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Best 16 Video Conferencing Software in 2024

Here in this article, we have provided a list of the best video conferencing software available at present for your ready reference.

With the increasing cost of travel, many companies are turning to a cost-effective alternative, especially those big companies that have many branch offices across the country or across the world. As per the latest survey by MarketsandMarkets, the Global Video Conferencing Market size is expected to touch USD 19.1 Billion by 2027 from an estimated USD 10.6 billion in 2022.

With the rapid development of technology, you will find video conferencing software as a communication tool for connecting with colleagues, customers, friends, and partners in a convenient and effective way.

Web conferencing system connects people in real-time through audio and video communication over the Internet which enables virtual meetings and collaboration on digital documents and shared presentations.

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For decades, enterprises have turned to video conferencing in large part as a means of reducing business travel expenses. Video conferencing tools also add value to businesses by facilitating webinars, training programs, and technical support sessions.

List of 16 Video Conferencing Software

1. Skype for Business by Microsoft

Skype internet telephone and video chat services are some of the most widely used by businesses all across the globe. This provides users to connect with people from most countries with minimum telephone bills.

You can talk with people having a Skype membership free of cost and can conduct meetings and interviews at a minimum cost.

2. MyOwnConference

MyOwnConference is one of the most robust video conferencing software available. It has a market-leading uptime of 99.98%. Above all, all video conferencing sessions are protected by special algorithms, so only invited attendees can participate in the conference.

This video conferencing software offers useful and essential features for online conferencing such as screen sharing, whiteboard, Full HD recording, private messaging, chat, etc. It works entirely in the browser, so you and your attendees can join the meeting with one click from any device.

3. Google Hangouts Meet

A suite of collaboration products for teams and small businesses. Web conferencing, file sharing, and scheduling in the cloud.

Google Meet is fully integrated with G Suite. As a result. a user can join meetings directly from a Calendar event or email invite. In addition, G Suite’s Enterprise edition creates a dial-in phone number for each and every meeting.

4. Zoom

Zoom is a popular video conferencing software that promotes collaboration through an integrated system of web conferences, online meetings, and group messaging.

It is built to host and broadcast online meetings. It can cater to up to 100 interactive video participants and 10,000 view-only attendees. This video conferencing software fits specifically to small to medium businesses, enterprises, educational institutions, and healthcare organizations.

5. TeamViewer

This is a very well-known and popular web conferencing tool. TeamViewer lets you connect to any PC or server around the world within a few seconds. Remote control a partner’s PC as if you were sitting in front of it.

Available in over 30 languages, TeamViewer is one of the world’s most popular providers of remote control and online meeting software. Air backup, a powerful cloud-based backup solution, and ITbrain, a valuable remote monitoring, and IT asset tracking solution, complement TeamViewer’s product portfolio.

6. GoToMeeting

This system is developed by Citrix Systems. Organize and attend online meetings by enabling coworkers, customers, and prospects to view any application running on your PC. This is an HD video conferencing software, with crystal-clear audio, and a shared screen that helps you focus, develop rapport, and reach an agreement faster.

7. High Five

High Five is a video conferencing tool that offers versatile solutions for carrying out online meetings and conferences simpler and more enjoyable.

This video conferencing software offers simple and high-performance video cameras that you can place anywhere in your room. It’s an all-in-one device getting rid of additional microphones or headsets. What’s even better is the image and sound quality. Enjoy HD sound and video quality to get the best meeting experience.

8. Zoho Meeting

A web conferencing solution that allows users to have a live meeting with their colleagues or friends online in order to showcase your product to prospective customers. The software also helps to troubleshoot or support your clients by solving their issues online or embedding Zoho Meeting in your blog, wiki, notebook, or any web page.

Multi-platform and browser support make your online meetings accessible across any OS. Uncomplicated cross-platform connections allow participants to join on the go.

9. WebEx by Cisco

This system is developed by Cisco. It integrates data, voice, and video within a standard web browser so you can hold meetings over the Internet. Cisco pioneered unified communications to carry voice and video over data networks, reducing costs and simplifying operations.

The company has developed a global conferencing cloud that synchronizes voice, video, and data. Web conferencing for everyone became a reality.

10. EZTalks

EZTalks is an easy-to-use online video conferencing provider that enables you to host unlimited HD video conferencing for up to 100 people per meeting.

Integrated with HD video conferencing, audio conferencing, screen sharing, content sharing, remote control, and more, EZTalks can be applied to the enterprise, government, education, training, healthcare, law, finance, military, community, and other various industries for online meeting/teaching/training/webinar.

