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Top 40 Profitable Entertainment Business Ideas in 2024

Are you interested in starting a family entertainment business? If YES, find here the best entertainment and amusement business ideas you can start with low investment.

Broadly, the media and entertainment industry consists of the broadcasting and cable TV market, the publishing sector, advertising, and the movies and entertainment markets.

There is no doubt that the global media industry has been growing at a phenomenal rate in recent years. The growth is primarily being fueled by the rapid development in BRIC countries and other emerging markets.

Digital media continued to be a significant factor in the growth of the media industry. To maximize content and distribution strategies, companies need to understand how technological advancements and the user experience are driving change within the entertainment & media industry.

List of 40 Entertainment Business Ideas

#1. Acting School

If you are passionate about acting, you can open an acting school to teach how to act. This is one of the most promising businesses you can start with a small capital investment. Even, you can start a business at home. However, you must have adequate knowledge and skills to initiate an acting school successfully.

#2. Ad Film Making

Ad films are commercial video content. Most companies produce ad films to promote their products and services in the electronic media. Making ad films is purely creative work. And you must be competent enough to start this business of your own.

#3. Amusement Park

Starting an amusement park is a large-scale entertainment business. For establishing an amusement park, you will need to have a large amount of area. Additionally, you will need to invest a substantial amount of money in procuring and establishing the park infrastructure. However, the business is highly profitable and self-rewarding.

#4. Anchoring Service

Anchoring or event hosting is a highly specialized job. However, anchoring is a very lucrative career option in the media and entertainment industry. If you are an experienced anchor, you can charge more money than the regular professionals charge with varied experience.

Keep yourself updated about the events happening around you. It will maximize your chances of meeting people and seeing professional anchors doing what they do best.

#5. Balloon Bouquet

In a balloon bouquet service business, you will design and deliver balloon arrangements for all occasions to your clients. The balloon bouquet business’s advantages are that you can start part-time, you can work at home, and your startup costs are relatively low. Additionally, if you’re a creative person you will enjoy the work.

#6. Bounce House

In general, every kid loves to bounce. Therefore, bounce houses are very popular at birthday parties, corporate events, and fundraisers. Additionally, you can start the business both on a part-time and full-time basis. However, the business demands an initial startup investment for procuring the bounce house. Also, most of the bounce house supplying company guides in starting the business.

#7. Bungee Jumping

If you are an adventure lover, you can consider starting a bungee jumping business. It is already a very popular means of entertainment worldwide. The business is profitable. However, the business demands initial investment and licensing from the local authorities.

#8. Casino

First of all, starting a casino business demands significant investment, accurate planning, and good business management. gambling, including charitable and online gambling, are legal in most areas within the United States. However, you must check the local laws and regulations before initiating a casino business in your area.

#9. Choreographer

A choreographer creates choreographies by practising the art of choreography, a process known as choreographing. Choreography is used in a variety of fields. the list includes musical theatre, cheerleading, cinematography, gymnastics, fashion shows, ice skating, marching band, show choir, theatre, synchronized swimming, video game production, animated art, etc

#10. Circus

Generally, a circus company performs diverse entertainment shows. The list includes clowns, acrobats, trained animals, trapeze acts, musicians, dancers, hoopers, tightrope walkers, jugglers, magicians, unicyclists, as well as other object manipulation and stunt-oriented artists.

#11. Comedian

A comedian entertains the audience by making them laugh. As a comedian, your primary responsibility is to make people happy by saying and acting funny things. If you are passionate about comedy, you can offer the service to your clients.

#12. Comedy Club

The comedy club is a more organized entertainment business in the amusement industry. Generally, comedy clubs offer stage comedy shows with different types of foods and drinks to the patrons. In this business, location plays an important role in the overall success of the business. The business demands substantial capital investment and strategic planning.

#13. Comedy Shows

If you don’t want to establish a big entertainment business like the comedy club, you can initiate a comedy show service for your clients. Generally, people look for this type of service in both family and corporate gatherings. The business demands adequate networking skills, passion, dedication, and willingness to work long hours.

#14. Dance Studio

Are you a passionate dancer? Do you enjoy dancing and love to teach others how to dance? Then you can consider starting a dancing school of your own. The business demands a very small capital investment initially. Even, you can start a dance studio at home. However, you must offer a good-looking interior for your clients.

#15. DJ

DJ stands for Disc Jockey. These days, DJ is one of the most profitable businesses any individual can start with low capital investment. However, you must enjoy the sounds and rhythms. Additionally, you must have adequate skill and knowledge about how to operate the machines and mix the sounds.

#16. Karaoke Bar

First of all, opening a karaoke bar demands a lot of space in a prime location. This type of business demands substantial capital investment. Additionally, you will need to obtain different licenses and permissions from the Govt. authorities. Initially, if you don’t have your own space, start with rental space.

#17. Magician

Magic is an art. Magicians perform this art with tricks or illusions of seemingly impossible or supernatural feats using natural means. This is among the most popular entertainment business ideas globally. If you have the right skills and you enjoy making people happy, then you can offer a magic show service to your clients.

#18. Mobile Sauna

Mobile sauna service has a tremendous demand in the US and European countries. Generally, this type of sauna comes with a sound system installed so clients can listen to a selection of relaxing sounds and LED lighting to create the perfect atmosphere. The business demands upfront startup capital investment.

