list of best medical store software

Best 10 Top Medical Store Software

If you are running a medical store or a pharmacy, you will surely find challenges in managing the huge number of products that you need to stock and sell. Medical store software provides a big relief for medical shop owners in organizing the inventory, accounting, and sales processes.

There is plenty of medical store/shop/ clinic software available in India. Here we compile the top 10 most popular medical store software with features, placement, and operating systems.

List of 10 Top Medical Shop Software

1. Marg Chemist Software

Marg Chemist Software is powered by Marg Infotech.  This medical software delivers its online as well as onsite services to its valuable 6+ Lakh customers of different trades by giving assistance through its 500+ support centers.

Key Features: Email Marketing / SMS Marketing, Inventory Management, Barcode Scanning, Point of Sale (POS), Billing Management, Bill & Deposit Reminder, Touch Capability, Schedule-H & Narcotics

Placement Type: MARG ERP 9+ Chemist Shop Software has Installed deployment.

Operating System: MARG ERP 9+ Chemist Shop Software supports Windows operating system.

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2. PharmSoft

Pharmsoft medical software powered by C-Square  Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd,  a reputed software development company based in Bengaluru, Karnataka. Pharmasoft provides complete solutions to retailers & pharmacies in taking care of all the operations including sales, purchase, order processing, sales returns (credit note), purchase returns (debit note), accounts, inventory management, etc

Key Features: Purchase management, sales management, quick search option, asset tracking.

Placement Type: Pharmsoft Software has Installed deployment.

Operating System: Pharmsoft Software supports Windows operating system.

3. Medica

Medica medical store management software is created by Adysoft Software Developers based in Agra. It is a GST-ready software mostly suitable for Pharma Retailers, Wholesalers, Chemist and Druggist, Medicine Shops, Hospital Dispensaries, etc.

Key Features: Medicine expires management, client and vendor management, data security, and accuracy.

Placement Type:  Medica supports both Installed and Web-Based deployment.

Operating System: Medica support Windows operating system.

4. Pharmiz

Pharmiz medical software is created by Cybrosys Technologies. This software helps you to track all the profits, losses, profitable clients, and products of a medical shop. In addition to this, the software also works as accounting software for a medical shop.

Key Features: Daily customer management, transaction management, powerful search option.

Placement Type: Pharmiz medical shop software has Installed deployment.

Operating System: Pharmiz supports the Windows operating system.

 5. Gofrugal

Gofrugal medical store software is powered by Chennai-based GoFrugal Technologies Private Limited. This pharmacy retail point of sale software solution is especially aimed at C&A, C&F, Distributors, stockists, and super-stockists.

Key Features: Multi-User login & Roll based access, Stock Management, Cash Management, Multi-Currency, E-Prescribing, MIS Reports, Document Printing, Bill & Deposit Reminder, and Batch Verification.

Placement Type: GoFrugal Pharmacy Software has Installed deployment.

Operating System: GoFrugal Pharmacy retail software supports Windows Operating System

 6. hCue

hCue is now a popular Point of Sale Pharmacy Software having more than 1500+ users in India. This Pharmacy Software/Medical Store Software is a SaaS platform designed to streamline operations and processes of small to mid-sized pharmacies and Chain Pharmacies in helping owners to reduce costs.

Key Features: GST ready, stock management, user management

Placement Type: hCue supports both Installed and Web-Based deployment.

Operating System: hCue Pharmacy Software (Point of Sales) supports both Web App and Windows operating system.

7. Clinicea

Clinicea is a very popular clinic management software aimed at Doctors, Clinics & Hospital OPDs. This popular medical software is trusted worldwide primarily for providing customers with easy, fast, and cutting-edge technologies.

Key Features: Document Management, Contact Management, Email Management, E-Prescribing, Claims Management, Patient Billing, Patient Scheduling.

Placement Type: Clinicea supports Web-Based deployment.

Operating System: Clinicea pharmacy software supports the Web App operating system

 8. Visual Chemist

Visual Chemist medical store software is created by Visual Infosoft Pvt Ltd based in Ahmedabad. It is easy to use, quick deploy medical store management software system that increases visibility and control of all medical store management processes.

Key Features: Stock management, Barcode Scanning, Barcode Generation, Automatic Blocking of Expired Items.

Placement Type: Visual Chemist medical store software has Installed deployment.

Operating System: This medical retail store software supports Windows Operating System

9. LogicPharma

Logic pharma retail pharma software is created by LOGIC ERP Solutions Pvt. Ltd based in Mohali, Punjab. Logic Pharma is a comprehensive software solution designed especially for wholesale, distribution, and C&F.

Key Features: Credit card processing interface, Billing & Invoicing, Calendar Management.

Placement Type: Logipharma retail software supports both Installed and Web-Based deployment.

Operating System: Logipharma medical retail store software support Windows Operating System.

 10. CBO

CBO Infotech is one of the leading providers of Pharma Software solutions in India. The key features of pharma software are inventory management, stock management, MIS Reports, and online reporting. In addition to this, they have a mobile app too. CBO supports both Web App and Windows operating system.

Key Features: Inventory Management, Mobile App, Stock Management, MIS Reports, Online Reporting.

Placement Type: CBO pharma software supports both Installed and Web-Based deployment.

Operating System: CBO Pharmacy Software support both Web App and Windows operating system