11. GlobalMeet

Web conferencing never seems to work the way it should. That’s why the company created GlobalMeet by PGi – an easier and better way to share presentations and collaborate with large groups online. Better to use: Easy to use and no downloads for guests.

Additionally, better presentations: All the tools you need – Q & A, polling, recording, and more. Better audio quality: Integrated with PGi’s global audio network. Better value: Range of competitive pricing packages.

12. ReadyTalk

ReadyTalk is a leading provider of audio and web meeting solutions that are intuitive to use, simple to join, and easy on budget. Their world-class support and consulting teams are there to make sure you’ll meet with confidence every time. The service lets you run web seminars, host online meetings, conduct conference calls, and easily record and distribute your sessions all while saving time and money.

13. ClickMeeting

ClickMeeting web conferencing works with any browser, any platform, anytime. All you have to do is choose the media that fits your message. ClickMeeting also offers a moderated chat capability for question-and-answer sessions and private discussions with attendees.

With a single click, you can instantly translate your chat conversations with Google Translate. The ClickMeeting API can connect your apps, CRM, and CMS to optimize the results from your meetings.

14. BlueJeans

BlueJeans Network offers a cloud-based video communications service that makes it easy to host high-quality video meetings connecting many participants, using many different devices, supporting many combinations of business and consumer video conferencing endpoints.

Participants can join your video meeting using H.323 and SIP room systems (Polycom, Cisco, LifeSize, and more) or from desktop/mobile using a browser, Microsoft Skype for Business, or Cisco Jabber.

15. Fuze

Fuze is a cloud-based unified communication platform designed to empower all business communications. The software enables always-on collaborations via simplified voice communication and flexible video conferencing.

Fuze is a cloud-based unified communication platform designed to empower all business communications. It provides audio conferencing, webinars, web conferencing, instant messaging, group chat, video conferencing, and content-sharing, services to users. It can be operated on virtually any device from anywhere at anytime

16. Group World

Group World is a secure, highly customizable, cross-platform web conferencing system that allows you to set up online meeting/tutoring rooms with an advanced online whiteboard, voice/video conferencing, desktop sharing, and optional session recording. The html5 client with no plugins or downloads required.

Features to Consider Before Buying a Video Conferencing Software

When choosing the best video conferencing software, there are several features you should consider:

a. User-friendliness

The video conferencing software should be easy to use and navigate. It is important for less tech-savvy users.

b. Video and Audio Quality

The quality of video and audio is the most critical part of a smooth communication experience. The software must be able to offer high-definition video and clear audio.

c. Screen Sharing

Screen sharing is a critical feature of collaborative work. The software must allow users to share their screens seamlessly.

d. Recording

It is without saying, recording is essential for archiving meetings and presentations. The software must allow users to record meetings easily.

e. Integration

The software should integrate seamlessly with other apps. It includes email and a calendar for streamlining workflow.

f. Security

Security is a top priority when it comes to video conferencing. The software should offer end-to-end encryption and other security features to ensure complete privacy.


Can video conferencing software replace in-person meetings?

While video conferencing software cannot entirely replace in-person meetings, it is an excellent alternative for remote communication. It allows teams to connect from different locations and work efficiently.

What is the best video conferencing software for large meetings?

Zoom is the best video conferencing software for large meetings as it offers features like breakout rooms and virtual backgrounds.

How many participants can join a video conference call?

The number of participants who can join a video conference call depends on the software. Zoom can host up to 1000 participants, while Google Meet can host up to 250 participants.

Can video conferencing software be used for webinars?

Yes, video conferencing software can be used for webinars. Many video conferencing software offers features like registration, Q&A, and reporting that are ideal for webinars.

Can I use video conferencing software on my mobile device?

A5. Yes, most video conferencing software offers mobile apps that allow you to join or host meetings on the go.

How much does video conferencing software cost?

A6. The cost of video conferencing software varies depending on the features and number of users. Some software offers a free plan, while others start at $5/month/user.


Video conferencing software has become an essential tool for remote communication, distance learning, and virtual events. Choosing the best video conferencing software depends on your needs and budget. In this article, we reviewed the top video conferencing software, along with the features to consider when choosing one.

Experts say it’s helpful to use a centralized system that controls both video and voice calls. So if you’re talking on a desktop device with video conferencing software, you will be able to seamlessly switch to mobile, rather than having to hang up and dial back into the call.

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