marketing plan to make your paper plate making business a great success.

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