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Best 35 Small Business Ideas in Bangalore for 2024

Are you looking forward to setting up a business in the city of Bengaluru, erstwhile called Bangalore in India? Find in this post list of top small business ideas in Bangalore you can start with low investment.

Considered the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore is one of the thriving economic zones in the country. Almost 10.3% of Karnataka’s growth is dependent on this capital city. Numerous public and private sector companies exist in this city. So if you want to establish yourself as an entrepreneur, Bangalore as a business center is an ideal city to start with.

Let us check out our top small business ideas and opportunities in Bangalore which are quick to start and easy on pockets.

List of 35 Small Business Ideas in Bangalore

1. Driving School

Bangalore is one of the most cash-rich cities in India. Most aspiring people love to drive their own car and look for driving schools nearby for training. If you have space, starting a car driving school is worth considering.

2. Real Estate Consultant

With new people coming into the city every day, house hunting is as frequent as job hunting in Bangalore. Helping newcomers look for a good property is thus one of the best business ideas here. Just have some good contacts and you can start a real estate business easily.

3. Grocery Home Delivery

Bangalore is a busy city where it is really hard for people to find the time and go grocery shopping; some live with old parents and grocery delivery right at the doorstep is no less than a blessing for them. You can also start your own home delivery business as a franchise of large grocery stores.

4. Book Store

Bangalore has a lot of colleges and universities and students from around the world come here to study. So get a small space beside a college or university and have some good management, fiction, and non-fictional books in your store; if you have a passion for books, starting a bookstore is going to be one of the best business ideas in Bangalore.

5. Food Home Delivery

How does it feel to go home and cook after a long day? How does it feel to go out and buy dinner when you are too stressed? Well, workers here in this city are stuck in traffic for long hours and reach home quite late after office.

They are often on the lookout for people who can bring good food to their homes or office. Coordinate with good restaurants and start your own home delivery service; the investment is really less in this business.

6. Fast Food Restaurants

The hectic city life of Bangalore spares very less time for lunch as well. So employees prefer to have a quick meal. Location is very important in a fast restaurant business. Hire some space near an office complex or in a busy area for making more profit.

7. SEO Consultant

With so many management colleges, universities, and businesses growing in the same place, the competition is high and business owners are resorting to digital media and marketing to expand their businesses. Build a team with website designers, and content writers and have some knowledge in SEO to easily start your business as an SEO consultant.

8. Gift Shop

Gifting is a common ritual in every city and Bangalore is no exception. If you are creative and have a retail space, you can open your own gift shop and live your passion. This capital city of the state of Karnataka is a populated place and hence you will find loads of customers for your innovative gift items; from individuals to companies. If you do not have new gifting ideas, join hands with large gift stores as a franchise and sell their products.

9. Event Management Consultant

With so many companies, there are corporate events regularly held in Bangalore. These companies are always in need of partners to help them in arranging the events; from finding the right place, to selecting the menu to choosing the right catering service within budget, as an event manager, you have the scope to earn immense profits.

10. Training Consultant

Teach the skill that you have; this is one of the most popular business ideas in Bangalore. Freshers coming out of college need the confidence to face campus interviews and walk-ins; MNCs need good soft skills, sales, and behavioral trainers to help them get efficient and positive employees. If you have any of these talents, this is a profitable business with zero investment. Top training institutes are also on the lookout for freelance trainers.

11. Day Care Centre

Bangalore is full of young, working parents who find it hard to main a work-life balance. Mothers cannot always leave their jobs to look after their babies and thus they are always in search of good daycare services. Help these people go to work peacefully offering daycare services.

The popular crèche and nursery schools around the country are always on the lookout for individuals who can help them expand their business in Bangalore. You can also join these companies as a franchise.

12. Yoga Centre

From senior citizens to the youth of Bangalore, everyone is looking for an escapade from the growing pollution and stress of city life; help them out by starting a yoga center. This is one of the most profitable and serene business ideas in Bangalore at present.

13. Wedding Planner

Who arranges weddings for the thousands of couples staying in Bangalore? Well, you can do it. A wedding is no more just a ritual but a grand festivity these days. Themed and destination weddings are very popular in Bangalore. If you have good connections and a creative mind, choose wedding planning as your business.

14. Interior Designer

Bangalore is a stylish city and people prefer to live here in a lavish style. If you have done a good interior designing course and have good ideas, this is a sure-shot business idea for you. You can even work as a freelancer for an interior designing company.

