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Top 10 Hair Salon Franchise in India

Are you prepared to get started on an exciting new career in the rapidly expanding beauty and wellness sector? Purchasing a hair salon franchise may be the ideal way to transform your love of hair styling into a successful business endeavour. Franchising with a respected salon brand offers the opportunity for success and profitability, especially given India’s growing need for professional hair care services and grooming solutions. Here is a curated list of the top hair salon franchises in India to help you kickstart your entrepreneurial dreams.

List of 10 Hair Salon Franchises in India

1. Jawed Habib Hair & Beauty Ltd

jawed habib franchise

With a legacy spanning over three decades, Jawed Habib Hair & Beauty Ltd is one of India’s most renowned salon chains. Founded by celebrity hairstylist Jawed Habib, the brand is synonymous with innovation, quality, and expertise in hairstyling, grooming, and beauty services. Franchise opportunities with Jawed Habib offer comprehensive training, marketing support, and access to a wide range of professional hair care products and services.

  • Founded In – 1971
  • Franchising Since – 1975
  • Franchise Units – 900+
  • Area Requirement – 1000 sq. ft to 1,500 sq. ft
  • Initial Investment – Rs. 25 Lacs to Rs. 30 Lacs

2. Lakme Salon

lakme salon

Backed by the trusted legacy of the Lakmé brand, Lakmé Salon is a premium salon chain offering world-class beauty and grooming services. With a focus on luxury, sophistication, and trendsetting styles, Lakmé Salon franchises provide franchisees with exclusive access to Lakmé’s premium skincare, haircare, and cosmetic products, along with extensive training and support from industry experts.

  • Founded In – 1953
  • Franchising Since – 1998
  • Franchise Units – 400+
  • Area Requirement – 900 sq. ft onwards
  • Initial Investment – Rs. 50 Lacs to Rs. 60 Lacs

3. Naturals Salon


Naturals Salon is India’s largest and fastest-growing salon chain, with a presence in over 650 locations across the country. Known for its affordable luxury and personalized services, Naturals Salon franchises offer a turnkey business solution with comprehensive training, marketing support, and a wide range of salon services catering to men, women, and children of all ages.

  • Founded In – 2000
  • Franchising Since – 2006
  • Franchise Units –  400+
  • Area Requirement – 1000 sq. ft onwards
  • Initial Investment – 50-55 Lakhs

4. Toni & Guy

tony and guy salon

Tony and Guy is an internationally acclaimed salon brand. The company brings cutting-edge hairstyling techniques and fashion-forward trends to the Indian market. By providing access to top-notch education, cutting-edge training courses, and high-end hair care products, Toni & Guy franchising enables franchisees to provide outstanding services and remain ahead of the curve in the cutthroat salon sector.

  • Founded In – 1963
  • Franchising Since – 1998
  • Franchise Units –  500+
  • Area Requirement – 1200 sq. ft onwards
  • Initial Investment – 80 Lakhs

5. Shahnaz Husain

shahnaz husain salon

Shahnaz Husain is a renowned name in the beauty and skincare industry. It is known for its expertise in herbal and natural beauty treatments. Franchising with Shahnaz Husain offers an opportunity to tap into the brand’s legacy and reputation for holistic beauty solutions. The company focuses on ayurvedic principles and herbal formulations, Shahnaz Husain provides franchisees with access to premium skincare products, specialized treatments, and training in traditional beauty techniques.

  • Founded In – 1971
  • Franchising Since – 1975
  • Franchise Units – 500+
  • Area Requirement – 1000 Sq. fit onwards
  • Initial Investment – 20-30 Lakhs

6. Green Trends Salon

green trends salon franchise

Green Trends Salon, a subsidiary of the renowned CavinKare Group, is a popular chain of eco-friendly salons committed to sustainable practices and natural beauty solutions. To satisfy ecologically sensitive customers, Green Trends Salon offers its franchisees access to cutting-edge salon equipment, eco-friendly supplies, and specialised training in eco-conscious beauty techniques.

  • Founded In – 2002
  • Franchising Since – 2010
  • Franchise Units – 250+
  • Area Requirement – 1200 sq. ft. onwards
  • Initial Investment – 40-55 Lakhs

7. Truefitt & Hill

truefitt. and hill haircare

Truefitt & Hill is the world’s oldest barbershop and offers a luxurious grooming experience with a rich heritage dating back to 1805. The company provides entrepreneurs an opportunity to be part of an iconic brand known for its premium men’s grooming services, including haircuts, shaves, and skincare treatments. Truefitt & Hill focuses on sophistication, elegance, and impeccable service.

