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FSSAI Registration – How to Apply for Food Business Operator License in India

For any entrepreneur running any type of food business like a restaurant, food franchise outlet, bakery, canteen, cafeteria, and even small kitchen; obtaining a food business operator license is mandatory. It is a must whatever he is selling packaged or over the counter food. The Food Safety & Standards Act, 2006 introduced to improve the hygiene and quality of food that has brought about massive development in the food industry.

Any organized food manufacturing or processing or packaging or distributing entity is required to obtain an FSSAI License prior to commencing business. FSSAI License is issued by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), Ministry of Family Health & Welfare, Government of India. Specific guidelines including guidelines on hygiene have to be followed to get a Food Business Operator License. This ensures that the consumer gets quality and safe food.

How To Apply For Food Business Operator license

Application to commence a food business must be made to the FSSAI in the prescribed format. Based on the application and supporting documents, FSSAI will accord approval.

An application for the grant of a license shall be made in Form B of Schedule 2 to the concerned Licensing Authority as specified in Regulation 2.1.2 (3) and 2.1.2 (4) and it will be accompanied by a self-attested declaration in the format provided in the Annexure-1 and copies of documents mentioned in the Annexure 2 of Schedule-2 along with the applicable fees prescribed in Schedule 3.

After the issue of Application ID number, the Licensing Authority may direct the Food Safety Officer or any other person or agency specially designated for such functions to inspect the premises in the manner prescribed by the Food Safety and Standard Authority of India in accordance with these Regulations.

Such Inspecting Officer or person may issue a notice to the applicant if it deems fit, guiding food business operator on necessary steps to be taken or changes or alteration to be made in the premises in order to ensure general sanitary and hygienic conditions as specified in Schedule 4.

The applicant shall carry out the required steps, changes or alterations and intimate the Licensing Authority within 30 days or such period as may be allowed by the Licensing Authority.

Within a period of 30 days from receipt of an inspection report excluding the time taken by the applicant in complying with the advice, if any, given in the inspection report and verification thereof, the concerned Licensing Authority shall consider the application and may either grant a license or reject the application.

Provided that before refusing license an applicant shall be given an opportunity of being heard. In addition, you can keep the record the reasons for refusal in writing. The Licensing Authority shall issue a License in Format C under Schedule 2 of these Regulations. You have to display a true copy at a prominent place at all times within the premises where you are carrying the food business.

Compliance Requirement For Food Business Operator License

  1. The copies of the food business operator license have to be displayed at prominent places within the restaurant.
  2. A technical person, having a degree in science will need to be employed to supervise the production process.
  3. Food joints must install chimneys and no smoke should be present in the area where food is prepared
  4. Cleaning schedules must be followed systematically
  5. Raw materials sourced from dealers should have a set procedure
  6. A temperature control storage facility must be installed for froze/cooked foods.

Penalties For Not Having Food Business operator License

Generally, the department conducts random checking on food places. If an eatery is found without the Food Business Operator License, the eatery might be penalized or even be shut.