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Top 15 Best Call Center Software in India for Small Businesses

Are you looking for the best call center software for small businesses in India? If so, find here a list of the most trusted call center software solution providers in the country.

In India, the call center business has grown exponentially in recent years. Many companies from developed countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia outsource human resources from India because of the availability of considerably cheap and effective manpower.

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If you are starting a call center business or having an existing call center, the call center software happens to be the make or break aspect in the successfully running of the day-to-day operations of the business. Find below a list of popular call center software for small businesses.

15 Call Center Software in India for Small Businesses

1. Zendesk

Zendesk is a trusted cloud-based customer service software solution. This call center software is extremely easy to use and is recommended by users worldwide. Since it is cloud-based, Zendesk can be accessed from anywhere and from any device.

Zendesk offers a subscription plan along with the option of a free trial.

2. Genesys PureCloud

Genesys PureCloud is an all-in-one cloud contact center solution. It helps the user to manage multichannel customer interactions as one single conversation. For a user, it is easy to use tool to manage all communications like phone, chat, email, social, etc.

Genesys PureCloud provides customers with a subscription plan with an option of a free trial.

3. CallHippo

Established in the year 2006 in the United States, CallHippo is a powerful and easy-to-use VoIP-based Virtual Phone System. It provides a very good connection, audio quality, and customer service. It also allows seamless integration with platforms like Zoho CRM PLUS, Pipedrive, Zapier, etc

The pricing also is simple and less complicated. The basic plan is absolutely free. Find below the pricing structure of CallHippo

4. Ameyo

Ameyo call center software is a product of Gurgaon-based Drishti-soft Solutions founded in 2003. It is an all-in-one software based communication solution that manages end-to-end customer journeys and consistently delivers exceptional customer experiences.

Ameyo is a powerful and highly flexible IP-based contact center software. It lets you have a personalized interaction with every customer across multiple channels, thereby driving customer engagement to a level par excellence. This call center software enjoys a wide range of customers on a global level with over 1500+ installations across more than twelve industry verticals including Banking, BPO, E-commerce, Financial Services, Telecom, Travel & Tourism, Healthcare, and Retail.

5. Exotel

Exotel is one of India’s largest cloud telephony companies. This call center software is created by Exotel Techcom Pvt Ltd based in Bangalore.

Exotel’s cloud telephony eliminates the need to invest in any hardware or maintenance. Exotel is a business phone system that offers features like Smart IVR for your Business. One can set up an efficient call routing/management/recording system within 5 minutes of the cloud telephony device.

6. MCube

Mcube is a Bangalore-based software organization. This leading call center software is just not a business telephony system. MCube is a cloud-based integrated communication platform that delivers an array of powerful automated call management applications such as Business Helpline, Virtual PBX, Call Tracking, and telephony integrated marketing automation tools such as Lead Management and Support Management.

7. ZohoDesk

Zoho Desk is a cloud-based call center software. Zoho Desk supports multiple telephony providers and phone bridge integrations. You can call or receive phone calls without having a telephone. The software saves conversation history and thereby helping customer support people to have a look at previous conversations,

In addition, it allows setting rules that can automatically convert missed calls into tickets.  This will help in assigning all phone calls to a particular agent for each department.

8. Aavaz

Aavaz is a product of United States-based Tekege Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Aavaz Call Center software offers affordable inbound, outbound, and blended call center platform to users. The software is designed to be scalable. It includes a variety of functionality tailored to the individual requirements of marketing, sales, and customer support departments. Aavaz works as your own web-based contact center.

9. Aspect Unified

Aspect Unified is an Australian-based software providing company with a branch in India. Aspect’s Call Center software claims to deliver a seamless experience across every channel and every touchpoint without missing a beat whether in the cloud or on-premises. The service ranges from mobile and IVR self-service to agent-assisted conversations.

It also provides inbound and outbound voice, email, SMS, chat, and social services. The user gets all features while leveraging customer profiles and preferences to drive personalized interactions.

10. KooKoo

Kookoo is powered by Ozonetel Communications, based in Canada. They have their office in India in Hyderabad. You will find a wide range of call center-related software as per your requirement.

11. UniVersus Call Center Software

Universes call center software is created by Alliance Infotech based in Delhi. Alliance Call Center solution has all the features of a modern call center providing inbound call handling for customer care as well as outbound for telesales and order management, technical support, directory service, debt chasing, and customer follows up applications offering process-based flexibility.

12. Dialarindia Call Center Software

Dialarindia is created by Avyukta Intellicall Consulting Pvt. Ltd based in Jaipur.   They are providing customers with Call Center Solutions. Strong domain expertise and extensive technical skills enable Avyukta Intellicall to provide high-quality IT solutions & services to its valued call centers and BPO s. Avyukta Intellicall provides innovative, effective, and high-quality Call center Services to customers worldwide.

13. Arcane Lite

Arcane Lite call center software is created by Delhi-based Alliance Infotech. It is a compact, innovative, state-of-the-art USB recorder for both Inbound and Outbound Telephone Calls. The software interface with analog phone lines and provide everything you need to record, store and manage telephone conversations with ease.

14. Five9 Cloud Contact Center Software

Five9 is an all-in-one cloud contact center solution provider all across the world.  This software supports both inbound, and outbound contact centers throughout the world.

Five9 is powered by Practical AI. Customer care personnel can support across phone, email, chat, mobile, social, and through many more mediums.

15. LiveAgent Software

LiveAgent is one of the most popular online live chat platforms for small and mid-level e-commerce businesses. The software offers platforms for a live chat application, ticket management, online self-service portals and change and license management, etc.

One important feature of this software is that valuable data can be retrieved and analyzed long after the telephone conversation has faded from memory. Finally, when choosing a call center software, you must be clear about your requirement. We hope this list will provide you input in deciding on which software to go about.