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Top 10 Graphic Design Companies in India for 2024

Are you looking for the best graphic design companies in India? Well, you’re in the right place, cause today we want to help simplify the task for all those people who often search for graphic design firms and designers.

In this day and age having good, design is everything. This design can be on every element of business like brochures, business cards, websites, leaflets, stationeries, and so on.

Graphic design has a big role to play in the modern competitive business environment. Businesses need the services of graphic designers to create impressive marketing materials, especially in the eCommerce environment.

A reason for businesses increasingly demanding more graphic design items is the need for effective communication with the audience. Since more and more businesses are entering markets, it is generating more competition.

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To deal with the competition, graphic designs have become essential to draw the attention of potential customers toward businesses. There is an increasing need felt by entrepreneurs to communicate a message to the target audience effectively.

10 Graphic Design Companies in India

1. Webandcrafts

Webandcrafts was founded in Chennai in 2009 and since then, they have gone on to become one of the biggest players in the graphics market.

Their headquarters are now in Chennai and are experiencing tremendous growth – 300% according to their website.

They have completed more than 500 projects and have served as many as 250 international clients. This is one of the fastest-growing Graphic Design companies.

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2. CyberWrorx

CyberWorx Technologies is one of the leading digital agencies which specialize in Graphic Designing. With their headquarters being situated in New Delhi they are in the heart of the action.

CyberWrorx also has a lot of experience under its belt having completed developing 200+ websites. They also worked on 50+ mobile applications and 100+ digital campaigns.

The company recently acquired Seller Solutions which is an E-commerce vendor to strengthen its position in the super-growing E-Commerce sector.

3. Savit Interactive

Savit Interactive was established way back in 2004 primarily as an SEO company. Things have changed since then as now the company has broadened its service and is providing Graphics Design solutions as well.

Their key highlight is that they can develop web pages and graphic designs with SEO key phrases with their various Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Pay Per Click (PPC), and Search Engine Optimization Services.

They are currently providing services to companies from India, the US, the UK, Australia, and UAE.

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4. Netgains

Netgains is another company founded in 2004 with the aim to assist organizations with their IT- software needs.

Now, they have diversified their services to include everything from graphic design to mobile application development and building websites to internet marketing.

The company has 2 offices one in Gurugram and one in Chandigarh. They have completed 1000+ projects and have served 158 clients. They are also in tie-ups with many India-based companies as of now.

5. Lucid

Lucid, the company has had a bit of a different start than most of the others in this list of the Best Graphic Designing Companies.

The company was founded by Amit Mirchandani in 2006 in the United States, before moving the company to India in 2009.

Today the company has a global reach having worked with many reputed companies such as Britannia, Nike, and Enchanting Travels. Their services come at a premium cost but their solutions are also at par with the best in the world.

6. Keyideas

Keyideas is an IT consulting company that specializes in providing design solutions to clients in India, Australia, the USA, and the UK.

The company has lots of experience under its belt having delivered 2000+ projects and serving 1200+ clients. They have a big team of 50+ employees and are a CMMI Level 3 dev company. The base of operations is in New Delhi, while they have offices in Florida and California, USA.

Prominent clients that they have served include Samsung, Canon, Capgemini, and Vestas.

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7. Smartfishdesign

Smartfishdesign is relatively new in the market but we still have included it because of its huge leaps forward in becoming a major player in the industry.

Started by 2 individuals in Ahmedabad and focusing only on Graphic designs, the company saw tremendous growth and has since expanded.

They have recently completed serving 300 clients in a relative lifespan of 2 years. Their team includes web designers, graphics designers, and web developers.

8. ViitorCloud

ViitorCloud was founded in 2009 with the aim of IT development and consulting services. They have since shown sustainable growth and a good rating of customer satisfaction.

The company is headquartered in Ahmedabad and had a presence in the USA, Canada, and Spain. ViitorCloud can also boast of having more than 100 employees, delivering more than 500 projects, having a 78% client retention rate, and having served more than 200 clients worldwide.

9. XeeDesign

XeeDesign is most probably the smallest company in terms of complexity in this list of the Best Graphic Designing Companies. We say that because they comprise a team of only 15 people, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

The company started its business in 2011 and has its headquarters in Mumbai. Initially, it started just as a Graphic Design company but now they are an all-in-one agency that can deliver a complete suite of digital services.

They have served more than 100 clients and have a reputation for being ‘creative’ in their work.

10. KID

Kid is yet another design and marketing agency that offers a broad suite of business solutions. The company is based in Bangalore and its 3 founding members actively being involved in its day-to-day progress.

They brand themselves as being the “smart KID” which is because they can get anything done as long as their client demand it.

The company and team also have 15 years of experience behind them so they can be relied upon.

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As we discussed earlier, it is extremely crucial for you that you choose the right firm. This is because the Best Graphic Design Companies promote your business in ways that you haven’t still thought about.

The best designers are trained professionals who understand the technique to persuade, engage, and entertain your audience using various elements. They can combine technology and art to communicate a message.

Hence, take your time to choose from this list of the best graphic design companies in India, hoping this helped you in the manner in which it was needed.