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How to Start Electronic Fan Regulator Manufacturing Business

An electronic fan regulator is an essential household item. It consists of discs, TRIAC, and potentiometric resistances to provide step-less control of fan speed. Fan regulators are very similar to light dimmers. Their function is to regulate/control the speed of the fan and provide a convenient environment for the residents.

Furthermore, this is an energy-saving device. The normal fan regulator has 3 to 6 different levels of speed upon which they can function. They have the capacity to control speed but not the consumption of energy.

It is obvious that a small amount of energy is required for rotating the fan at low speed but having no control over the consumption of electricity consumed remains the same, even if the fan is operated at low or high speed. You can start this business on a small-scale basis. If you have space, you can operate this business from home also.

An electronic fan regulator is more effective than a conventional type of regulator. Some of the advantages are:

  • They provide continuous speed control.
  • Power saving at all speeds.
  • Smaller size and weight.

Here are the 5 Steps to Start Electronic Fan Regulator Business

1. Understand the Electronic Fan Regulator Market Potential

Demand for electronic fan regulators in the future will depend upon the capacity of the electronic fan regulator to penetrate the market of the conventional fan regulator. Electronic fan regulators are costlier than conventional ones. However, electronic fan regulators are far more durable. First of all, as far as quality aspects are concerned electronic regulators have apparently special features compared to conventional fan regulators.

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They operate smoothly, look more elegant, they facilitate greater choice for the speed of the fan. In addition, it helps in reducing energy consumption and occupies much less space. So if thought in terms of all the aspects, in spite of the high price, electronic fan regulators are more economical. As a result, electronic fan regulators have already secured a great market share with a winning preference.

2. Electronic Fan Regulator Manufacturing Company Compliances

You must obtain different registrations and licenses for this project. However, it is advisable to check your state law. Here, you can find a list of basic requirements.

  • Register your business with ROC. Therefore, for a small entity, you can go with OPC formation.
  • Obtain Trade License from the local Municipal authority.
  • This type of unit doesn’t attract Pollution compliance.
  • Obtain MSME Udyog Aadhaar Online Registration.
  • Finally, You must obtain BIS Certification. Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has prescribed standards for the electronic Fan Regulators under IS:11037 ( Part 0)/Sec 0):1984-Electronic Type Fan Regulators –Reaffirmed 8-2000.
  • Apply for the GST Registration number.

3. Electronic Fan Regulator Manufacturing Unit Operation

An area of 300 Sq Ft is sufficient for this type of unit. This utility requirement is only domestic. You don’t need to have a large space for the manufacturing operation. Even from a small space, you can produce 6000 pieces of regulators per year.

You can start the business with a very small startup investment. Almost Rupees 500000 capital is sufficient to start. If you don’t have your own space, start from rental space. Don’t invest money in purchasing the land or building. The major machinery required is a 10 MHz Oscilloscope, multimeter, and hand tools.

4. Electronic Fan Regulator Manufacturing Process & Raw Materials

The manufacturing operation is almost assembling the parts. You must assemble the TRIACS, Capacitors, resistors, coils, etc. on a pre-designed printed circuit board. You must test the performance. Finally, You will need to mount the whole assembled unit in the plastic casing. In the end, you must do the right packing to despatch the products. In conclusion, packaging plays an important role in consumer product marketing.

The basic required raw materials are Triac-PT 136, Diac-32 V, Resistors, Ferrite core coils, Potentiometer, Printed circuit board, Casing (Plastic), Screws, Solder, Screws, etc. In conclusion, you must have a wide work table.

5. Have a Marketing Plan

The success of this type of manufacturing business depends largely on being able to set up an efficient and effective dealer and distribution network.

Furthermore, going online is almost mandatory for any business at present. Create a website and be active on social media platforms so that you are always in the loop of prospective customers.

You must have proper skills and knowledge. However, you can run the electronic fan regulator-making unit with skilled manpower.

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