Haringhata Franchise | Open a Meat & Chicken Shop Business

Do you want to open a Haringhata franchise outlet? Find here a detailed guide about how to start Haringhata meat and chicken shop outlet in your area. This article contains the terms & conditions, investment amount, eligibility and profitability of the said franchise business.

Basically, Haringhata franchise is an initiative of West Bengal Livestock Development Corporation Limited. The concept is a small food van with attached kitchen that sells meat items made of mutton, lamb, pork, koel, turkey, duck, and chicken. Some of the most popular items are different types of fried and grilled snacks. However, the van doesn’t sell any beef item. Basically, it is a state Govt. project called ‘Meat on Wheel’.

According to the Gouri Shankar Koner, managing director, West Bengal Livestock Development Corporation, “The initiative is aimed at providing ‘ready-to-eat’ processed meat to the people easily”. Currently, the Govt. is offering franchise outlet in the every district of the state.

Terms & Conditions for Haringhata Franchise Business

  • The appointed Distributor(s) will have their sale outlet in a prominent place/or sufficient godown space at any approachable area. Additionally, you must have Trade & other required Licenses in your name for selling the Food Products.
  • As per the directives of FSSAI authority, under Govt. of India, you have to obtain an online application from FSSAI before issuance of the dealership.
  • You have to apply for the Distributorship along with attested copies of required Licenses clearly indicating therein the details of Address, Telephone No., if any,.
  • Appointed Distributor(s) will get the benefit of the wholesale price fixed from time to time by the West Bengal livestock Dev. Corpn. Ltd., West Bengal.
  • The all product supply is subject to the availability of each in stock on the specified date of supply in standard packaging only.
  • Products will be supplied to the Distributor(s) on specified date preferably between 2.00 P.M. to 7.00 P.M. the date and time of delivery are subject to change due to unforeseen reasons.
  • You have to sell all products at the price fixed from time to time by W.B.L.D.C.Ltd., West Bengal.
  • Additionally, you have to keep all products properly in Deep Freeze/Refrigerator.
  • You have to invest an amount of Rs.1,00,000/- (Rupees One Lakh Only) as Demand Draft / Pay Order in favor of ‘West Bengal Livestock Development Corporation Ltd.’ as a security deposit. Additionally, you can also apply for “GOLD” or “SILVER” dealership. And here the security deposit amount is Rupees 25000 and Rupees 5000 respectively.

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Profitability of Haringhata Franchise Opportunity

Basically, you will get flat 10% margin in the maximum items. And in some products, you will get more than 10% margin flat. However, the overall business model is very lucrative for the entrepreneurs who look for the low-cost franchise opportunity. Some of the advantages of starting Haringhata franchise are:

  • There is no franchise fee. Only you have to pay a security deposit amount.
  • You don’t need to have a costly retail space. Only you have to have a food van.
  • Infrastructure cost is very less. You can use your home as a godown for storage.
  • Manpower cost is very low. You can operate the business with only one employee.
  • You deal with good quality products. As it is an initiative of Govt. you rest assured about the quality of the products that you are selling.

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How To Apply for Haringhata Franchise Business

First of all, you have to collect the application form. You can collect the form from the office of the West Bengal Livestock Development Corporation or from their website. In the form, you have mention name, address, phone number, the location of selling the products, license details, an approximate quantity of intake per week. You can find the Govt. notification from the below-mentioned website URL for applying the franchise. http://wbldc.in/pages/terms_condition