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Best 21 Highly Profitable Electrical Business Ideas

The electrical and electronics products manufacturing business is perfect for entrepreneurs with technical skills and knowledge. The global electrical sector is highly fragmented, comprising various auxiliary sectors. It includes electrical components, computer and office equipment, telecommunications, consumer appliances, and industrial electronics.

Currently, the United States, Japan, and Korea are the top three electrical goods manufacturing countries in the world. The United States of America is the world’s largest producer of electronic products, contributing a total share of around 21%. Furthermore, it occupies the largest market share, about 29% in the global market.

Here we have accumulated a selected list of highly profitable electrical product manufacturing ideas for small entrepreneurs. Additionally, you can start these electrical businesses with small capital and on a small scale.

List of 21 Electrical Business Ideas 

#1. Air Compressor Manufacturing

Air compressors are used in a wide range of situations. It is an essential item for corner gas stations to major manufacturing plants. And, more and more, air compressors are finding their way into home workshops, basements, and garages.

Models sized to handle every job, from inflating pool toys to powering tools such as nail guns, sanders, drills, impact wrenches, staplers and spray guns are now available through local home centers, tool dealers, and mail-order catalogues.

#2. Battery Manufacturing 

The battery manufacturing operation is not very complex. You can establish the unit in two ways—semi-automatic and fully automatic. However, you must obtain proper consent from the pollution control board in this type of small business manufacturing.

#3. Boosters & Voltage Stabilizers Making 

Boosters and voltage stabilizers. The product has applications in the consumer appliances sector and for industrial purposes. The manufacturing process is simple. Additionally, you can establish the manufacturing unit on a small-scale basis.

#4. Capacitor Manufacturing 

The capacitor is generally used in an electrical circuit to store a charge that can be discharged. The commercial operation of capacitor manufacturing is a financially feasible and profitable business.

#5. Cathode Ray Tube Manufacturing

 The CRT uses an evacuated glass envelope that is large, deep, fairly heavy, and relatively fragile. As a matter of safety, the face is typically made of thick lead glass to be highly shatter-resistant and to block most X-ray emissions, particularly if the CRT is used in a consumer product. Initiating the manufacturing of the Cathode Ray tube is possible with low startup capital.

#6. Cooling Solution

The market for industrial coolers in India is estimated at around Rs 3,000 crore annually and is estimated to grow by 25-30% every year. Installing industrial cooling for commercial establishments, airports, retail chains, and banquet halls proves its worth. Industrial cooling is slowly gaining increasing importance as corporations are looking to create a congenial working environment for their shop floor teams.

#7. Electrical Control Panel

The electrical control panel is an essential item in industrial electrification. It regulates the function of the electrical equipment. Electrical panels fitted with necessary relays are also used to protect electrical equipment from being damaged due to short circuits and overloading.

#8. Electrical Switches Sockets Plugs

Electrical switches sockets plugs are household consumables items. In addition, commercial establishments and industries are also big consumers. You can start the electrical switch socket plugs manufacturing business with low capital investment.

#9. Electrical Fan Regulator Manufacturing

An electrical fan regulator is an essential household item. It consists of discs, TRIAC, and potentiometric resistances to provide step-less control of fan speed. Fan regulators are very similar to light dimmers. Their function is to regulate/control the speed of the fan and provide a convenient environment for the residents.

#10. Electronic Pump Controller Manufacturing  

The electronic pump controller is a trending upgraded product. It can stop the pump automatically. It is used for both household and industrial purposes. In addition, it protects the pump from damage caused by dry-running. Since the demand for electronic pumps is on the rise, this business has a good potential to grow.

#11. Electronic Toys Making

The electronic toy market in the country is largely import-oriented. Electronics remote-controlled toys are very popular and the manufacturing of these items is financially viable as per the revenue-earning model. Read More…

#12. Weighing Scale

The weighing scale or digital weighing machine is an essential item. It helps in checking a product’s weight. However, without a weight machine, it is not possible to know the exact mass of anything. Read More…

#13. E-Waste Recycling 

In India, electronic product waste dangerously increases the volume of obsolete computers, printers, fax machines, TVs, mobiles, and other electronic devices. Of the nearly 8 million PCs in India, 2 million are only for software up-gradation and are accounted as e-waste. Before starting this business, you must do proper strategic planning. Read More…

#14. Generator Manufacturing 

The generator is largely used for domestic, commercial, and industrial purposes. Different types of generators with different capacities are always in demand in the market. Additionally, you can initiate a generator manufacturing business on a medium-scale basis with moderate capital investment. It is one of the most profitable electrical business ideas in developing countries having inadequate power generation.

#15. Inverter Manufacturing 

An Inverter is a device, which converts DC power into alternative sources. This conversion may be accomplished by electromechanical means namely a motor, Generator sets are entirely by electronic means. Inverters in which power conversion is accomplished by SCRs are called static inverters. A static inverter uses transistors as switches.

However, you can use only SCRs for high-power applications. Inverters find applications where you need emergency standby power.  Especially, where and/or there is no AC power available. Inverter manufacturing is a financially viable project for entrepreneurs. Read More…

#16. LED Light Manufacturing

LED stands for the light-emitting diode. Actually, LED lights are becoming very popular day by day. LED lights are available in a wide range of colours from 2700K to 6500K which are dark, yellow, mild yellow, and ultra white.

Initiating full-scale LED light manufacturing includes a large-scale factory operation with a complex production process. Any individual can initiate an LED light assembling unit as a small and medium-scale manufacturing operation. Read More…

#17. Optical Fiber Manufacturing

Optical fibers are the essential items to transmit light between the two ends of the fiber and find wide usage in fiber-optic communications, where they permit transmission over longer distances and at higher bandwidths (data rates) than wire cables.

One can produce glass optical fibers from silica. However, you can use other materials, such as fluoro-zirconate, fluoro-aluminate, and chalcogenide glasses as well as crystalline materials like sapphire, for longer-wavelength infrared or other specialized applications.

#18. Printed Circuit Board Making 

Designing and making printed circuit boards that fit within industry-standard specifications gives you two advantages: you keep down the cost of your end product so that it will sell better, and you improve its long-term reliability so that your customers will keep on coming back to you.

The manufacturing process of the printed circuit board is not very complex. Additionally, it is one of the most profitable electrical and electronics product manufacturing ideas among others. Read More…

#19. PVC Coated Electrical Wire Manufacturing 

PVC-insulated cables & wires are the ultimate media for the distribution of electricity. The PVC cables are the essential items for power distribution in all types of electric wiring, control cables, telephone cables, and signalling in Railways.

The PVC cable has mostly replaced VIR and CTS cables in domestic as well as industrial wiring due to its long life, moisture resistance, etc. PVC-coated electrical wire manufacturing is a viable opportunity in the small-scale sector. Read More…

#20. UPS Assembling 

You can start UPS assembling business operations on a small-scale basis. According to the demand, a different capacity of UPS is generally in demand. It is used for household, official, commercial and industrial purposes widely.

#21. Electrical Goods Export

There is a big export market for electrical goods in many countries around the world. If you have some knowledge of export legalities and supply chain management, consider starting an electrical goods export business. Some of the in-demand products are cables, switches, lighting fixtures, etc.

Footnote: The electrical and electronics market is diversifying rapidly with technological up-gradation worldwide. We will provide more electrical and electronics product manufacturing ideas in the future as our team gets more information on other lucrative opportunities.

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