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Best 13 Trending Food Delivery Business Ideas

Do you want to start a food delivery business with low investment? Are you searching for food tech startup ideas? The object of crafting this article is to provide the most trending food delivery business opportunities for your ready reference.

The food delivery business is now trending all across the world. And the demand for this type of specialized service is increasing very fast. Nowadays, making food and selling food from a retail location is not just enough. Consumers demand more. Consumers from metro cities and even suburban now expect ready-to-eat food at their doorstep.

The food business is very profitable in this part of the world. Also, internet reachability is increasing and more people are now using smartphones. Thus it creates enormous opportunities for food entrepreneurs.

However, starting a big eCommerce demands a lot of investment. Besides, it is just not possible for small entrepreneurs with limited investment capacity.

However, there are different food delivery businesses you can start with a little capital investment. Also, you can start some of them even from home.

13 Food Delivery Business Ideas

#1. Alcohol Delivery

The consumption of alcohol in urban areas is very high. A wide range of people including ladies consume alcohol almost every day. So, if you offer an alcohol delivery option for them, they won’t mind paying you a delivery charge also.

However, dealing with alcohol needs some specific license and permission from the Government authority. Also, you will need to prepare a business plan before starting this business.

#2. Food Truck

Nowadays, the food truck is one of the most profitable food retail businesses in metro cities. The business model is proven and several startup companies are getting tremendous success in this business. The business is all about a moving restaurant. And you are serving the food at the customer’s accessible location. Besides, you can launch a specific app that provides the exact location of your truck.

#3. Grocery Delivery

This is one of the most trending businesses in the food service industry. Also, you can start a grocery items business in two ways. One is low cost and the other model demands substantial investment.

In the first option, you open an online store. List the products with a price tag. Procure the materials. Promote the site in your locality. And when orders come you deliver the item to your consumer’s doorstep. On the other option, you create a portal and invite the small grocery store owners to list their products. And you act here as a grocery marketplace.

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#4. Healthy Food Delivery

Healthy food delivery businesses generally target health-conscious consumers and fitness enthusiasts. Besides, you can deliver the food to the people who are under medical conditions. The demand for this type of service is also increasing in our country.

You can deliver a healthy and balanced meal at home and office according to your client’s choice. Also, you will need to operate the business from your small online store. From there people can check the menus and put orders.

#5. Home Made Food Delivery

Homemade food – Ghar ka Khana, this is the biggest sought of the people who live alone for their professional reasons. And certainly, this is not easily accessible for them. Here you can serve them with your homemade foods. You can deliver the food to your consumers at any place of their convenience.

#6. Milk Delivery

Milk and other milk products are perishable items. So, people need to buy these products frequently after every alternate day. Apart from milk, some of the high-demand items are paneer, full cream, ice cream, etc.

If you live in a densely populated area, you can consider starting this business of your own. The business demands small capital investment. You will need to invest in preparing a digital app where you collect the orders.

#7. Office Meal Delivery

This is another niche food business, you can start by investing small capital. However, you must have a good client base. You just prepare the food, pack it and deliver it directly to the client. Here also, you can establish an online store.

Upload your menus and price tags. And promote the site in commercial places. People can place orders and even can make the payments at your site.

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#8. Organic Food Delivery

This is a business only for the metro cities. The demand for organically grown foods is increasing very fast. People are becoming more health-conscious. So you can start this business with a small infrastructure.

Open an online store. According to your investment capacity start the operation in a limited territory. Choose your product line and start selling. You just need to deliver the organic product to your consumer’s doorstep.

#9. Pizza Delivery

Pizza delivery is one of the successful food delivery business models in India. Besides, you can start the business in two ways. One is by owning a franchise of a reputed pizza company. And another option is setting up your own pizza delivery company.

You can offer different types of pizza with different flavors and tastes. Also, you can offer several other snack items and soft drinks.

#10. Restaurant Deals & Discounts

This is not only just food delivery but helping people find deals and discounts on popular restaurants in the city. This type of portal gaining huge popularity these days. Also, you can start the business in the metro cities along with Tier-1 and Tier-2 cities.

#11. Restaurant Food Delivery

Do you know Swiggy? We are just talking about the same business model. Here you will establish an online portal. And ask every small and big restaurant to list their name. Thus, consumers get a lot of options to select their favorite restaurant and menu. And after getting the order, you only deliver the food to your client’s doorstep. Here you earn a transaction amount on the billing.

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#12. Specialty Food Startup

This business caters to a wide range of food items. With any type of specialty food, you can start a niche online food startup. The list may include Dosa, Italian, Thai, Pickles, cookies, burgers homemade chocolates, etc. Whatever the product you choose, you must have confidence in the product. The chances of getting success from a niche online store are huge.

#13. Egg Delivery Business

In the last few years, eggs have become an almost mandatory item in household and commercial kitchens. As a result, we see more and more poultry hatcheries growing up. However, the delivery of eggs requires a lot of attention as they are fragile in nature. If you have the knowledge of where to source, one can make good money in the egg delivery business as there will be no shortages of clients.

Foodtech startups are the most happening phenomena in our country. And you can make substantial earnings from a food delivery business provided you put in thoughtful strategy and investment.