  • Founded In – 1805
  • Franchising Since – 2015
  • Franchise Units – 30+
  • Area Requirement – 1500 sq. ft.
  • Initial Investment – 1.5-2 Crore

8. Studio11 Salon & Spa

studio11 hair salon and spa

Studio11 Salon & Spa is a rapidly growing salon chain in India known for its contemporary ambience, professional services, and innovative hair and beauty treatments. Franchising with Studio11 Salon & Spa gives business owners a chance to profit from the market presence and popularity of the brand. A wide selection of salon and spa services catered to contemporary lifestyles and beauty trends, as well as thorough training and marketing support, are all provided by Studio11 franchisees, who place a strong emphasis on customer pleasure, creativity, and individualised care.

  • Founded In – 2012
  • Franchising Since – 2013
  • Franchise Units 250+
  • Area Requirement- 1000 sq. ft onwards
  • Initial Investment – 40-50 Lakhs

9. Looks Hair Salon

looks salon

Looks Salon is a leading salon chain in India renowned for its high-quality services, trendsetting styles, and exceptional customer experiences. With a wide range of services including hairstyling, colouring, skincare, and bridal makeup, Looks Salon provides franchisees with comprehensive training, ongoing support, and access to premium products and techniques to deliver superior salon experiences to clients.

  • Founded In – 1989
  • Franchising Since – 2003
  • Franchise Units – 150+
  • Area Requirement – 1500 sq. ft onwards
  • Initial Investment – 1-1.2 Crore

10. NeelDavid’s Salon Franchise

Neeldavid’s Salon is a boutique salon brand known for its personalized approach, artistic flair, and attention to detail in hair and beauty services. The company focus on creativity, individuality, and client satisfaction. Neeladavid’s salon provides franchisees with specialized training, creative freedom, and a curated selection of premium products to create unique and memorable salon experiences.

  • Founded In – 2009
  • Franchising Since – 2014
  • Franchise Units – 50-100
  • Area Requirement – 800 sq. ft onwards
  • Initial Investment – 10-20 Lakhs

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to franchise a hair salon in India?

The cost of franchising a hair salon in India can vary depending on factors such as the brand reputation, location, size of the salon, and franchise fees. Typically, initial investment requirements for hair salon franchises range from ₹10 lakhs to ₹50 lakhs or more, inclusive of franchise fees, setup costs, and working capital.

What support and training do hair salon franchisors provide to franchisees?

Hair salon franchisors typically provide comprehensive training programs covering hairstyling techniques, salon management, customer service, product knowledge, and business operations. Franchisees also receive ongoing support in areas such as marketing, advertising, staff recruitment, and supply chain management to help them succeed in their salon business.

Can I choose my salon’s location, or does the franchisor dictate the site selection?

Most hair salon franchisors offer franchisees some flexibility in selecting the location for their salon within specified territories or guidelines. However, franchisors may provide recommendations or assistance in site selection based on market research, demographic analysis, and brand visibility criteria to maximize the salon’s potential for success.

Are there ongoing royalty or marketing fees associated with hair salon franchises?

Yes, hair salon franchisors typically charge ongoing royalty fees, usually calculated as a percentage of the salon’s gross revenue, to cover ongoing support services, brand usage rights, and access to proprietary systems and resources. Additionally, franchisors may require franchisees to contribute to national or regional marketing funds to support brand advertising and promotional campaigns.

What are the key factors to consider when evaluating hair salon franchise opportunities?

When evaluating hair salon franchise opportunities, consider factors such as the brand reputation, franchise fees and royalties, training and support programs, territory rights, competition in the market, growth potential, and alignment with your personal and professional goals. Conduct thorough due diligence, review the franchise disclosure documents, and seek advice from legal and financial professionals before making a decision.

How long does it take to break even and start generating profits with a hair salon franchise?

The time it takes to break even and start generating profits with a hair salon franchise can vary depending on factors such as location, market demand, competition, operational efficiency, and marketing efforts. While some franchisees may break even within the first year of operation, others may take longer to recoup their initial investment and achieve profitability. It’s essential to have realistic financial projections and a sound business plan to navigate the initial startup phase successfully.

Can I own multiple hair salon franchises under the same brand?

Yes, many hair salon franchisors offer multi-unit franchise opportunities, allowing qualified franchisees to own and operate multiple salon locations within designated territories or expansion plans. Franchisees with proven success and financial stability may be eligible to pursue multi-unit ownership, subject to approval from the franchisor and adherence to franchise agreement terms.