#19. Modelling Agency

A modelling agency represents people of various appearances, shapes, sizes, races, etc. These models are used to promote or display a product or service for paying a client. In this business, you can attract a wide range of clients. The list may include photographers, ad agencies, fashion designers, and even tradeshow participants.

#20. Musical Band

Do you love music? Do you enjoy creating music to entertain others? If yes, you can start a musical band of your own. The business is only for creative personnel. The demand for music bands is huge. Additionally, there are numerous ways to promote your band including blogs and social media.

#21. Music Production

Generally, starting a music production company requires experience, skill, and a talent for analyzing music. Additionally, it demands an upfront capital investment in recording equipment and studio space. If you already have an educational background – well, otherwise you must consider conducting some courses.

#22. Nightclub

The nightclub is a large-scale business in the entertainment industry. If you don’t have a financial backup, we won’t advise you to start this business. However, a nightclub is one of the most profitable businesses that ensures a huge social reputation too. The business demands strategic planning and tremendous dedication to long-term success.

#23. Party Entertainment Services

Party entertainment service providers offer a wide range of entertainment services to clients. Additionally, according to the theme, you can also advise the clients on what type of entertainment service is most suitable for him/her or them. Generally, it is a low-cost business. And you can start the business part-time from home.

#24. Party Planning

Party planning and event planning is a traditional and profitable business globally. As a party planner, you will need to plan the venue, theme, catering, photography, entertainment, etc. In this business, you can address both social and corporate clients. Additionally, you can offer services to a wide range of audiences. The list may include birthdays, wedding receptions, baby showers, and family reunions.

#25. Professional Emcee

If you have good communication skills and a knack for public speaking, you can start this business. Often, small and big businesses hire professional emcees to host events, conferences, and seminars. You can start a freelance professional emcee service from home. even you can start and operate the business part-time also.

#26. Puppet Shows

Initiating a puppet show service business is a great way of earning good money from home. If you enjoy entertaining others, you can start the business from home also. However, the business demands startup capital investment. You will need to procure a portable stage and accessories for making your puppets.

#27. Radio Jockey

A radio personality that hosts a radio show is known as a radio host or radio jockey. If you have a good voice and you enjoy the commentary, you can start offering a freelance radio jockey service business. You can start the business as home-based and part-time also.

#28. Recording Studio

If you have space in a good location, you can start a recording studio business. The business is highly profitable and you can earn for a long duration of time after a one-time investment. You will need to invest in creating a soundproof interior with all modern equipment for recording.

#29. Script Writing

If you enjoy writing stories, you can consider starting a scriptwriting business of your own. The business demands specific writing skills and creativity. However, you can start the business from home with almost zero investment.

#30. Singing

Every people don’t have a good voice. And if you have, you can consider becoming a singer. As a professional singer, you can stage shows, playback singing, etc. In today’s era of technology, you can easily establish yourself as a professional singer.

#31. Song Writing

Becoming a professional songwriter demands specific skills and adequate knowledge. Simply, a songwriter is a professional who is paid to write lyrics and melodies for songs. The music industry has tremendous pressure to produce popular hits. And renowned songwriters earn millions from their songwriting services.

#32. Strip Club

In the USA and other countries, strip clubs are gaining immense popularity day by day. Though the business is capital-intensive, it is profitable too. Additionally, you must check the local rules and regulations before initiating a strip club business in your locality.

#33. Talk Show

Do you have good communication skills? Do you enjoy talking or chatting with new people around? Then you can consider starting a talk show service business of your own. You can organize talk shows on television or radio. Currently, web-based talk shows are becoming hugely popular too.

#34. Trade Show

Trade shows or trade fairs are popular throughout the world. It is an exhibition where companies in a specific industry can showcase and demonstrate their latest products and services.

Also, they meet with industry partners and customers, study the activities of rivals, and examine recent market trends and opportunities. You can start the business of organizing trade shows in different industries.

#35. Urban Park Business

Starting an urban park business is a quietly profitable business. The business demands substantial capital investment. However, it ensures good revenue too. Generally, a modern urban park offers wide green lawns, playing areas for children, water bodies, restaurants, boating, etc.

#36. Video Game Arcade

These days, video games are one of the most popular games for children. Even, young adults enjoy playing video games. Hence, the popularity of video game arcades is growing very fast. Typically, a video game arcade offers different types of interesting video games to clients.

#37. Videography

If you are a passionate videographer, you can start a videography business from home. In both corporate and social events, people look for the videography service. However, you must have a good quality camera with other equipment and tools. Additionally, you must have adequate communication and networking skills to achieve overall success in the business.

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#38. Video Editing

If you have sound knowledge of video editing, you can start a home-based video editing service business of your own. In starting this business, you will need to have a computer with the internet and different software solutions. Also, you can promote the business both offline and online.

#39. Voice Over Service

A home-based voice-over service business is a good way of earning money with almost no investment. If you have a good voice and pronunciation capacity, you can start this business even on a part-time basis. Networking is one of the most crucial aspects of achieving long-term business success.

#40. Water Park

The water park is a large-scale business in the amusement and entertainment industry. The business demands adequate capital investment and strategic planning with a good marketing setup. Additionally, for establishing a water park, you will need to have a large area of land.

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