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Best 27 Profitable Pickle Business Ideas

Pickles and chutneys are the traditional food items in India. And there are several different types of pickles we can find in the country. The pickle-making process is simple. Any individual can start this business from his or her home location. Additionally, it is a very lucrative business opportunity for women entrepreneurs. Here in this article, we put a list of the profitable pickle business ideas for your ready reference.

A variety of pickles and chutneys are available in our country. And these products are very popular among the major population. However, some pickles enjoy popularity nationwide. On the other hand, some pickles have a strong foothold in some specific regions.

With a small capital investment, you can start a pickles-making business. However, you must pay attention to the availability of fruits and vegetables locally. Also, do some market research about the popularity of the different types of pickles in your locality. And accordingly, select the products.

List of 27 Pickle Business Ideas

#1. Amla pickles

Taste-wise there are different types of amla pickles available in India. Amla as an ingredient comes loaded with plenty of nutritional content. That is why the amla pickle is popular among people.

#2. Assorted pickles

This is a very popular mixed pickle. You can make assorted pickles with several different types of vegetables. There are several branded assorted pickle companies in the market.

#3. Bamboo Shoot Pickles

The bamboo shoot pickle is also very popular in the market. You can prepare this product with soft bamboo shoots. The manufacturing process is also simple.

#4. Carrot pickles

Carrot pickle generally comes with different spices, chilies, and oils. This pickle is very popular all over the country.

#5. Coconut pickles

Coconut pickle is commonly popular with south Indian breakfasts. Unlike other pickles, it is perishable. Also, you can prepare it from the grated raw coconut. It has a much shorter preparation time than most Indian pickles.

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#6. Fish Pickles

This nonveg pickle is also very famous in India. Additionally, it has great export potential. Generally, this pickle comes with prawns. There is a huge demand for fish pickles in our country.

#7. Garlic pickles

Garlic pickles are famous for their exotic flavor. This pickle is popular in Andhra Pradesh. The taste of this pickle is sweet. And these pickles have gained commercial viability these days.

#8. Pickle Subscription Box

Consider curating monthly pickle subscription boxes featuring various pickle flavors and types for pickle enthusiasts.

#9. Pickle Chips

You can slice pickles into chips, coat them in batter, and offer pickle chips as a crunchy snack or appetizer.

#10. Green chili pickles

Green chili pickle is popular throughout the country. And this pickle occupies a major market share in the pickle industry.

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#11. Mixed Pickles

A mixed pickle is the most popular product in India. And it acquires the largest market share in the industry. Besides, there is a huge export potential for this product.

#12. Meat Pickles

Some meats that are pickled in Indian cuisine include mutton, pork, quail, partridge, shrimp, and lobster. Also, meat pickles bring a lucrative profit margin for the manufacturers.

#13. Olive Pickle

You can prepare different types of olive pickles. However, commercially, olive pickles are very successful products. You can start this business with a small capital investment.

#14. Onion pickles

You can produce an onion pickle with onion and salt. However, to get the delicious taste, you must use different spices with it.

#15. Raw mango pickles

Raw mango pickles generally come with a hot & sour taste. This is also very popular because of its long shelf life.

#16. Red chili pickles

Generally, long and improved quality chilies are used for making red chili pickles. Also, this pickle comes with different types of spices and mustard oil.

#17. Sweet mango pickles

Sweet mango pickle is popular as a delicious chutney. Mango is a seasonal fruit. Therefore this is available during a specific period. So you can plan for preparing sweet mango pickles with other pickles.

#18. Sweet sour lemon pickles

Any type of lemon pickle helps indigestion. Also, you can use lemon to get a natural sour taste. Commercially, sweet-sour lemon pickles and chutneys are successful products.

#19. Tamarind Pickles

This pickle originated from the southern part of India. However, now this pickle is famous throughout the country. This is popular for its excessive sour taste.

#20. Tomato pickles

This ready-to-eat chutney is considered delicious food. The shelf life of this product is also very good. You can start this tomato-related business from your home too.

#21. Jackfruit Pickles

Apart from jackfruit, vinegar, and mustard are the next essential raw material for manufacturing this pickle. The manufacturing process is also simple

#22. Kool Pickles (Indian plum)

This pickle has a very sweet taste. Therefore, it is a delicious and popular food in India. However, this is a seasonal fruit. And you can start Kool Pickles or Kool Chutney manufacturing with other pickles.

#23. Pickled Vegetables

You can sell a range of pickled vegetables like carrots, asparagus, and okra to cater to health-conscious customers.

#24. Pickle Food Truck

Set up a food truck specializing in pickle-themed dishes, such as pickle tacos, sandwiches, and sliders.

#25. Pickle-Making Workshops

Host workshops where customers can learn the art of pickle-making and create their own jars of pickles.

#26. Pickle Pop-Up Markets

You can participate in local pop-up markets and fairs to showcase and sell your pickles.

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#27. Online Pickle Store

Think of starting an e-commerce store to reach a global audience, offering a wide range of pickle products.

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