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How to Start Driving School Business in 12 Steps

Do you want to start a driving school? This article includes a 10 steps guide for starting a driving school business in India. Typically, it caters to license requirements, business plan, profitability cost of the business, marketing, etc.

Attending driving school is not mandatory to get a driver’s license. However, most people and wisely so prefer to go for professional training on driving vehicles.

Safety is the primary reason for that. As a consequence, the demand for driving school will remain as long as the automobile runs on the road.

At this present condition, we all know, that the automobile market is not that satisfactory. However, due to personal safety reasons, people are showing interest in having their own vehicles for daily travel. So, the possibility of the growing demand for recognized driving schools will sure to rise. Hence, it’s a good opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs in both city and small-town areas.

12 Steps to Start Driving School Business

Step 1. Research the Market

The first step to starting any business is to understand the immediate market. It holds true to the car driving school business too. You need to gather information on how much demand is there for learning driving is there locally.

Are there any existing driving schools nearby? If yes, how they are doing, and are the customers satisfied with them? If you find satisfactory answers after doing the market research regarding the need for a driving school, then only go to the next step of starting the business.

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Step2. Select a Niche

There is a wide range of driving schools that caters to different types of customers. You need to find your niche while launching the start-up. Below we list down some of the popular niches that you can explore:

  • Start a Commercial Driving School from Scratch
  • Buy a Franchise
  • Helping Learners in Driving Test Preparation
  • Open a Driving School for Specially Abled People

Step 3. Create a Driving School Business Plan

If you are really serious about starting a driving school, take some time off and write down your business plan. Write down everything in your plan starting from operational aspects to marketing strategies you are going to apply to make your venture successful.

If you are looking for funding, it is advised to take help from professional business plan writers for better documentation.

Step 4. Name your Business

It is important to select a catchy and attractive name for your driving school. A properly crafted business name not only builds a unique brand personality but also helps in finding new customers.

Step 5. Choose Proper Business Structure

It is essential to form a proper business structure if you intend to run a legally compliant business. There are many company formations that you can choose from. It can be a proprietorship,  OPC, partnership, or private limited company.

It is better to talk to an attorney and take his advice in forming the best-suited business structure for your business. In India, other than a proprietorship firm, you need to register your firm at the Ministry Of Corporate Affairs (MCA).

Step 6. Get Required Licenses to Start a Driving School

Different rules and regulations exist to start a driving school in their respective state and country. In India, the operating procedure of driving schools comes under the Motor vehicle Act, 1988 and C.M.V.Rules, 1989.

All the paperwork and inspection of eligibility of your application to start a driving school will be undertaken at The local regional transport office will inspect and approve your application to start a driving school at your chosen location.

Step 7. Select a Location 

Selecting the right location is hugely critical to the success of your driving school business. You need to select a location inside the town/ city or very close by so that learners can come easily to your school.

Also, you will need to ensure that the school has sufficient space for the parking of cars. You don’t need a large space inside. However, it must be good-looking, comfortable, and compact. It is always better to get a location in nearby residential areas that have a high population density.

Step 8. Setting Up Your Driving School

In starting this business, your most important things are vehicles. So, arrange the vehicles first. Then prepare them as ‘driving school vehicles’.

Set up the office infrastructure. Business tools like proper accounting software is a must for smooth bookkeeping purposes.

Step 9. Hire Expert Drivers

Hiring expert drivers are the key to building a successful driving school business. You need to have a standard operating procedure for selecting skilled drivers.

You must have laid-down processes for background checking of driving licenses, and criminal records of candidates.

Step 10. Prepare Training Curriculum

Prepare a detailed training curriculum for learners. The curriculum must be based on both theory and practical. The better the curriculum, the better the learners will learn and hence your school will get more appreciation.

Step 11. Help Clients in Arranging Driving Licenses

Generally, after training, you will need to guide your clients for having driving licenses properly. Make them understand the process. Also, you can help them in preparing applications. Inform them about the final driving test before a Motor Vehicle Officer.

Step 12. Promote Your Driving School

Now is the stage when the success entirely depends on how well you promote your driving school. Getting candidates is all you need to concentrate on. If your school is on the roadside, you have a huge advantage. Create a big size attractive banner so that your driving school gets attention from potential learners people easily.

Brochures and leaflets work well in promoting this kind of service. Create a website and get it optimized with search engines so that people when searching online locally for driving schools, find your school. Also, create a business page on social media platforms like Facebook and update activities of your driving school business.

A driving school is potentially a very profitable business. However, to succeed in this business you need to have a sound business plan and dedication to impart quality training to our learners is crucial. We hope the steps mentioned in this article will guide you in starting your own driving school business.