15. Coffee Shop

South India is in love with coffee and so is Bangalore. So a coffee shop is not going to be one of the bad business ideas in Bangalore. If you have a good retail place with a proper homely atmosphere, you must consider starting a coffee shop business. You can also think of buying a franchise of reputed brands like Caffe Coffee Day, Barista Lavazza, etc

16. Organic Food Retail Shop & Delivery

This is a city where people from around the world come and stay. There is a considerable health-conscious crowd residing in the city who prefer organic food over the standard items available in the market. Either start organic gardening or start a franchise with organic food sellers in Bangalore.

17. Home Cooked Food Delivery

Rarely will you find someone who does not like to have home-cooked food. So if you cook well then do not hesitate to take it as a serious business idea, Bangalore. Employ a home delivery boy, cook, and get it delivered to offices and homes.

18. Paying Guest Service

With so many boys and girls coming from other states and countries to study and work in Bangalore, keeping paying guests is always going to be a profitable business idea in Bangalore. Hostels and rented houses are quite expensive in the city and hence youngsters prefer to stay PG.

19. Provide Maidservants

It is tough for outsiders to find a good maidservant in Bangalore; often there is a language problem. So if you are a local, help people get servants.

20. Mobile Hair Salon

People in Bangalore are so busy that they even lag time to go for a haircut! Elate them by bringing a complete hair salon in front of the big business centers or at the residential complexes.

21. Tailoring

Do you enjoy designing dresses? If you excel in ladies tailoring then choose a partner who knows gents tailoring or vice versa and starts a lucrative business. People in Bangalore love fashion and hence tailoring is one of the best business ideas in Bangalore.

22. Photography

From creating portfolios to wedding and corporate photography, when the population is huge, demands are diverse. Initially, take it as a part-time business or start as a freelance photographer or videographer and then scale up as you earn more profits.

23. Provide Tutoring Services in Bangalore

Bangalore has a lot of students and hence tutoring can be a very good business idea in Bangalore. Whatever your specialization, you are sure to get enough students.

24. Open Gadget Repairing Services in Bangalore

There are many people who do not want to buy a new device until and unless it totally stops working; for this section, your gadget repair service can be a savior.

25. Online Retailing

Nowadays people prefer to relax on holidays and week offs instead of hopping from one shop to another to find the best product. Online shopping has large potential in Bangalore; buy products in bulk from wholesale markets and sell them online. To make this business in Bangalore successful you must find new customers regularly and identify the requirements of customers.

26. Local Information Centre

A lot of people visit Bangalore daily for admission to interviews; they face a lot of hassle to find directions to places, accommodation within budget, and proper transportation. Thus you can open an information center to help out strangers in Bangalore; this can turn out as one of the best business ideas in Bangalore.

27. Start Automobile Repairing Shop in Bangalore

With so many vehicles plying through the city every day, people are often in need of automobile repair and service repair and service. If you are an expert in automobile repair and have some space in hand, open an automobile repair and service center.

28. Insurance Broker

With such a large working population in the city, the need for insurance brokers is increasing day by day in Bangalore. So if you have good convincing skills and the ability to develop a good relationship with people, opt to work as an insurance broker.

29. Cosmetic Shop

Top brands are always in need of a franchise that can promote and look after their business in Bangalore. If you have knowledge about cosmetics then seriously consider starting this business in Bangalore.

30. Ticket Booking Service

When there are so many people in a city, they will certainly have traveling needs. The need for buying flight and train tickets is high in Bangalore and hence you can opt for a ticket booking service as a business idea in Bangalore. You just need to have a computer or laptop and can help people buy their travel tickets with ease; it is a profitable business that needs almost no investment.

31. Courier & Cargo Agency

Bangalore is the fastest business city in Asia. Starting a courier agency is supposed to be a profitable business proposition.

32. Computer Sales & Repairing Service: 

Computer sales and repair business is a hugely on-demand and profitable business in Bangalore  If you have skills in computer-related activities, you can start this business of your own or buy a franchise of a reputed brand.

33. Car Rental Business

The tourism industry is developing very fast in this city.  A car rental business in capital and management intensive business. Companies like Ola, Uber, etc are offering business opportunities at present.

34. Kids School

Parents in India look forward to providing a better education for their children. And Bangalore is no exception. You can start a kid’s school of your own. You can also consider buying a franchise of reputed brands.

35. Recruitment Consultant

A recruitment consultant is a mediator between MNCs and candidates. What can be a better idea than to be a recruitment consultant in a city full of small and large-scale enterprises? You can work as a franchise partner of reputed recruitment companies also.

As per Forbes Magazine, Bangalore is one of the fastest-growing cities in the world. Hence choose any of the above-mentioned business ideas in Bangalore to see yourself rise as an entrepreneur within a short span of time.

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