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Best 10 Profitable Aluminium Business Ideas

The aluminium industry is one of the most traditional industries in India. There are a lot of domestic and industrial products from this metal. Most aluminium-related business is highly cost-intensive. Additionally, businesses demand strategic planning. However, here in this article, we put a list of the most profitable small-scale aluminium business ideas. These businesses demand comparatively small startup capital investment.

In India, domestic aluminium production exceeds domestic demand. This creates a huge opportunity for export from our country. India earns export revenue every year from this metal. Apart from aluminium as the raw material, our country also exports aluminium-made products. The list includes scrap, powder, flakes, bars, rods, foil, pellets, sheets, tubes and pipes.

10 Aluminium Business Ideas

#1. Aluminium Bottles Manufacturing

Aluminium bottles are essential items in the liquid and beverage industry. These bottles are durable and not fragile. Additionally, these are recyclable. A broad range of these beverage bottle profiles, styles, and configurations are available for commercial production, including “traditional”, “oval”, and “sports shapes”.

#2. Aluminium Can Manufacturing

This is another very lucrative project for entrepreneurs. The use of this type of aluminium can are increasing rapidly. Thus creating a huge demand in the market. Generally, the major consumers are soft drinks and juice manufacturers. You can start this business on a small, medium and large scale basis.

#3. Aluminium Casting

There are a lot of automobile and industrial items that demand casting. The list includes diesel pistons, automotive timing gear, gearboxes, crankcases, clutch housing, pump bodies, brackets Etc. Other essential items are storage tanks, flywheel housing, propellers, artificial limbs, ornamental hardware, ashtrays etc.

#4. Aluminium Door Window Manufacturing & Fabrication

Door window manufacturing fabrication with different types of frames, and fittings are a profitable manufacturing opportunity in India. Aluminium fabricated items like doors, windows, staircases, handrails and supports, railings for verandas, corridors etc. have become the standard accepted feature in most modern buildings.

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#5. Aluminum Foil Container Manufacturing

This is another very profitable business in the packaging industry. As the food processing and packaging industry are growing at a rapid pace, the demand for foil and containers are also growing. Additionally, you can start this business on a medium and large scale basis.

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#6. Aluminium Phosphide Manufacturing

This is a highly toxic inorganic compound. And also an essential item for industrial and agrochemical use. It is one of the most popular insecticides. It comes in tablet or pellet form. This product also saves cereals and grains from insect attacks at storage. The product has good demand in the market. And you can initiate the business with moderate capital investment.

#7. Aluminium Pilfer Proof Caps

The pilfer-proof caps are essential items in the liquid packaging industry. Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Food industries and Distilleries as glass bottle closures are the major consuming sectors. Pilfer-proof caps provide protection to a container against substitution, adulteration or pilfering.

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#8. Aluminium Powder Manufacturing

This is an industrial item and the product has huge demand in the industry. It comes as a fine granular powder. However, this item is not exempted by the Pollution Control Board. Therefore, you must obtain a clearance certificate from the Pollution Control Board as per their requirements.

#9. Aluminium Sulphate Manufacturing

The other name of this product is an alum. Also, this is an industrial item with huge market potential. The major area of use for Alum is in water treatment and clarification. Additionally, other major areas of use are in the sizing of paper. You can start this business with a small startup capital investment.

#10. Aluminium Utensils Manufacturing

In our country, there is wide use of domestic utensils. Additionally, these utensils are comparatively cheap, durable and recyclable. Therefore, there is a potential demand for this product. And you can start this business on a small and medium scale basis. However, it demands strategic planning and proper distribution to get success in the business.

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