best summer business ideas

Best 30 Summer Business Ideas in 2024

Are you looking for profitable business opportunities for the summer season? If so, find here a list of top summer business ideas that can be started with little money.

Many people begin thinking about starting a business when the sun is shining and the temperature is warm. It is observed,  people generally are more active and comfortable during the summer. As a result it is seen, there is a rise in outdoor activities and events. It creates more money-making opportunities and hence summer is a great season to start a new business.

List of 30 Summer Business Ideas

1. Mobile Ice Cream Truck

The demand for ice creams increases in the summer season. You can start a mobile ice cream truck that serves up tasty frozen treats on hot summer days. You can also set up an ice cream stand at a busy location, such as a park, beach, or tourist attraction, to sell cold treats during the summer.

2. Food Truck Business

Starting a food truck business can be a very profitable business during summer. You can think of serving delicious meals at outdoor events and festivals. Also, consider placing a mobile food truck near a business location.

3. Beach Rental Equipment

Spending time on beaches is perhaps the best thing during summer. You can rent out beach equipment such as chairs, umbrellas, and boogie boards to vacationers.

4. Gardening and Landscaping Services

If you have some experience in gardening or landscaping, think of providing gardening and landscaping services to homeowners and businesses.

5. Outdoor Adventure Tours

You can conduct outdoor adventure tours in the summer season. It can be hiking, scuba diving, glacier hinting, kayaking, or rock climbing.

6. Car Detailing

If you are an automobile-related business with a low capital investment this summer, consider opening a car detailing service business.

7. Conduct Summer Camps

Organize and run summer camps for kids and teens. There are many activities that you can work out like arts and crafts, sports, and nature exploration.

8. Boat Rental

There is a good demand for boat rentals in the summer season. Rent out boats for fishing or leisure to people who want to spend a day on the water.

9. Home Cleaning Services

Offer home cleaning services to busy homeowners who want a clean house but don’t have the time to do it themselves.

10. Yoga and Fitness Classes

Most people take extra care to remain fit during summer. If you have some expertise in any fitness activity like Yoga, start a fitness-related business during this time of the year.

11. Car Wash

If you are looking to start a profitable automobile-related venture with low investment, consider starting a car wash business. You can also offer mobile car cleaning services at people’s homes or workplaces.

12. Bicycle Rental

The Bicycle rental is another profitable summer business idea. You can rent out bicycles for leisure or transportation to tourists and locals.

13. Event Planning

If you have a passion for designing and organizing events, summer is perhaps the best season to start. Initially, you can select a niche service like venue selection, and floral arrangements, and then broaden your service range as profits start coming in.

14. Babysitting

If you are a housewife, think of offering babysitting services to homeowners who are away on summer vacation.

15. Home Staging Services

The job of a home stager is to prepare and re-decorate a home so that it looks attractive to potential buyers. If you have the necessary experience, starting a home staging business can fetch good profit returns.

16. Cleaning Services for Vacation Rentals

It is seen, more and more vacation rental business owners look for professional cleaning companies during the summer season. They need their properties cleaned and stay prepared for the next guests. You can provide cleaning services to vacation rental owners.

17. Personal Concierge Services

You can also offer personal concierge services to busy professionals. They often need help managing their summer schedules.

18. Online Sales

During summer, there is a big demand for air conditioners, air coolers, outdoor furniture, beach gear, etc. You can create an online shop or dropship and make good money. Check our detailed guide on how to create an online shop and learn more.

19. Water Sports Rental

Water sports activities see a jump during the summer season. You can rent out water sports equipment such as jet skis, paddleboards, and kayaks to people who want to enjoy water activities during the summer.

20. Carpooling Service

This summer, you can start a carpooling service for commuters who want to save money on gas and reduce their carbon footprint.

21. Online Coaching

Many people prefer to enhance their personal or professional skills during summer vacation. You can provide online coaching services to them.

22. Beach Cleanup Services

As there is a rise in visitors to beaches during summer, it often gets messed up. You can offer professional cleanup services to keep the local beaches clean.

23. Farmers’ Market Vendor

The demand for fresh vegetables and other products rises during the summer season. You can sell fresh produce, baked goods, or artisanal products at local farmers’ markets.

24. Solar Panel Installation

You can offer solar panel installation services to homeowners and businesses. make them aware of how it can reduce their energy bills and carbon footprint.

25. Online Reselling

It is observed the demand for certain products like swimsuits, sunglasses, outdoor gear, etc increases during summer. One can make good money by buying and reselling these products. You can also think of starting a dropshipping business with little investment.

26. Personalized Gift Shop

You can also create and sell personalized gifts. It can be mugs, t-shirts, or jewelry, for special occasions or events during the summer.

27. Make Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Summer is a good season to create and sell eco-friendly cleaning products. It can be products like cleaners, dish soap, laundry detergent, etc.

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28. Pool Maintenance Service

There are many homeowners who want to keep their pools clean and functional during the summer. You can offer pool maintenance services to them and make a good profit.

29. Pet Care

It is seen, many pet owners go on vacation during summer and look for someone to take care of their pets. If you are an animal lover and have some experience in pet care, think of starting a pet-related business. It can be pet sitting, dog walking, grooming, or training services.

30. Vacation Rental Management

There are many who want to rent out their homes during the summer season. If you have the necessary experience and good networking skills, vacation rental management can fetch you high returns.

These are just a few more ideas for starting a summer business. With a bit of creativity and determination, there are endless opportunities to start a successful summer venture.