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How To Start a Food Blog in 6 Steps & Make Money

Starting a food blog is not as difficult as it seems. Starting a food blog in India is definitely a good choice if you are looking to start a food business with very little budget and want to work from home. However, understanding how to start a food blog in India and get paid seems a little difficult.

If you are still struggling to start a food blog then we are there to help you with all resources. This definitive guide will give you a hands-on tutorial on how to start a food blog in India and get paid.

In this post, we are going to show you 5 easy steps about how to start a food blog in India and get paid.  We will also explain the 3 things you should know before starting a food blog in India and getting paid. Lastly, we will give you details about how to make money from your food blog.

6 Steps to Launch a Food Blog

Step1: Select a Domain Name

It takes time to select a great domain name. If you have already got a few names you should write them down. If not then it is not such a difficult task to come up with a good domain name.

There are certain elements of a perfect domain name. Firstly, it should be small, simple, and can be typed and spelled with ease.

Secondly, it should sound good and can be effortlessly pronounced and memorized. Finally, it should be authentic and should not include numbers or hyphens. A few examples are my,,, and

If you have a fair idea about how to choose a domain name have a look at a few suggestions. You should use expressive words when you are considering a domain name.

Your visitors will understand what the content of your site is about. It is easier to search for it and will often come up with search results.

You may have thought of a good domain name but it may not be available. You can add affixes to it.

For example, may not be available. You can add the affix ‘Indian’ and name it If this does not work then you can try using your own name as a domain name.

Step 2: Pick A Dependable Web Hosting For Your Blog

The web hosting you choose for your blog will contribute largely to the success of your blog.  It sounds scary but it is true.

You are providing your users with a bad website experience if your web hosting is not dependable. Not only that Google will impose a penalty on your search results for bad loading speed.

It is true that your loading speed mostly depends on the hosting you pick.  Ascertain that you choose dependable hosting that is fast and secure.

There are 3 aspects that you should consider prior to deciding on your blog’s web hosting service.

  • Reviews By Customer Adds To Reputation

You should not choose a web hosting service that was started a year back. There is a possibility of not knowing their reputation. Ascertain that you choose a web hosting provider who has been in business for at least ten years.

  • Technical Support

If you are not quite a technical person or new to blogging then you cannot overlook this aspect. If a matter related to hosting has cropped up you will need a friendly customer support staff who are available at all times.

  • Control Panel

You are fortunate if your web hosting service provides a control panel. It will be simpler to create your Word press blog in a few minutes. Things like setting up emails and FTP accounts can be done effortlessly.

If you are a beginner, we will recommend you go to Hostinger Hosting. This is because not only they are reliable and popular but also you get a domain free. You don’t have to worry about domain propagation as you are buying from the same hosting provider.

Step 3: Install WordPress

Many newbies would find it overwhelming to install WordPress for the first time.  But when you sign up for a web hosting service and get your free domain name it becomes easier.

The installation does not take more than 5 minutes. You have to follow the steps required for the setup of your blog. If you find any problem in installing, take the help of customer care, who are always ready to help you.

Step 4: Get A Beautiful Looking Theme

Good Going! By this time, you must have effectively installed WordPress. You are almost done with the technical part of how to start a food blog In India. Now you can pick gorgeous-looking themes for your food blog.

There are plenty of themes available to choose from.  A theme directory is available on WordPress where you can choose from thousands of free themes.

But I would suggest not choosing free themes. They don’t provide customer support or regular updates. They are also usually unsuccessful in serving mobile-friendly and search engine purposes.

WordPress has various themes structure that provides search engine-friendly and mobile-reactive themes. If you are looking for a search engine-optimized theme from MyThemeShop. We generally use their themes.

Step 5: Begin Blogging

After you have installed the gorgeous-looking themes that you liked you are prepared to begin blogging. You can now go to your WordPress blog dashboard and then add posts.

Begin writing posts that will interest your readers. But before starting read some of the handy tips to enhance your blog posts.

Write headlines that are irresistible. This is because 8 out of 10 people make a decision to click on a post by reading the headline first.

You should think of at least 3 to 5 headlines and select the best among them. I would suggest that you use the Portent tool.  so that you can come up with endless spunky ideas.

Before starting your blog post you should first think of the keywords. You should find keywords that have been tested to drive the most traffic to your website. Experts suggested that you should go to Google keyword planner. and Google Trends.

Begin associating with other food bloggers. Start with making a list of all the top food bloggers. You can search on Google by typing out Top Food Blogs In India.

You can connect with them by writing comments on their blog. Writing guest posts on their blog and tweeting about their post is also a good way to increase your contacts.

The greatest blunder that maximum newcomers make is not focusing on the keywords when they write. They write posts for several months and realize that they are trying very hard to grow their website search traffic.

It will not be easy to drive traffic from Google to your website if you are not aiming at the exact keywords that your target audience uses for search results. While writing you should use long-tail keywords for this purpose.

6. Ways To Earn Money From Your Food Blog

I would first like to say a big thank you for reading the post here.  Here is a quick hint on how to start a food blog and get paid.

The traffic you get directly corresponds to the money you make. This has to be search traffic and not any odd traffic.

At first, may seem difficult to get visitors from search engines. Here is a hint. The most important element you can utilize to increase your traffic faster is a keyword search.

Things You Should Know Before Starting A Food Blog

You Should Enjoy Cooking

If you enjoy cooking and creating new recipe ideas then it is easy to understand how to start a food blog in India and get paid. Passion for food and blogging is the road to success for food bloggers.

You have to make sure to be prepared to spend more time in the kitchen. You need to attempt to come up with authentic recipe ideas and limit your intended interest group. By this method, you will gain the interest of a higher amount of steady readers and subscribers.

Learner Hint: For the first 6 to 8 months you have to remember that you will not make money in the beginning. You should aim at establishing devoted readers and subscribers. One can then figure out how different top blogs are making money on their own blogs.

 You should have time for marketing your blog

You feel a sense of unhappiness when your recipes have not reached the audience. Furthermore, you have to give a lot of time to market your blog by socializing with other food bloggers.

Little tasks like writing comments on other food blogs, writing small recipes to attract readers, and chatting with experts on social media are good ways of socializing. This does not take too much time.

You need to keep two hours per day for marketing your blog. Otherwise, it will be a hindrance to developing and spreading your blog.

You should have an email list

It’s a fact that only email list is bringing income for 80% of top online marketers. One needs to collect emails from the first day. You will not regret this decision later.

You can offer free stuff like a recipe e-book or video to build your email list faster. Do not forget to use pop-ups, by trying out LeadPages and SumoMe.

You should communicate with your email subscribers frequently. One will get more buyers if you increase the importance of your email subscribers.

You should consider your email subscribers like family instead of buyers. It will go far in achieving your goal.

The Final Verdict On How To Write A Food Blog  And Paid

It might seem a little tough to start a food blog in India but if follow these guidelines it would be very simple to start your own food blog. This tutorial has been written to show you the path to success.

Starting a food blog is easy but the outcome of the blog solely depends on you. Using the right keyword research, using good hosting, and understanding how to earn from it are the three elements that can lead to the success of your blog.